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Free Medical Advice sponsored by
Got an ache or pain? Have a question about a prescription or over-the-counter drug? Looking for some FREE medical advice?
09.04.21 From: Mark
I have a prescription of Venlafaxine XR 150mg that I take once a day. Will it be hard to get this filled in Moscow? What is the process of getting this medication in Moscow?
    Read answer
27.04.20 From: Jam
Hi! Can you recommend please a safe abortion pills that I can buy OTC. or a clinic who can help me get an abortion as I just gave birth a year ago and not yet ready and capable of having another pregnancy.
Thank you
    Read answer
06.04.09 From: Kcidia
Is it possible to find the birth control pill Trinordiol in Moscow?     Read answer
30.03.09 From: Emma
Hi, can you please advise how to boost my 2-year old daughter's immunity? She gets runny nose almost every other week, and I'm planning to enroll her in school this fall. Thanks!    Read answer
16.03.09 From: Res
Hi, I usually take Prebiotic and Probiotic Tablets as I am lactose intolerant. Here in Moscow I am not able to find any brand of Prebiotic and Probiotic Tablets. Could you tell me any brand of Prebiotic and Probiotic Tablets which could be found on medical stores in Moscow ? Many thanks!    Read answer
15.02.09 From: Zes
Hey, morning! I had unprotected sex, after I took 4 tablet of ethinyl estradiol within 24 hours. A few days when I pee it hurt and blood passed as well. My period is due. What is the cause, should I see a doctor?    Read answer
14.02.09 From: Nathalie
I am desperatly looking for an English or French speaking homoepath in Moscow. Since it is very complicated to bring a translator for every consultation. Thank you for your help!    Read answer
20.01.09 From: Abrar
I have itching all over my web on hands and also on my body. It gets worse in the evening. My girlfriend had it some time back and I believe she got it from her 11 year old cat. Can you please help me with some medication. I have taken 10 tablets of Cipro 500mg. It looks like it is scabies.    Read answer
28.10.08 From: Cristina Fayad
I've had pain in my left leg for about 2 months now. It feels tightening and sometimes a needle-like, radiating pain spreding from my ankle all the way up to my thigh. I've injured my ankle 4 yrs ago, but with no fracture, just sprain. However, I still feel the pain and it seems the pain starts in the ankle, then spreads to the whole leg. I feel pain in any position, but a little relieved while resting it on a pillow. Is there a chace this could be a deep vein trombosis? Thank you!    Read answer
23.10.08 From: Baris Cicek
My family is here with a working visa and registered in Moscow. Do we have a right to get a service in the nearest government clinic? Our baby is in her 4th month and we need the regular vaccination. If government clinics do not serve expats paid or free, where we can have a decent service?    Read answer
20.10.08 From: Mummygirl
I'm a 23 year old femail and experiencing some body itching. I asked every one I know and the recon it's an allergy. My problem is I have always eaten everything and had no reaction so I'm not sure what I could have eaten that I'm allergic too. Please help! Thank you!    Read answer
08.10.08 From: Katherine
My husband recently accepted a job in Moscow and we will be moving there this January. Our daughter was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. She is currently 6 years old and the only treatment she is receiving right now is speech therapy. Is there an Eglish-speaking speech therapist in Moscow? We plan on returning to the US to continue her craniofacial appointments, but do want to maintain regular speech therapy in Moscow. Thanks!    Read answer
25.09.08 From: Alexandra McNab
I sprained my ankle five weeks ago It is still a bit swollen and it hurts when I move it certain ways. I can walk fine but not for a long time without pain. I can put some weight on my ankle but not a lot. I have been icing it and wearing a wrap on it the whole time. Is this a natural healing progression ? Or is there a possibility that I fractured it ? Should I see a doctor ?    Read answer
19.09.08 From: Egbee
How do you treat a baby with stomatit (russian word)? My baby has developed ulcers on her tongue and they keep coming back, and have spread from one sibling to another. Even after I get rid of them thru brushing, etc, they reappear. What exactly are they and how are they contracted? and how can we stop them from reoccurring. Thanks!    Read answer
04.09.08 From: Simona
Can you recommend a someone for professional massages for neck and back ache? It would be great if the person could visit me at my flat, but it's ok also if he has his medical studio. Thanks a lot!    Read answer
29.11.07 From: Jon Stanford
I am currently prescribed Cialis in the UK and will be moving to Moscow shortly. Is this treatment or a similar one available by prescription from a doctor in Russia? Many thanks!    Read answer
13.10.07 From: Karen
I need to replenish my Wellbutrin XL. Can I get it here in Russia? If so, what is it called here? Do I need a prescription?    Read answer
04.09.07 From: Ian
Please can you reccommend a locally available medication such as eye drops or an ointment that can be used to treat a stye that has developed on my eyelid?    Read answer
31.07.07 From: Giving birth in Moscow
I am about to relocate to Moscow in a month and would like some advice regarding giving birth in Moscow. I have heard of a new international standard maternity hospital that opened recently. My main concern about this is whether there would be nurses with whom I could communicate especially during delivery and labour, and whether the standard of anaesthesiology in Moscow is up to standard so that epidurals and the like could be doled out without problems. Many thanks.     Read answer
30.05.07 From: Mark
I read that Tickborne Encephalitis has spread to Moscow. Do you recommend vaccination for residents of Moscow? What about people who travel on business to Novosibirsk? Thanks for your help.    Read answer
14.06.06 From: Tonya
Could you please recommend any site or publication on a diet for those who suffer from arthrosis, particularly gonarthrosis and ankle-joint arthrosis? I want to keep a diet but would like to know if it will be ok for arthrosis.     Read answer
10.06.06 From: Jane
What is a recommended diet for those who suffer from arthrosis, particularly gonarthrosis and ankle-joint? What kind of food should be restricted and, on the contrary, allowed? Can you recommend any sites or publications on the subject?    Read answer
01.06.06 From: Sherry
I have been recently diagnosed with having excessive cartilidge around the collarbone. It appears more swollen, or just sticks out more. What would cause this? Is there anything that can be done so as not to increase it more?    Read answer
27.05.06 From: Stuffy
Im looking for the Russian equivilent of Sudafed. A non drowsy cold/sinus tablet. Can you suggest anything? Are they prescription here or can I buy at a chemist?    Read answer
25.05.06 From: Mike
Chronic headaches. I have them almost everyday. In the past, when i lived in the USA, my doctor gave me a perscription for Ativan - and that worked. I know you can't get that here - but i was wondering if you could suggest a subsitute, both with a perscription and without here in Moscow. Thanks!     Read answer
28.02.06 From: Shaun
Hi, I am going to India and am not up to date with my Hep A vaccinations. Can I get this done in Moscow? Also, I have a liver condition - ALT and AST levels of about 300, this has been diagnosed through biopsy as fatty liver, no infection. Will it be OK to have the hep injections or could the injections themselves cause a problem? Thanks very much.    Read answer
16.01.06 From: Joe
Thanks for your earlier advice. I had already used the Benzyl Benzoate at the time. I think because of that I now have some boils and even I suspect a carbuncle. Can you recommend a good antibiotic cream and some oral antibiotics. I took eruthromyacin twice daily for five days which seemed to work but they made me feel sick and since stopping about two weeks ago the infection appears to be getting worse. I am currently packing the boils and using Linimentum Balsamicum Vischnevsky.    Read answer
18.12.05 From: Joe
What's the best creme for scabies treatment and where do I get it here? Is Elimite available? My chemist gave me Benzyl Benzoate and Sulfodecorterm (which I assume is Sulfur).    Read answer
24.10.05 From: Billie
Splinter! This afternoon, as I was reaching for a door knob, I got a woodne splinter that went under my fingernail! I have done what i can, but its way under there. First of all, is there a chance I will get infection? Will it eventually come out, or I have to get it out no matter what? I already bit off the fingernail, and tried to get to the splinter with no success, and it hurts. Yes all soaked with Alcohol and Hydrogen peroxide. What now?? Suggestions, please...     Read answer
27.08.05 From: Carolanne
For a few days every month over the last 6 months, I have had a disgusting taste in my mouth and a sick stomach. Although I feel nauseous I am never actually sick,I just feel lousy. I see a dental hygenist regularly so I no there is nothing wrong with my mouth and I have also had a routine gyneological check up recently which showed I was pretty healthy. I am now guessing that maybe it is either a food allergy or a problem with my stomach. I have shrugged it off in the past as it usually passes after a couple of days but as it is now becoming a regular occurrence I thought I would seek some advice.    Read answer
14.08.05 From: Matthew Belware
Although I'm only 32 and extremely fit, exercise etc, I've been developing varicose veins on my lower legs. This began as early as 27, and has got rapidly worse. What treatment is available? Are they even operable? Since a blood relative died of deep vein thrombosis following the same condition, I think I should consider even radical solutions.     Read answer
07.08.05 From: Neil T
Are there such things as English speaking Anger Management therapists in Moscow?    Read answer
17.04.05 From: Amy Hanton
I may be going to Irkutsk in July to Lake Baikal. Do I need any special injections, like for encephalitis?    Read answer
15.04.05 From: Michael
Lately i've been feeling a little lightheaded. My eyes are a bit blurry, but virtigo hasn't occured. Is there any over-the-counter medicine that's helpful? It's been 2weeks being light-headed, I think it's because I hyper-venilated.
Please Reply    Read answer
09.04.05 From: Lux
I've been taking Promazine Hydrochloride 50mg daily, for the symptomatic relief of insomnia. It seems to work vey well, and I understand should remain effective for a much longer period of time than specific sleeping tablets. This being true, what are reasonable expectations? And finally, is this drug available in Moscow? And if not,what of the phenothiazine derivatives in general? I understand they are considered as antipsychotics, and as such, strong group medication. Thank you!    Read answer
04.04.05 From: Ashley
My boyfriend went to the hospital and there he was told that his throat was deteriorating. He was told that with in the month he would not be able to smell anything. They didn't tell him anything else does anyone have anything that they know about this condition?     Read answer
08.03.05 From: Labeeba
I would like to get info regarding hepatitis-b. I have a boy friend who is hep-b positive. Actually, although the virus is in his blood it’s not active yet. I heard that I will be protected by vaccination. I would like to know that even if I'm protected what about our children? I would like to get a detailed answer regarding hep-b including the measures I should take to get protected.    Read answer
05.03.05 From: Carolanne
I have noticed a pain in my left ear over the last few weeks, it comes and goes and only lasts for about a minute. I have also become quite travel sick recently, especially in cars which I think might be caused by my ear. Is there anything I can buy over the counter or should I get checked out by a doctor. I swim regularly so maybe I have picked up an infection at the pool. I have never had any problems with my ears before so don't know quite what to do about it.    Read answer
04.03.05 From: Bennet
I have been suffering from sprained back & pinched nerve for 4 days. I was prescribed Zaldiar (pain killer) for a day & then switched to Sirdalud Tizanidine (1 in the morning & 2 in the night) & Milligamm injection per day for 10 days along with Nicoflex for external application. I was told that Sirdalud tablets were anti-inflammatory for the nerves & Milligamm injection was B-complex for nerve regeneration. I checked these medicines on the internet and found that these medicines were used to treat much serious conditions. Could you please advise if I should take these medicines.     Read answer
18.02.05 From: Latte
I've heard that a healthy person should sleep 6-8 hrs a day. And sleeping too much (over 8hr)is actually worse than sleeping too little(less than 6 hr). I tend to sleep too much. I sleep 10 hrs a day. At the moment I can sleep so much and get everything done when I am awake (study, work, etc). My problem is that no matter how much I sleep, how early I go to bed, I just cannot get up before 9am. I tried to go to bed at 8pm, 9pm. I even tried to stay up all night. It seems like I just have to be in sleep from 5am till 9am. I cannot be awake those hours. My semester starts soon and I have an early morning class and I really don't know what to do.     Read answer
20.01.05 From: Tessa
I have a very painful ingrwoing nail on my toe nail and I need to see a chiropodist urgently. But I dont want to see a russian doctor as I have been traumatised by their primitive procedures. Where can I see a european chiropodist?     Read answer
20.01.05 From: Lex
Where can I do an STD test in Moscow? Preferably at an english-speaking doctor.     Read answer
18.01.05 From: Timot
I've been taking the sedative Valium for over a month now, and predictably I've had to increase dosage to maintain effectiveness. Can you reccomend something more sophisticated that is generally available in Moscow-for the treatment of chronic insomnia. Either sedative or tranquiliser.     Read answer
29.11.04 From: Katalin
I am diabetic and will move to Moscow next summer. Are there any specialists regarding diabetes in the city?    Read answer
18.11.04 From: Alexey Ivlev
I have an English-speaking friend and as far as I can see he shows definite signs and symptoms of alcoholism. Every time I try to discuss his problem with alcohol, he gets angry and resentful and starts using his dedence mechanisms. He tells me that I am not a professional doctor and he does not trust my judgement. Is there an English-speaking professional on substance abuse here in Moscow I can refer my friend to? I do have concern for my friend. Looking forward to hearing a reply to my question. Thanks you.    Read answer
15.11.04 From: Inventor
My girlfriend wants to get some birth controll pills, are they by perscription in Russia as they are in the states?     Read answer
09.11.04 From: Nikki
I am moving to Moscow in Jan. I am asthmatic and have a rare form of crohns that always has the possibility of needing surgery should it decide to come out of remission. I am wondering how the hospitals are in Moscow - both knowledge & accommodations - especially testing of blood before transfusion. Is asthma medication readily available and are doctors prepared to deal with an attack? Thanks!    Read answer
08.11.04 From: Missy
I had to suddenly stop taking 40mg ms contin 5 days ago and was wondering how long until it doesnt show up in a drug test. I have no real bad side effects from stopping the medication so quickly. The reason for stopping taking the ms contin was for a new job.     Read answer
18.09.04 From: S100
Hi, I need to rent a folding wheelchair for a week (next week) - do you know where it is possible to rent one. I tried the SOS clinic and they were helpful but they didnt have one available at present.     Read answer
04.09.04 From: Monte
Can you get warts on your vagina from the warts from my hand? She has them her doctor said they din't look like gential warts so he said they must have come from the warts on my hand. If she has then will i get them?    Read answer
19.08.04 From: Conor
Im looking for an osteopath in Moscow. Do you know where i could find one?    Read answer
30.07.04 From: Velo
I've been looking without success for an anti-psychotic drug called Lexotan. It's widely available in Poland and the Slovak Republic, but seems unknown here. Do you know of any source? If not, the active ingredient is Bromazepamum, so perhaps you know of another brand with the same content?     Read answer
29.07.04 From: Tim
After four operations on a fractured talus I have serious pain in my right ankle which has been diagnosed as arthritis and has been treated with prescription anti-inflammatories such as Voltarol. The problem is that this no longer appears to work and I am in continual pain which on some days is nearly unbearable. As a result I have had to give up sport as even swimming and cycling cause pain. Basicallycan you suggest anything else which might help.     Read answer
23.06.04 From: Zaff
Is it true, that donor blood in the Moscow region is infected with syphilis, hepatitis or aids? How safe are transfusions of Russian blood?     Read answer
16.06.04 From: Anya O'Connell
When I was six months old I had gential warts, can you get these with out sexual intercourse because no one knows how I got them.     Read answer
20.05.04 From: Kittykat
I am planning to ive in Moscow for a year or two and I was wondering if there was any insrance plan for me to get. I have type I diabetes, insulin-dependent, that's why it's important for mew to have my supplies covered. Where can I look and how much will it cost? Thank you, Katie    Read answer
14.05.04 From: Toby Turner
Hi, I am looking for someone who can give counselling for a married couple who are english/russian speaking,counsellor/therapist. Thanks, Toby    Read answer
22.03.04 From: Jean
I am in need of a psyciatrist but is looking for an english speaking person what could I expect to pay per session    Read answer
17.03.04 From: James
Hi, I have been in Moscow about 8 weeks and I have noticed that lately on the back of my legs I seem to be coming out in some small red splotches which seem to be scratchy. My suspicion is that it may have something to do with the water or maybe the ecology here. My skin seems dry, and it seems they mainly occur between my ankle and my knee but also on the calf muscle and behind the knee. Any thoughts? Or proposed treatments? Cheers, James    Read answer
29.02.04 From: Timot
Is it necessary to have a prescription for sleeping tablets in Moscow? If not, what basic brands can you reccomend, and where can I be sure of buying an unadulterated supply?     Read answer
19.02.04 From: David
I recently broke the 5th metatarsal in my foot. So far as I understand, bones quit growing, so my question is how do broken bones heal in adults?    Read answer
18.02.04 From: Valya
I have suffered from depression on and off for several years and during this, my second year working in the Moscow region have come to the conclusion that I am suffering from more than mere "winter blues" and need to seek some kind of help/treatment. I realise this is going to be very difficult and expensive. I would be prepared to take antidepressants (I have been on Seroxat before and it worked well) and reading a previous post I see this is possible but with a pescription. What can I do to get started? Any advice would be welcome, as I cannot realistically consult with my employers here.    Read answer
16.02.04 From: Razor Tongue
It seems that benzoil peroxyde is completely missing from Moscow pharmacies. It seems as though they've never included in the legal substance list. Do you know of any product available in Moscow containing 10 per cent (preferably) benzoil peroxyde. Thank you!    Read answer
08.02.04 From: Roger
I have been on a reduced-calorie diet for the past two weeks, and have noticed little change. I have also upped my exercise a bit. Yesterday, I had a strenuous workout (more than an hour on a treadmill) and afterward tested for ketones. To my surprise, the test was negative. Does this mean I am not burning fat even after an hour of aerobit exercise? Am I burning something other than fat?     Read answer
04.02.04 From: Nina Dolman
I am currently living and working in Krasnogorsk, in the Moscow Region. I have been surching for the herb echinacea, but have not been able to find it, can you help me.
I am alergic to Latex and as such must use non latex condoms - can you tell me what I should ask for, they don't seem to understand what I want. Also I am searching for a lubricant to be used with condoms. In the past I used wet, or Gyro - is there a similar type product available here, if so where would you purchase it. I really appreciate any assistance you can provide with these questions. Sincerely, Nina    Read answer
03.02.04 From: Nina Dolman
I am looking to purchase rogane to prevent hair loss. Can you please tell me what it is called in Russian or where I may find it. Thank you.    Read answer
12.01.04 From: roger bailey
I am planning on visiting India travelling directly from Moscow.Where can I get anti malaria tablets in Moscow    Read answer
08.01.04 From: Curious
What is the cause of moles, dark spots/growths on the skin that dark hair grows out of? Are they the result of genetics, cleanliness or environment?    Read answer
06.01.04 From: Tim J
Where to buy contact lenses    Read answer
06.01.04 From: Edmund Harris
After a particularly liquid session celebrating the New Year, I fell out of bed and fell flat on my face. My nose bled a fair bit at the time, but the bleeding stopped and hasn't continued. It aches, however, and is swollen with a big red bruise across the middle. Could it be broken? I'm told that a broken nose is incredibly painful and impossible to ignore. I did injure my nose once before. I was beaten up and kicked in the face, and the results were similar, and eventually healed completely.    Read answer
06.01.04 From: Karen
My 2 year 8 month old daughter is displaying signs of autism. Though I believe her symptoms to be mild, she shows a marked impairment in both social and communication skills, which is becoming more pronounced as she gets older. What sort of therapies are available to children on the autism spectrum in moscow and how do I go about seeking a professional diagnosis of her problems?    Read answer
16.12.03 From: natalie
Ive' been very sacred aboutthis situacion im only 14 yrs old I got my period 1 year ago this is second yr I usally get it every 2 o 3 months at first I thought it was normal but, I havent got my period since agust,17,2003 and its been 4 months and a half what I should do about this?. Is this normal?
-help!    Read answer
01.12.03 From: David
I have a "friend" who is looking for a good English-speaking psychiatrist in Moscow. But they seem to be very scarce at the foreign clinics. Any suggestions?
    Read answer
27.11.03 From: Workingclass
I use an oral contraceptive Triphasil by Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories is this available in Moscow if not what would be the equivalent. I also suffer from arthritic joints what homeopathic remedies can I try    Read answer
11.11.03 From: KR
I have very sensitive skin - despite keeping covered up and using high factor sun cream a few heat blisters that I got on holiday have turned into moles. Even if only for aesthetic reasons, I'd like them removed. Can you suggest where and how much this might cost.    Read answer
01.11.03 From: watrider
Hey Doc,
Ever since moving here to Moscow I have had trouble sleeping. I lay in bed for hours without being able to fall asleep. I am tired all day because of it. Do you have an suggestions? Is it possible to get medications such as ambien here?
Watrider    Read answer
28.10.03 From: Tim
Some years ago I fractured my talus playing rugby. After four operations to drill into the talus to promote regrowth and graft bone from the knee the situation has got a great deal worse. I have a lot of initial discomfort after sitting or lying down for a long period of time which then usually disappears after walking.
My question is, will continued exercise such as jogging purely injure the talus more or should I attempt to slowly increase strength in the joint (the right calf muscle is atrophied) or will this simply make things worse. Is the discomfort I feel arthritis?     Read answer
11.10.03 From: J
I have recently noticed swellings in my groin area (maybe lymph glands?). They are moveable, tender when touched, no reddening of the skin, I think they are slowly getting a little bigger, the right side is slightly bigger than the left. I have had these swellings for maybe 1-2 weeks. No other glands seem to be affected. The only other thing wrong with me at the moment is that I have a very bad cold and have been coughing up slightly yellow mucus, and my nose has been running. I don't seem to have a fever, or chest pain (other than the slight feeling of congestion). What do you think these swellings might be? I would prefer to treat this myself. I read on the Internet that this situation can occur if an infection is present in the body.    Read answer
16.09.03 From: Maite
I am looking for some homeopathic treatement (hydrastis 7CH, Thymusinum 9CH...) in Moscow. Could you please indicate me where I can find this kind of durgs? Thank you.    Read answer
08.09.03 From: Tyler
Lately I've been noticing how many people have bad eyes, i.e. eye bags, black under the eyes.
What is the cause of this and more important, how do I prevent this from happening to me?    Read answer
05.09.03 From: ktfan
Do you know if the beta blocker Inderal can cause intense gastric distress, primarily bloating and cramping? It is a great med in my opinion, but the misery is a bit much and my doctor just told me to live with it. My books disagree about this. What is your view? Thanks!    Read answer
31.08.03 From: Ed Vinieratos
Please provide the contact information of pharmacies in Moscow tha will formulate western prescription drugs not available in Moscow.    Read answer
28.08.03 From: Came Back to Moscow with Poison Ivy...
Hey Doc,
I just got back from New York. The day before, I was helping out my parents, clean the yard, not knowing they had "POSON IVY" (a plant, that gives you an allergic rash), and managed to get some on my legs.
Not knowing it, only waking up the next morning, thought nothing of it, until I flew into Moscow, and now can't stop scratching and itching the rashes.
I have "anti itch cream, cortisone 1%", which does very little. Back in the states we have Calomine Lotion, which helps dry the skin, and also prevent you from itching.
Poison Ivy doesn't exist here, and can't seem to find anything to help me with the itching and rash.
What can I do and use? What medicine, or over the counter drug can I use?
If you are unaware of such a plant, it is similar to what russia has a plant called "kropiva" except it's worse, it doesn't go away so easily...
Will check back for advice, but just in case:    Read answer
19.08.03 From: MC
I have had a problem with my neck since March. Whilst back in England I saw an Osteopath for 6 weeks. He told me that I had had a muscle spasm. I didn't respond well after the first 3 weeks,in fact I got considerably worse. He then changed my treatment and I began to feel better. However I have been back in Russia for 6 weeks and the problems have started all over again. My job requires me to sit on a computer although I do have regular breaks and I do do some excercises to try and relax the muscles. Can you recomend any creams that might help or advise what type of treatment would benefit me. I have spent more than $3000 in back treatment over the last year to no avail,so money is a bit tight at the moment. Thanks.    Read answer
14.08.03 From: expat
I am planning to have a LASIK surgery in Moscow. What clinics in Moscow has most qualified health professionals and what is the prices and contact info?
Should I have any medical insurance for that kind of surgery? What I should know or ask about local practitioners?
Thank you very much.    Read answer
14.08.03 From: Rob
Hi Doc, I fear this is going to be one of those daft ones, but here goes! Is there a logical explanation for getting night time cramp in the same place from time to time? i.e. the cramp wakes me up and a knotted pain eminates from my the right side of my right calf! The other cramp I get is rare but happens when I'm awake and at home early morning or late evenings; I get really stiff erections in my right toe, it simply goes vertically rigid. I can't relax it, I have to put it under cold water or stand on a cold floor. I used to think it was from smoking too much, but I jacked that in 8 months ago, I don't drink and I eat healthy. As I said probably one of those unanswerables, but this is not a wind up.    Read answer
14.08.03 From: jd
Does vitamin C in an ester form have any advantage over the acid form? Is it available in Moscow?    Read answer
13.08.03 From: jd
Is vitamin E in the tocotrienol form superior to the tocopherol form? Is it available here in Moscow?    Read answer
30.07.03 From: Melissa
Is it possible to generalize about what types of medications are available over the counter at Russian pharmacies, and which require a doctor's prescription? Or does it depend on the specific drug? Or on the pharmacy? Please Advise. (Ps. My specific personal interests in this regard are related to the availability of albuterol inhalers for asthmatics, antibiotics (like erythromycin), and prednisone.    Read answer
29.07.03 From: OP
Read your recent answer about androgen replacement. I've heard about a testosterone cream that is applied topically to the skin on one's arms. Is this available in Moscow?    Read answer
27.07.03 From: Uday
Is there any danger in taking too much vitamin C? I find that 1000 - 2000 mgs a day protects me against colds, and I take even more if someone in my office becomes ill. Lately, though, I hear that you should not exceed 250 mgs/day. Please advise. Thanks.    Read answer
24.07.03 From: Mohammad
Dear Doc,
Have been experiencing a sevre head ache on the left side of my temple. Having this for quite some time now, may be past few days. And this the second time i am having this experience. I am currently recommended " Bondian-75' and " Fenadol-DS". Please advise the reasons for my head ache.    Read answer
24.07.03 From: YKM
IS there any danger in using Imodium (loperamide) on a regular basis?    Read answer
24.07.03 From: D.T.
I had a pap smear and it can back with adinormal cells, and a suggestion that is was Gential warts. Does that mean I have them and if i did have them and was treated for it after i was treated could i have sex with my boyfriend with out a condom and not give it to him?    Read answer
24.07.03 From: ct
how long could you have chlamydia before experiencing symptoms?    Read answer
22.07.03 From: ek
Can I buy Paxil (Seroxat) in Russia? Thanks!     Read answer
22.07.03 From: TJ
Recently, following an MRI due to complaints of terrible headaches, sleeplessness, facial twitching (left side only) and facial pain (right side only), ear ringing, and hand tremors, I was told that I have a 1.5 cm pineal cyst pressing on the quadrigeminal plate of my brain. The surgeon I was sent to said he didn't feel the cyst was big enough to warrant surgery or the risk of draining. (Also, there was no contrast on the MRI, which is good.) The doctor prescribed Inderal La (80mg). I also take advil daily. The problem is that nothing seems to help. The headache is now causing terrible neck pain. I also feel slight tingling in my hand. Is there anything you can recommend to help? The Inderal has only helped my tremors, but nothing else. Any information you may offer is greatly appreciated. If the headaches would ease up, I think I might find even a few hours sleep without waking up. Thank you, TJ     Read answer
18.07.03 From: MW
Will nystatin cream USP cure ringworm?    Read answer
17.07.03 From: R
I'm 35 years old and my OBGYN said I had enlarged ovaries. However, he also said that I do not have PCOS, endometriosis, uterine polyps, or fibroids. What other disorders cause enlarged ovaries?     Read answer
17.07.03 From: tt
I am considering testosterone supplements. What is the availability in Moscow and what are the benefits, Sex drive, weight loss etc? Also what is the down side?     Read answer
17.07.03 From: SP
I just found out i am pregnant, and i have been taking medicine for my stomach pain, and i was wondering how many months do you have to be before you can have a test done to see if anything is wrong with your baby? and the way it is developing?     Read answer
17.07.03 From: vobla
My husband has been choking on his saliva during his sleep. That has happened to him a couple of times in the past week. He woke up in the middle of the night choking on his saliva and he also said he felt there was gastric juice in his mouth. Why does that happen? Is that a common health problem? What should we do to prevent it?    Read answer
08.07.03 From: r
I wanted to find out information about misscarages on what thay are and what happens to the body at the time and if there are any side affectes?     Read answer
07.07.03 From: jl
My mom had radiation treatment for breastcancer 2.5 yrs ago and I am wondering about the aftereffects of the treatment especially about high blood pressure and breathing problems. thank you     Read answer
03.07.03 From: SP
if you have gential warts in your mouth, can you pass it on to someone by sharing a drink? and can you pass on gential warts by sharing a towel? same soap? anything like that besides sex?     Read answer
03.07.03 From: SP
I just found out that I have HPV..and I am extremely depressed about it, do you think i need to be on anti-depression drugs now? Is it still okay for me to have sex and have a baby? I am using a cream right now, and was wondering if there was any pills i could take orally for HPV?     Read answer
26.06.03 From: k.q
I have been tested for hyperthyroidism and the test came out negative, and i still have the same symptoms. my symptoms are as follows, hair falling out in clumps, forgetfullness, dizzyness, fatigue, always tired, mood swings, constipation, sorethroat, allergies year round, small cough, swollen glands on right side of neck, shortness of breath and i think i might have corpaltunnel. I am a smoker and have anxiety attacks. are those symptoms part of the smoking or anxiety? What else could it be? I'm not taking any medications for any of it. I hope you can help me.     Read answer
26.06.03 From: SR
I have been to the Health Dept and had A Pap done and all was fine. The problem I have is an unexplained vaginal bleeding for 4 months. I have also got a discoloring of the outside of each breast with a coldness to the touch. The color is a blue-purple color. Also my uterous is the size of a 13 week pregnancy but I am not pregnant. I had my tubes cut,tied and burnt 16 years ago. Do you have any clue what in the world is going on? Thanks     Read answer
25.06.03 From: AAA
I am a Russian in the USA and am in need of Biseptol. Can you please inform me how I can order some asap.     Read answer
25.06.03 From: Inc
I recently visited the doctor about my gallbladder. I had an ultrasound and HIDA Scan done and both test came back abnormal. I don't have gallstones but my gallbladder is only working at 14%. He suggested surgery. My questions is...Is that the right choice and will it affect any future pregnancies, since I've never had a child? Thanks     Read answer
25.06.03 From: VA
i got married 10 years back.i am 30 years now.yeti don't have & my hubby's reports are's we tried test tube.but no result.already we spend so much money on this issue.please advice me for positive results.     Read answer
25.06.03 From: Poops
I have regular periods always. I had my last period on 11th May 2003 and I am 28 yrs old. In the month of June, I went for sonography and pregnancy test. The pregnancy test was negative and the doctor said everything is normal. I could only see few drops of blood in my panty and after that nothing more. I want to know when is the best time to have an intercourse in order to conceive, we want to have a baby but as now I am not sure when I will get my periods next. Please suggest.     Read answer
23.06.03 From: -- Mwhite
hello, I was wondering where I could do a test concerning sexual disseases. I had a unsafe slip, I do trust the woman but still I want to make sure I can not give it to someone else. Maybe when I do have that I can cure in time. Thank you! M.    Read answer
23.06.03 From: Mwhite
hello, I was wondering where I could do a test concerning sexual disseases. I had a unsafe slip, I do trust the woman but still I want to make sure I can not give it to someone else. Maybe when I do have that I can cure in time. Thank you!M.     Read answer
20.06.03 From: mr health
sir my age 43 wife 40 we married first time before 3 months..we have been trying for wife has 23 to 24 days cycle..last time,after sensitive period, she was feeling preganancy type symptoms like 1)excessive urine,wometing type sensation,heaviness in brest ,tiredness etc..but we done intercourse on 23rd day of his cycle and she got bleeding after intercourse..and again she is in time..earleir month the same situation.. can this miscourage?(ultrasound say that only her left overy partly collapsed..male has normal report..we do every day intercourse problem)    Read answer
20.06.03 From: JM
What is your telephone number to make an appointment?    Read answer
20.06.03 From: KJ
Hello, i just found out that my boyfriend has HPV (he did not know it when he met me). My boyfiend and I had intercourse... however, I did not get the disease from him (my pap came out perfect). Now, what can I do so that I make sure I do not get it from him? From what I have read, using a condom is not secure. Please, advise because I do not know what to do... Thank you.    Read answer
20.06.03 From: JM
What is your telephone number to make an appointment?     Read answer
20.06.03 From: KJ
Hello, i just found out that my boyfriend has HPV (he did not know it when he met me). My boyfiend and I had intercourse... however, I did not get the disease from him (my pap came out perfect). Now, what can I do so that I make sure I do not get it from him? From what I have read, using a condom is not secure. Please, advise because I do not know what to do... Thank you.     Read answer
20.06.03 From: mr health
sir my age 43 wife 40 we married first time before 3 months..we have been trying for wife has 23 to 24 days cycle..last time,after sensitive period, she was feeling preganancy type symptoms like 1)excessive urine,wometing type sensation,heaviness in brest ,tiredness etc..but we done intercourse on 23rd day of his cycle and she got bleeding after intercourse..and again she is in time..earleir month the same situation.. can this miscourage?(ultrasound say that only her left overy partly collapsed..male has normal report..we do every day intercourse problem)     Read answer
18.06.03 From: dc
what to do about sprider viens and do creams work    Read answer
18.06.03 From: dc
what to do about sprider viens and do creams work     Read answer
15.06.03 From: S.B.
When I wake up in the morning, my palms and fingers (on the palm side) feel swollen. I fel tightness when I clench my fists. When I walk, this gets worse, and my palms and fingers get really tight and red, as if there is too much blood in them. My blood pressure is 117-130/70, and my pulse rate is around 60. What can be the cause of this?    Read answer
15.06.03 From: R.C
I have cronic pain and burning in my stomach, could you tell me what this might be    Read answer
15.06.03 From: mm
I suspect i broke me second toe (next to the big one) over two months ago and it continues to swell and be sore. is there anything i can do? Shouldn't it be healed already? Thanks, mm    Read answer
15.06.03 From: mm
I suspect i broke me second toe (next to the big one) over two months ago and it continues to swell and be sore. is there anything i can do? Shouldn't it be healed already? Thanks, mm     Read answer
15.06.03 From: R.C
I have cronic pain and burning in my stomach, could you tell me what this might be     Read answer
15.06.03 From: S.B.
When I wake up in the morning, my palms and fingers (on the palm side) feel swollen. I fel tightness when I clench my fists. When I walk, this gets worse, and my palms and fingers get really tight and red, as if there is too much blood in them. My blood pressure is 117-130/70, and my pulse rate is around 60. What can be the cause of this?     Read answer
14.06.03 From: CC
Yes, Can I get a gential wart from a wart from my arm that I have picked at and then masterbated, I have these small bumps on the at the end of my penis and on the bottom there is some and on my sack there are covered in them. What is that??    Read answer
14.06.03 From: CC
Yes, Can I get a gential wart from a wart from my arm that I have picked at and then masterbated, I have these small bumps on the at the end of my penis and on the bottom there is some and on my sack there are covered in them. What is that??    Read answer
12.06.03 From: info
i have a question regarding to the time of sex .sir could you tell me that how much time is fixed for the time of male sex and another i have a problem that the sex time of mine is less what i should use to prolong the time of sex.thank you    Read answer
12.06.03 From: info
i have a question regarding to the time of sex .sir could you tell me that how much time is fixed for the time of male sex and another i have a problem that the sex time of mine is less what i should use to prolong the time of sex.thank you     Read answer
11.06.03 From: R.J.
When i woke up this morning the hearing in my left ear went out, feeling the same way your ear gets muffled from getting water inside. I've tried using cotton swabs, and ear drain removal but nothing seems to be working, did i just loose the hearing in my ear for good?    Read answer
11.06.03 From: VB
2 days ago I suddenly got a hard, very painful lump behind my right ear, about the size of a marble. It is extremely painful and accompanied by weakness. I was unsuccessful in finding what it might be. It can't be a tumor because it grew literally overnight. What can it be? Should I go to the emergency room?    Read answer
11.06.03 From: Netra
My periods were on 03-06-2003. Last month it was on 08-05-2003. I wish to know my menstrual cycle. Also i wish to know the "Safe-periods" to prevent pregnancy. Please reply urgently.    Read answer
11.06.03 From: PL
Is there any way to get rid of a yeast infection withouht spending any money? Like household items or things?    Read answer
11.06.03 From: PL
Is there any way to get rid of a yeast infection withouht spending any money? Like household items or things?     Read answer
11.06.03 From: KC
How would I know the specific difference (in detail) between a period and a misscarage? I just got off my period on May 30, is it possible that I am already on my cycle again? I have had sharp pains in my lower stomach,like cramps, but I am not knowing what to look for. Please help.     Read answer
11.06.03 From: Netra
My periods were on 03-06-2003. Last month it was on 08-05-2003. I wish to know my menstrual cycle. Also i wish to know the "Safe-periods" to prevent pregnancy. Please reply urgently.    Read answer
11.06.03 From: R.J.
When i woke up this morning the hearing in my left ear went out, feeling the same way your ear gets muffled from getting water inside. I've tried using cotton swabs, and ear drain removal but nothing seems to be working, did i just loose the hearing in my ear for good?     Read answer
11.06.03 From: VB
2 days ago I suddenly got a hard, very painful lump behind my right ear, about the size of a marble. It is extremely painful and accompanied by weakness. I was unsuccessful in finding what it might be. It can't be a tumor because it grew literally overnight. What can it be? Should I go to the emergency room?     Read answer
10.06.03 From: SM
I have a minor problem,im a vocalist for a band with a powerfull deep voice but for the last 3 months it seems to have lost the clarity and ive noticed that i have sore throats more than any other vocalist i know. Also sometimes these sore throats cause me to lose my voice for 2-3 days sometimes even a week.Ive stopped singing for up to a month to give my vocals a rest but it didnt help. My question is 1) Is this a serious problem that i should go talk to my local docter 2)Could it be the smoking thats causing this? Maybe quiting smoking could solve this?Ive only been smoking for a Year by the way.Thank you     Read answer
09.06.03 From: 2nd
My wife suffers from atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure. Now an investigation indicated that the throughput in the arteries that supply blood to the brain is only 40%. She is dizzy and weak. What precautions can be done to reduce the risk for stroke? Can the throughput and blood circulation in the brain be improved by medicine, or is a complicated operation of the arteries the only remedy? Are there any good clot busters that one can take as a precaution? All advices on the internet seem to be about what to do when it already has happened, but what to do to reduce the risk?     Read answer
09.06.03 From: SiNMaN
Hello Doc I could use some advice on this subject For the last week I have had a feeling at the tip of my penis that its storing fluid it has the feelings similiar to a slight burn. The thing is i have this feeling all day long. I have been 100% healthy until this happened. Im also 21 years old if that helps. Thank you in advance     Read answer
07.06.03 From: AD
I need help with a serious problem, while having sex a few days ago i think i moved wrong or something and bent my penis not the right direction and i think i might have injured it please help me with some help on this what can i do to not injure it any more and be able to get it in working condintion again soon please help please please     Read answer
06.06.03 From: statuquo
after a stress, i have lost the hairs above my eyes" in french sourcils " and after few days all my hairs become white do you can recommande a medecine to make them groing again, my sourcils     Read answer
06.06.03 From: s m
My problem started 3 years ago now. At the time I was in a relationship with a girl that I worked with. We'd been together about 6 weeks or so when my partner started to complain about feeling itchy and soar and this seemed to be even worse after sex. I also notice that at this time I was developing a rash which to me looks like small warts or spots under the skin on my penis. My partner went for some test at the hospital when her symptoms became worse. Shortly after we separated. I decided to go to the doctors to seek advise about my problem where I was told that there was nothing to worry about as the rash was actually hair follicles, but I wasn't convinced so I went to my local GUM clinic where I was tested for all the usual STD's and examined. The doctor at the clinic also told me not to worry as it was only hair follicles and all my tests came back negative. I stayed single for quit a long time after that for fear of going through the same problems as I had with my last partner. I recently plucked up the courage to start dating again with a girl I liked at college and everything seemed to be fine for a while. However, I notice that every time we had oral sex together the next day I would have lumps appearing on my lips and in my mouth and these sometimes were quit soar and scabby. These lumps would sometimes appear then disappear after a few hours or sometimes would stay for anything from between a few days to a week; my girlfriend was also getting these lumps/soars on her lips as well. At first I thought that this was probably just cold soars but I became more worried when I realised that they were only appearing when we had oral sex together and that we were getting them in our mouths and on the tongue as well, I also notice the last time we had oral sex together that my girlfriend had some spots appearing inside her similar to the ones on my penis. My partner also started to experience other symptoms but would not tell me what the problem was, she finish our relationship about 7 weeks ago now. I know that she went to the clinic and was given some antibiotics, but she won't speak to me and tell me what the doctor said to her. I went to the clinic and yet again I showed the doctor the rash on my penis and told him that it had been spreading to my lips and mouth. I was told that there was nothing wrong with me and that the rash was just hair follicles, I'm still not convinced. The skin on my penis has been a bit soar recently and sometimes itchy too. I have been back to the clinic for a throat swab and the results came back negative. The thing is that my penis does look normal when it isn't erect, when it is erect the rash really stands out and it just doesn't feel or look right. I feel really desperate at the moment because I'm getting no help and I know there is a problem but I keep getting told there's nothing wrong with me. I have to endure dirty looks every time I see my ex- girlfriend and her friends at college. Is it possible that this could be a rash, because it is soar and it has been spreading to my mouth and lips? I don't want to sound naive but I just don't feel right and I need some advice I don't want to have to go through this again for a third time with somone else.     Read answer
05.06.03 From: JDM
What happens to the liver when one stops drinking after several years of lots of beer. How long does it take for the liver to start healing itself? Will it always be fatty after that?     Read answer
05.06.03 From: N
How much are you suppose to swell up when your 7months pregnat. Such as ankles, hands, and face?     Read answer
05.06.03 From: js
About 3 nights ago I had sex with a woman that had supposedly had intercourse with someone who had done "needles". For about 6seconds or so TOTAL, we had sex without a condom. After which I made her get a condom. Anyways, im very paranoid about this sort of thing, i havent been able to eat in 2days. This was my first time. I really dont know what to do. How long i should wait before i get tested? If im at that much of a risk? If theres something that can help my anxiety. Please help.     Read answer
05.06.03 From: mp
Maybe you can help me, I'm bisexual and have had sex with another guy, we had protected sex but something happened during our experience, he wanted me to bite really hard on his nipples, which I think now that his nipples must have bleed, he was a black guy and I never noticed if he bleed or not.My first symptoms in the next couple of weeks where upset stomach and some vomitting, I would vomit after eating something. I'm married and think I transmitted this desease to my wife and the worst part of it all she was pregnant when I must have transmitted this to her. I have the odd red pimples on my legs and for a while quite a few behind my legs, in my mouth I have lumps in the top of my mouth that sometimes swell a little but most of the time they are just little lumps and in the back of my mouth I have little warts. My wife has a lot of pimples on her cheeks and gets the odd upset stomach, my son who is now 7 months old has the odd pimple on his body and a few on his cheeks. I've we nt for Hep B, C and HIV testing twice so far and all is negative. I have a thyroide problem and whenever I got infected the thyroide went out of whack it went into hyper. The first tests where done around two months after infection and the second tests where done around 5 months after infection, I will be going for another test any day now. If it's not HIV do you have a clue what this can be. Any response would help. Thank You mp     Read answer
01.06.03 From: PBJ
Does the time of day you eat have any impact on weight gain / loss? Some of my Russian friends insist that not eating heavy meals in the evening aids in weight loss. They also insist that one should not eat within an hour after exercising. Is there any truth to this?     Read answer
21.05.03 From: Susan
Approximately 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and only underwent a cone biopsy. After the surgery, my docto informed me that they had gotten it all. About 1 year later, I had the IUD inserted on my uterus. Now I have had my follow-ups for the last 4 1/2 years and my pap smears have always came back normal. About 8 months, I started getting a lot of yeast infections almost monthly and I also had about 4 bacterial infections. In February, I had a really bad UTI which followed a very bad yeast infection. Now since this, my period has been very irregular coming every 3 weeks, sometimes 2 1/2, and so forth. I had my annual pap smear on May 7th and my dr. was just going to try and watch me for the next few months on the irregular menstrual cycle. I also told her that for a little while now, I have had some spotting and bleeding sometimes after intercourse, and she didn't say anything about that. I got a call yesterday from my Dr's office telling me that my pap smear cam e back showing A typical cells and I am to do a repeat pap in 3 months. Now, is there a chance that the cancer is back? What are the chances of getting cervical cancer again? SHould I be looking out for any other signs or symptons?     Read answer
21.05.03 From: M
I had a transvaginal ultrasound yesterday and it was quite painful as it was pushing on an existing cyst. Today, I am experiencing pain on the side that was being examined and I also have a backache. Are these common after effects of this procedure?     Read answer
20.05.03 From: MS
I currently have a 4cm 'complex' cyst on my left ovary. I am also taking several medications, one of which is Depakote ER. I have read that Depakote ER may cause this type of cyst in some women. Is that true?     Read answer
20.05.03 From: BJ
A Russian girlfriend of mine living in the West says that she contacted something from her husband called 'Gardnerella' which I understand to be a form of a sexually transmitted disease. She was diagnosed in Russia and treated it with a host of medicines bought here, mainly Ruling, Nistatin, Viferon-3, and Makmiror. However, she has not told her husband yet that he is the culprit and it seems I have to do this. Could you kindly inform me what this disease is all about, how it can be identified and how it should be treated. Thank you.     Read answer
20.05.03 From: urgent
Dear Doctor, My child fell down and hit his back head a month back, it was looking normal and there was no injury from outside,recently he is making funny gestures moving his eye ball in differnt directions which does not look normal. kindly advise     Read answer
18.05.03 From: prinecess
I have the gential warts virrus, but the gential warts aren't present, could the virrus make me infertile, will i still be able to have children? Thank you     Read answer
18.05.03 From: AG
My wife on her 31w+3d pregnancy. She has been diagnosted as Varicella infected. We were told that it does not put in danger neither her nor the baby. Since the diagnosis, the baby become more active than before. We have few quetions: 1. Is it correct that there is no harm to the baby? If it is not - what the harm can be? 2. Do the increased movements of the baby mean something? 3. Does the baby actually has the Varicella or just my wife? Those are the quetions the doctor we spoke with didn't have a passion to answer, so please answer us - we are trully worried. Thanks!    Read answer
18.05.03 From: TH
What causes shortness of breathe and wheezing? Is there an over the counter medicine that can be used and effective?     Read answer
17.05.03 From: KB
MY period was two months late and i believe i was pregnant,i could feel it and had alot of the symptons,yesterday i had excrutiatingly bad stomach pains and today i started bleeding very heavily!the majority of which was clots,im still getting pain now and bleeding heavily,did i have a misscarage?     Read answer
15.05.03 From: FL
I would like to know if there are any Russian-made versions of antidepressants such as Zoloft, Prozac, or Paxil, or if not, then a Russian-made drug with similiar effects. Also, if there are Russian equivalents for Riddilin or Dexadrine.     Read answer
15.05.03 From: DH
I may have missed the answer to a post I made concering genital herpes, which I get, mildly, about twice a year. But recently I wa sin the banya and had a severe attack about three days later. I had not had sex for a couple of months before that, and am wonderingif this could be provikes by the banya?    Read answer
13.05.03 From: CH
Hello Doc, For about the last 3 months I have been bothered by pain under my rib cage. I seems like I have a lot of trapped gas; I fell like I need to belch all the time. I am 24 150 lbs and in good health.(until this) I have been taking over the counter meds for indigestion and reflux but it does nothing. I have tried to change my diet and got on a healthier one but still no help. When I eat my stomach bloats quite large and I fell very uncomfortable. Are these some symptoms that are common with gall blagger problems? I have visited my doctor and she is sending my for blood work and to have a scope (light) put down. What do you think? Concerned and uncomfortable...CH     Read answer
13.05.03 From: debbie
my father has been diagnosed with hemmorhoids.he is supposed 2 undergo treatement.. would u tell me what is the surgery and the dietary restrictions?     Read answer
13.05.03 From: AT
What causes hemrroids and how should they be treated     Read answer
13.05.03 From: AR
My question is Identification and Possible Treatment of a problem. I've noticed an outbreak small raised bumps on my penis. With no sexual history i have ruled out STD's of any kind i know of. What could this be? How can it be treated?     Read answer
13.05.03 From: JWS
I have hepititesB i am practically cured only 20% is left. I am wondering if i can still spread the virus through kissing. My dad is a PA but he does not know how much of the virus can still affect another person. What i want to know how much of the virus in you can affect ppl who are not vaccinated.I aslo have another? It does not affect my body it helps more then affects me. It blocks out all new flu's etc and i have not gotten real sick in over 4 yrs. And i dont feel any of the symptoms that are supposed to occur what does this mean? Thank u for ur time.     Read answer
13.05.03 From: PB
Can you solve a debate about lead? Is it possible to get lead poisoning from the fumes of zhigulis burning leaded fuel? For example, if one were biking or running in the city center, would one injest any more lead than someone walking on the street? Overall, lead is everywhere in Moscow - water, paint, gasoline. Is there a higher instance of lead poisoning here than in the US?     Read answer
07.05.03 From: D
I have lump on my gum that is transparent and perfectly round . I am told it might be water blister. Should i burst it or is it contagious? It seems to get larger     Read answer
26.04.03 From: BellaHer
I am 9 weeks pragnent, had a blood test, the result: IgM (EIA): negative, and IgG (EIA) positive. also IgG ELFA: negative. could you please explain me about all these result, I have no gut enough to ask my docter. my docter said that my blood is good, is is true what she told me?! thank you very much for your help, may God bless all of us, Bella     Read answer
24.04.03 From: sg
Is the disease Trichomonas only sexually transmitted or can you get it another way? Can you get this disease from an uninfected person (or do the person have to have it in order for you to get it)? Can Trichomonas be formed from not washing up (taking a shower)immediately after intercourse? Can an untreated yeast infection form into Trichomonas?     Read answer
19.04.03 From: fee
how are platars warts spread and how can the spread be prevented? also how are fever blisters spread and how can that be prevented? Are both viruses ones that never go way?     Read answer
19.04.03 From: amw
What is the difference between an ovarian cyst and an ovarian complex leision?     Read answer
18.04.03 From: TDD
I am new to Moscow and in need of Migraine medicines, namely Fioricet/Fiorinal and Imatrex. Are they available here?? If so, how/where do I get it?? Thanks a bunch     Read answer
18.04.03 From: dlk
I am considering a move to Moscow from Boston, Mass. Before I get to deep into my planning, I wish to find out about what kind of health care I can expect to find. Also, how would I (as an ex-pat) take care of medical needs and filling perscriptions? (I'm on stuff for acid-reflux and migraines.) I don't need detailed answers (although I would take them), but a few general pointers where I can do research would be appreciated! Thanks!     Read answer
15.04.03 From: alan 5
Is there anywhere that will give me a good medical examination and what is the cost - especial my heart. I am getting more and more short of breath, and seem to have a fairly irregular heartbeat.     Read answer
14.04.03 From: MW
I have hypothyroidism, and also have anorexic/bulimic tendencies that my doctor is unaware of. I also have been mixing metabolife and dexatrim diet pills. Occasionally I experience a dull pain on both sides of my lower back. It usually occurs a few hours after I've taken the diet pills. Could it possibly be my kidney's reacting to the supplements?     Read answer
10.04.03 From: j
I had my tubes tied 4 years ago. I have not missed a period, but I am feeling movement in my stomach, like kicking of a baby. I want to know is there a chance I could be pregnant and not know it. On two Occasions I have gotten real sick for one day after my period. It consisted of vomiting and bad heart burn. Then another time my period came on 2x in one month, but I figured my cycle may have changed. I have to urinate contantly. I took a pregnancy test today and it came back negative. What is the possiblity that I could be pregnant after getting my tubes tied and not know that I am pregnant because of getting my period every month.    Read answer
09.04.03 From: js
I had sex on January 27th and my boyfriend pulled out just as he was cumming. On January 30 someone else tried having sex with me but was only able to get his penis halfway in and then he took it right back out. My last menstrual period was January 17th and my cycle is approximately 26-27 days. Is it possible for the person on the 30th to be the father? I am 11 weeks pregnant right now... Thanks     Read answer
08.04.03 From: eoz
i was wondering if you could tell me if i was preganant. i only normally have a 22-24 day cyle and i am on my 22nd day to day ive been feeling sick for a couple of days my stomach feels like its got butterflies ive got low backache my breasts have been sore like normal but now they are tingling now i done a test yesterday and it was negitive do you think it was to soon. hope you can help me     Read answer
08.04.03 From: FAQ
Dear docror(s), My question is not related to his field of expertiece though. It is again connected to the plague of the 20th century (or the 21st one as we will see): HIV/AIDS. Here we go..... I had had a swab sample taken from my urethra for general check-up purposes. Prior to that I had no complaints or clinical findings of any active STDs. This was a sort of real trauma to my urethra (being hurt too much at the time when the sample was taken; ouch!). On my fourth day after the swab I got engaged in insertive fellatio from a sex worker. And I felt some uncomfortableness at the opening of my urethra the next morning. My question is: Should I be concerned about contracting HIV? Is any testing indicated for a situation like mine after the window period? Would the irritation in the urethra end up in 4 days and pose no additional risk of transmission after a swab was taken? Can you -based on the clinical data(please see "P.S.")- state that it is safe for me to believe that I had only negligible risk and I can continue to practice sex with no worries of infecting anybody? This is important for me to arrive at an ease of mind and restart a normal life. P.S. I know that most experts do not recommend testing for HIV after insertive fellatio as there are no documented cases of infection due to insertive fellatio and the risk is only theoretical. Thanks.     Read answer
08.04.03 From: MG
I have been receiving back rehabilitation at a Russian Orthopaedic hospital for 20 days. My lower back, my main problem area, inflammed quite badly during the last 5 days of treatment so the doctor prescribed Diclofenac which I am still taking. Two days after my treatment finished I started having problems with my neck. It feels really strained and the left side definitely looks different to the right side. I am pretty sure I must have strained it during the re-hab whilst using a resistence back strengthening chair. My question is, is it necessary to see a doctor or is it likely it will get better in its own time as I don't know how long these things take to heal? It has been 9 days now and the Diclofenac which is helping with my lower back inflammation is obviously not doing anything to help my neck. Also if I don't need to see a doctor is there anything I could try myself to make it a bit more comfortable until it heals. (I don't particularly want to go back to the hospital as the l anguage is a huge problem and I have to keep paying translators to come with me.) Thank you.     Read answer
08.04.03 From: BB
I am travelling to Southern Africa and would like to obtain Larium as an anti-malarial (which I have taken before successfully). Is there anyway I can get this over the counter in a pharmacy in Moscow (if so where?) or do I need a doctor's prescription?     Read answer
08.04.03 From: DW
When does one need to worry about shin splints? I have run a lot for nearly 15 years, including one marathon and several half marathons. I have recurring shin splints in my left leg. Recently, I seem to have a knot under the medial portion of my tibia, about halfway between my knee and ankle. It does not go away after several days of not running, but gets bigger and hurts after just a light workout. Is this something to worry about or do I just need to take more time off?     Read answer
08.04.03 From: BB
I have gone off my birth control pill - i ran out and couldnt find the same pill over here so i decided to give myself a break....that was in January and i havent had my period since the end of Jan - is this normal?When should i expect it? would this also be the reason i have been so moody lately?     Read answer
08.04.03 From: XYZ
I have recurring Athlete's Foot and am currently using Lamisil cream to keep it under control. The problem is that the cream is only barely keeping it in check, when it used to be cleared up after a few days. Is there anything else I can do?     Read answer
08.04.03 From: j
Could you tell me about how long it takes for cocaine to create a perforation of the nasal septum if using about half a gram on a daily basis. I know there is not an exact answer, but was hoping for an estimate. Is there any way to reduce this damage or another method of use that won't damage the nasal tissues?     Read answer
31.03.03 From: FAQ
Dear docror(s), I was happy to see thar Mr. St Louis is now practicing with you. Even though I personaly find him a bit prone to "only counceling"; he is really a very good and experienced expert one could ask for in Moscow. My question is not related to his field of expertiece though. It is again connected to the plague of the 20th century (or the 21st one as we will see): HIV/AIDS. Here we go..... I had had a swab sample taken from my urethra for general check-up purposes. Prior to that I had no complaints or clinical findings of any active STDs. This was a sort of real trauma to my urethra (being hurt too much at the time when the sample was taken; ouch!). On my fourth day after the swab I got engaged in insertive fellatio from a sex worker. And I felt some uncomfortableness at the opening of my urethra the next morning. My question is: Should I be concerned about contracting HIV? Is any testing indicated for a situation like mine after the window period? Would the irritation in the urethra end up in 4 days and pose no additional risk of transmission after a swab was taken? Can you -based on the clinical data(please see "P.S.")- state that it is safe for me to believe that I had only negligible risk and I can continue to practice sex with no worries of infecting anybody? This is important for me to arrive at an ease of mind and restart a normal life. P.S. I know that most experts do not recommend testing for HIV after insertive fellatio as there are no documented cases of infection due to insertive fellatio and the risk is only theoretical. Thanks.     Read answer
27.03.03 From: BR
Dear Dr., Where can I find a good Russian naturopath in Moscow? Where would I begin to look? Thanks!    Read answer
26.03.03 From: gb
Where can I find a good marriage guidance counsellor in Moscow? Must speak French or English.     Read answer
26.03.03 From: BJ
Dear Doc, I stopped drinking and smoking 3 months ago and have gone all overboard healthly, i.e. no tea no coffee etc. As a substitute, I really like freshly squeezed carrot juice and can easily drink a litre of it if given the chance. Now someone tells me its bad for me, too much vitamin D or such like! I thought the body just disposed of unwanted vitamins! What's the low-down? Will I have to live on water alone or risk dying of an orange colour with vitamin clogged liver! Thanks.     Read answer
25.03.03 From: a
25.03.03 From: MBS
At the end of october, a friend of mine who has genital warts was visiting me. After a shower, he took his boxer shorts off and left them on the floor. Approximately 2 hrs later, in the middle of the night, I accidentally put them on me. Recently, I've been diagnosed with the same STD. I understand the various treatments and that it will never go away. I am curious though as to if the outbreaks will be constant for the rest of my life, or is it similar to a cold sore in that you only get them when you have a weak immune system. Also, the current oubreak is on my penis. Is it a regular occurrance to have the warts show up in my anus or on my testicles? thank you.     Read answer
25.03.03 From: Tk
I had my period and when it got really light me and my boyfriend had sex. I still had my period after that for about 1 or two more days. He pulled out beore he went is there a chance I could be pregant?     Read answer
19.03.03 From: FAQ
Hello Dear Doctor(s), I have noticed a small lump just below the head of my penis under the skin which is facing upwards. It has a diameter of around 0.75cm and seems to have attached itself to the tissue under the skin. How is it possible to diagnose if this is something benign or something worse? I have a history of HSV and HPV, so I fear that it can be something serious. Best Regards.     Read answer
18.03.03 From: Marcus
I have a yellow discharge that is coming out of the head of the penise. Its not much but its on my boxers that I can see. I slept with a girl that had genital warts not knowing and she told me after I already has contact with her. I never ejackulated could I have the std. could the yellow discharg be a start of genital warts?     Read answer
18.03.03 From: kg
Have developed sore flaky patches in the corners of my mouth - i don't think it's cold sores as it's reacted well to hydrocortisone cream, but it keeps coming back. Could it be a fungal infection? A food allergy? Or just a reaction to the cold weather?     Read answer
14.03.03 From: MS
can you pass gentail warts by oral sex? And if you have gentail warts and you have protected sex and the condom break will you having sex but they pull it out can your partner get it?     Read answer
14.03.03 From: o
is penetration necessary to become pregnant or is it enough for sperm to come in cntact with the vagina?     Read answer
13.03.03 From: C.C.
I am 20 years old and I just recently lost my virginity about 4 months ago. I have had sex maybe about 20 times or so since then and it still hurts. It doesn't hurt that much in my vagina, but it hurts my stomach more and I don't know why. And when I do have sex I don't have orgasms, I would like to know why for that as well, thank you.     Read answer
13.03.03 From: Lynn
I have gallbadder disease and i was to stay away from food for a serton amount of day the question is what clear liquids can i eat? One moe question i aslo have HPV and i want to know if it could be cause by a different STD? thanks    Read answer
12.03.03 From: sb
i have hurrniated disc L5-S1 pinching the S1 nerve root causing numbness to my left foot and back pain with shooting pain down my legs i was wondering how helpful is physical therapy and should i consider the surgery also i have osteophyte at T2 and smaller ones at other upper levels causing pain in my upper back and left arm how common is this and should i have them removed iam 32 yearsold and feel as if iam 90.     Read answer
09.03.03 From: MC
After seeing approx. 8 doctors in the last 8 months, I have finally been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis of the back and have pain in the lumbar area mainly to the left. Also my disc is sticking out by 3mm. Can you tell me what type of treatment is usually carried out for this condition and how long it would take. Thank you.    Read answer
09.03.03 From: dd
Can you get antibiotics over the counter here in Moscow? What's available for a bad bronchitis?     Read answer
07.03.03 From: Leonor
Hello I have a concer on my health.and i do not have insurance now and i can't afford a Doctor now,i am a mother of 3 kids and2 days ago i notice a bump on my behind a day later i saw a black color, loke a bruce, it hurts i dont know what that maight be? i dont remember hurting myself? and now is the 4 day and still black and growing more but in the middle is turning red? is that like a cancer? or maight be i just hurt myself? please answer me soon i even have a oic taken if you would like me to send it to you to chek on that. thank you     Read answer
07.03.03 From: john
I have had something on my penis that looks like warts i first noticed them whan i was 13 but i never had any kind of sex i am 18 know and still have them they still look the same as before is it possible it is just skin that looks like warts or some kind of other form of skin problem. Who should i go see about it my doctor or a dermentoligest.     Read answer
05.03.03 From: Ed
Thank you for the answer to my question. I do have another though do I need to see a specialist for what was first suggested my problem may be & what would be his or her field is called, or can this procedure don't by a general practitioner? If I understood your answer this can be done as an outpatient procedure. Am I correct in thinking this?     Read answer
05.03.03 From: KS
I flew into Moscow 2 weeks ago, since then I have had pain in my left knee and it is somewhat swollen. I think I just hyper-extended it on the plane while sleeping. I have been taking Ibuprofen for it. It seems better some days and worse others..any suggestions. Also, I seem to be swelling more over here. Can you suggest something over-the-counter to help with this?     Read answer
05.03.03 From: k
what do you think about ayurvedic medicines? is there any physical excersises for improving the long standing of the sexual intercourse. They say that a long foreplay will also help in the above case.     Read answer
04.03.03 From: Ed
I have this bump on my back the has started to get large in the last few months. It also has become more sensitve not painful that is but tender. Here is the history to do with this. About three years ago I thought I had what is commoningly called a blackhead where I come from on or near the center of my back. I tryed to dislodge it by squeezing it which did get it out, but once that was done I realized that it wasn't a blackhead. It was what would be called mole or a small birthmark. It was about in size a 10th of an inch depth a slightly less in width. It didn't seem to have any effect to the area at the time except a very small lump like a pimple but as I have already stated it has now gotten larger something in the area of a marble in size. Any help or advice here will be gladly appreciated!     Read answer
03.03.03 From: cm
My boyfriend was told that he has Chlymadia. He went to the clinic the other day and they gave him 4 pills that he had to take all at once and then he would be good. My gynocologist gave me pills and I was to take two a day for a week. Do they both work? Why wouldn't my doctor just give me the pills that I could take all at once and be done with it. Please help! My boyfriend wants to have sex but I'm not really sure if he's clean.     Read answer
03.03.03 From: RJ
For a person who expects to travel all over teh Former Soviet Union this year, what vacinations do you advise and what kind of self help medical pack do you advise to take? Thank You.     Read answer
03.03.03 From: vk
How can we improve on the long standing of the sexual intercourse,there are many medicines available in th market is it safe to take them pls advise     Read answer
28.02.03 From: mm
For the past couple of days I have had a severe pain in both my eyeballs. It hurts more if I try to look right or left. Is this a type of headache or is it an eye problem? Painkillers do not help. Do I need to visit doctor or optician? Thank you.     Read answer
28.02.03 From: okl_hottie
My son is 16 year's old, and has been diagnosed with all kinds of diffrent thing's.I'm needing to know if post dramatic disorder or ADHA, or panic attactes could cause caughing up blood and chest pains please help Thank You     Read answer
27.02.03 From: jm
If you were to touch one's gentials with your hand and they have gentials warts (HPV) can you get the virus on your hand and spread it to your gentials if you were to touch them.     Read answer
27.02.03 From: TB
Hi i have been on the British birth control pill - microgynon 30 but i cant seem to find it over here in the Chemists - is there anyway i can get it over here in Moscow??     Read answer
27.02.03 From: JK
Hi! I have allergies and take areus (an antihistomine) and use nazanex. However, I still get a runny nose, and a spacey head feeling. These two symptoms are very difficult to simply ignore. I've made my home as allergy free as possible. Is there any other kind of medicine (antihistimine) you know of that may help these symptoms? Is areus available in Moscow? If it is, can you tell me where? Thanks!     Read answer
27.02.03 From: kg
I've had a verruca for around 4 years now, which my doctor refuses to treat, claiming old treatments, such as digging or freezing them, only makes them worse. Such treatments worked well for me in the past. Where do you stand on this argument and how can I get rid of it?     Read answer
26.02.03 From: james
Dear doc If i have gential warts and if I have sex as long as the warts are covered will they not spread to my girlfriend.Also question 2 If the condom touches the warts when putting it on will the virus be on the condom so I will spread it anyway.     Read answer
25.02.03 From: BS
I had a persistant hacking cough, swollen tonsils, and blisters on the back of my throat for 4 weeks. Then I developed a red, itchy and painful rash under my arms. I thought I was getting better but then after a few days, I woke up one morning with a much worse cold than before. My throat aches, my voice is very harsh, I have constant headahes and earaches (sometimes not being able to hear very well, and the rash is still there plus I am so tired even though I am getting plenty of rest...This has been going on for ten days now and I feel miserable. I went to my Doctor this morning and he said it was allegies, but he was also preoccupied with his new computer set-up. I know that I have allergies but they have never made me feel this bad before. Do you have any more suggestions as to what is going on with me?     Read answer
25.02.03 From: DR
Where can I get Western quality physical therapy and chiropractic treatment in Moscow?    Read answer
25.02.03 From: vpmac_de
Do you now a german (best) , english,spanish or french speeking orthopedist close to Juog Zapatnaja metro station (German village in south west of moscow)for examination and professional massage     Read answer
24.02.03 From: mark
Can YOU ever get rid of Hpv for good     Read answer
24.02.03 From: sb
if i think im pregnate and still have a period how can i tell if its really a period or a misscarage     Read answer
23.02.03 From: kg
My little toe was stamped on during a game of football over three weeks ago. It was swollen and bruised only for a few days, but it is still very painful today and hard to walk on, although I can move it quite freely. Could it be broken and is there anything I can do?     Read answer
22.02.03 From: lw
Recently I've had a burning sensation under my armpits for a couple of minutes then goes away.But afterwords, my arm pit is red for weeks. This has only happened twice and I can't figure it out?     Read answer
21.02.03 From: GK
I know drinking a 8+ glasses of water per day is good for you. Is there any difference if that is plain carbonated (Saint Springs, Bon Aqua etc,) or still?    Read answer
21.02.03 From: minu
i have a painful boil inside my butt. what do you recommend for cure?     Read answer
21.02.03 From: SHAWN
Dear Doc, Im a 19 year old male who has always had a problem with pre-cum as well as cum I produced a lot ,Now days it seems that my semen is down to a very small amount of thick white texture which seems strange,Could there be something wrong, if so is there any thing diet wise that can help me to produce a more liquid substance in stead of paste like ?     Read answer
20.02.03 From: AV
My job involves spending long hours on the computer (about 8 hours a day practically non-stop). I do try to take breaks, but my eyes still hurt at the end of the day. What can I do to relieve this condition? Are there any herbs that I can apply to my eyes in the evening?     Read answer
20.02.03 From: jake
I have gential warts and i was wondering if you have the virus that causes warts can that virus also cause cancer. Also can we still have kids I was trying to tell my wife that we can,and also is it really bad if you have HPV it is not that bad of an std.     Read answer
19.02.03 From: JG
I have lordosis from having spina bifida and I had anterior/posterior spinal fusion in Aug. 2001. Since then deep inside my back has been itching. Is there any hope for me?     Read answer
19.02.03 From: ls
this is going to sound very strange, but my butt hole itches very bad. how can i stop it?     Read answer
19.02.03 From: johnny
dear doc can you spread gential warts to your kids if you are pregant    Read answer
18.02.03 From: hm
I was diagnosed with gallstones 10 years ago...I have had attacks sometimes twice a year and sometimes 20 times a year. would you recommend having my gallbladder taken out? What kind of complications can take effect if I continue not to have it removed?     Read answer
18.02.03 From: hm
what are skin tags caused from? are they abnormal in any way? how can they be removed? Is it safe to remove them?    Read answer
18.02.03 From: hm
after the birth of my third child , pain associated with sex, pain for a couple of days after sex, i have had abnormal periods, i had an abnormal pap after my 6 week checkup after this child. I had to have a colposcopy(?) done. then the last 3 pap tests came back normal. but i am still having these pains.any help please.     Read answer
18.02.03 From: james
Dear Doc I have something on my penis that looks like a wart, but I never had sex before, and if it is a wart can i still have kids without them getting it.Also if I do have warts and my girlfriead gives me a handjob or blowjob can she get it to.     Read answer
13.02.03 From: jh
Can you get hemrroids from anal sex     Read answer
11.02.03 From: CC
What is serosis and how does it affect the body?     Read answer
11.02.03 From: male_18uk
hi. Ive noticed these marks around my balls. i have had sex about 4 times and some of those times without a condom. I have noticed these marks around my both of my balls. These are small dark blue,purplish lines about 2cms in length as if they looked strained or something. They have been there for over 6 months and i havnt had any problems. Everything works fine during sex and i have no pain or anything. IS it an STD? and will it go away ?     Read answer
11.02.03 From: BS
Dear DR, I have been secreting large amounts of precum before I have intecorse. Are there any vitamins i could take or something I could do to corect this problem?     Read answer
11.02.03 From: rgw
I have this knot on my leg. It is the size of a marble. I have had it for at least 10 years maybe more. It doesn't hurt but only a slight discomfort if i push on it. Please help, Thanks    Read answer
10.02.03 From: MB
Hello. I am taking the anticonceptionals pills and in the same time Ferrous Sulphate. Does the second will cancel the effects of the first ones? Thank you.     Read answer
10.02.03 From: JKA
My daughter is 15 last November she had surgery to get her gallbladder removed, at the hospital they told her she was the youngest one ever to get it removed. Before she ever had problems with her gallbladder she was dieting, could loosing weight to quickly cause gallstones?     Read answer
07.02.03 From: AV
I have been diagnosed with cervical erosion. The doctor recommended cryosurgery or treating it with lazer. She said it is best not have a baby for 1-2 years after such a surgery. I have not decided yet on whether I want to have a baby in the next 1-2 years, so I'm not really sure if it should treat it just live with it. I have read an Internet medical site that cervical erosion sometimes does not even need to be treated. Is it true? Or if it does need to be treated, how long can a person wait? And what is better: cryosurgery or lazer? For the record: I am 26 years old and the disease, according to my doctor, is not at advanced stage.     Read answer
06.02.03 From: klm
I have a severe anal itch. I have tried many over the counter ointments but nothing works. I have had hemmeroids but this is different. The itching is driving me crazy. What might this be a symptom of?    Read answer
06.02.03 From: etw
My boyfriend and I had sex 3 days before I was suppose to get my period and the condom broke and he said he didnt go inside me but maybe pre-cum. I am now 2 days late on my period but last time I had my period I had it for 10-12 days. Am I pregant?     Read answer
05.02.03 From: TCL
Ok, I'm not sure I'm late with my period because i can't keep up with it I have a hormonal imbalance. But I do think I'm pregant because before my husband left for basic we would have sex almost every night sometimes protedted sometims not. But N-E Ways my breast hurt very badly and also i"m having trouble with my back , and cramps. Please Help me I really need u advise...     Read answer
05.02.03 From: S.J.
Every time I go to see the doctor the nurse always tells me that my blood pressure is a little high. However, he never tells me what I should do to lower it. I exercise regularly, am in good health, and am relatively young (27). The only thing I can think of is that I drink around 2-3 coffees or diet pepsi a day to keep my mind active at work. Could this be influencing my blood pressure? What are the other possible causes?     Read answer
04.02.03 From: M.
Dear Doctor, I am from Pakistan and my qestion is Today a Dog cut to my hand and little scraches comes in my hand. I wash my hand with soop and whent to the doctor and he put me ats injection. and said no need to worry. In Pakistan dog cut treetment is 14 injecton is in bally. but if the scraches are deep . because somebody told me if dog cut to men the men will be mad i am so worried tell me about my treatment that i do Thanks     Read answer
04.02.03 From: AV
I sent you a question about cervical erosion and you never responded! Please answer it, it's very important to me!     Read answer
03.02.03 From: AG
Hi! My wife was on 11th week of pregnancy when she had done her CMV test during her hospitalization beacause of pneumonia. Now we got the results showing that IgM is negative and IgG=100. I understand that it means that somewhere in her past she got this virus and her organism had developed those anti bodies. However from a material I read I know that fourfold raise in IgG antibodies may indicate current illness. However we do not know what IgG level she had before her pregnancy. I have two questions: 1. Is it possible that she got this virus in the begining of her pregnancy and then in 11th week we so IgG=100 and IgM negative? 2. What are the normal levels of IgG antibodies in people who developed them during primal illness? Thanks.     Read answer
03.02.03 From: KMM
My 3 month baby has an extremely irregular pattern of bowel movement. He passes stool only about once or twice a week. The stool is normally soft. Although the last time which was on Wednesday it was a bit hard. He has a umbilical hernia which I have been told not to worry too much about. I have read conflicting reasons for this- some say it's common in breast-fed babies others say not. I am breastfeeding 100%. I have tried stomach massages, pushing his legs up his stomach, drinking a glass of keffir every night and have even tried giving him warm-preboiled water to drink. He has had some bouts of colic but I gave him Infacol and now he is passing smelly wind from the rear very often. Occasionally he seems to be discomfort but this not very often. Any suggestions?     Read answer
03.02.03 From: R.
How can I have planters' warts removed from my feet? If I have to see a doctor, what is the procedure by which they are removed, and how much will it cost?     Read answer
03.02.03 From: R. J.
I have something red, relatively small and oval-shaped in the middle of my neck, just above my collar bone. It feels like a pimple, but I've had it for over a year now. Any idea of what it could be, and how I can get rid of it?     Read answer
01.02.03 From: sn
i think that i am pregnant but i am haveing something that looks like a period could i be pregnant and have my period or would it mean that i am not pregnant if i started clotting i really need some help i am really worried!!!     Read answer
01.02.03 From: AH
Someone i know has been seeing flashes of light in his left eye. I was wondering what may be causing it. Thanks     Read answer
01.02.03 From: tw
Hello there doc ... my question is every times after sex i get these little red like kinda rash lloking kinda things in my penius... i am worried of what this might be please help me.. oh and have you ever heard of lipemia??     Read answer
30.01.03 From: yms
I just found out that I am pregant. My question is for the last several month I have been taking alot of pain killers(Vicoden). How is this going to hurt my baby?     Read answer
30.01.03 From: BOH
Hi there! I am wondering whether the product, nasalcrom (an anti-allergy spray), is available in Moscow? It's used to prevent allergic reactions in the nose. If it is, where can I find it? Thanks!     Read answer
29.01.03 From: PO
29.01.03 From: SRC
I have a STD called gential warts. My Question is is there any way to get rid of them for good. I am married and we would like to know how to get rid of them for good.. Thank you for your time     Read answer
28.01.03 From: ms
my partner was diagnosed with cytomegolovirus(CMV) during her last pregnancy and thusly bedridden. Now eight years later i am part of her life and we are happily expecting our first child together. She is again experiencing same symptoms as before (weakness, loss of appetite, painful joints..etc) and we are awaiting test results to see if she again has CMV. I was doing research on the net about CMV...little is know to me about this infection. I was looking at the CDC(center for disease control) site and they classify this virus in the herpesvirus group to include simplex 1&2. The site said that CMV can be contagious. But never really explained the "what" is contagious and the symptoms resulting. Is one to expect contraction of flu like symptoms a person would have w/ mono or more like warts and such resulting from genital is the same virus group right?...signed, no symptoms but confused and worried!     Read answer
27.01.03 From: ahmed
i have headdach right now my right eye with the right side of head ,,,,,i need some pain killer please     Read answer
26.01.03 From: SR
I am a 52 year old man in a monogomous, loving relationship with a younger woman. I have for a long time suffered the embarrassment of erectile failure during intercourse. I am healthy, have little stress other than the fear this might happen again... and of course it does. On the couple of occasions I've used Viagra, the results have been very satisfying, but I don't want to develop a dependancy. What can you suggest might help me long term ??     Read answer
22.01.03 From: Roni
My boyfriend has been particularily uninterested in sex for the past few months. We are living together for the first time this year and have been together for 6 years. We started having sex about 4 years ago. He has always been especially excited about sex, but lately has quite frustrated. He is able to get an erection and keep it, but he hasn't initiated sex in months. He doesn't seem to be particularily stressed about anything and is not on any medication, but I have to admit, his diet is less that admirable-but nothing different from the way it always has been. Please clue me in on why my 20 year old boyfriend is so uninterested in something that most guys his age can't get enough of. Thanks, Roni    Read answer
20.01.03 From: MH
I sent you a question on January the 9th about insomnia. You said it was "unlikely to have a medical cause". If "unlikely" that does leave some room for some possibility. Do you have any ideas? Even remote possibilities, are there for example some stimulants beyond the obvious, caffeine and nicotine, that I might unwittingly be consuming? A related question is to do with the damage that sleep deprivation does to tissue, particularly beneath the eyes. Why does it do that? And what are the chances of the regeneration of this tissue for a fit 30 year old? Are there other things apart from a good nights sleep that I can do to aid regeneration, creams? diet? etc. Thanks.     Read answer
17.01.03 From: MC
Can you recommend an acupuncture specialist, preferably English speaking. Thanks.     Read answer
17.01.03 From: SY
Can anencephaly be treated? I recently had to fire an employee due to his frequent absences caused by his struggle with this disease; I was wondering if anything can be done for him.     Read answer
17.01.03 From: DW
On Friday evening, I just started coughing. A dry, non productive cough and I have had difficulty breathing - feeling like I could not get enough air. I had a fever (up to 101 a few times) over the weekend but few other symptoms other than malaise. The fever is gone, and the cough is slightly better, but still a dry one, and I still get this sensation after the slightest exertion that I am completely winded. It seems to be irritated by the cold. Prior to this, I was in decent shape exercising a few times a week. I am 35, do not smoke and lead an active lifestyle. What can cause such a cough / breathing problem and is there anything to be done about it.     Read answer
14.01.03 From: JB
I have this awful smell coming from my testicle area. I take two showers a day , and use powder. what could be the cause ? Did my girl friend give me a yeast infection ? What can I use to get rid of this problem? I'm an adult man.     Read answer
13.01.03 From: DL
I was in a car accident in the US a few months ago. I am currently going through Physical Therapy for some problems with my knee as a result. But I will not be able to finish the treatment before I move to Moscow next week. Are there any US/Western-standard physical therapy facilities in Moscow? (I know I would have to pay and then get re-imbursed by the other driver's insurance company etc, but I do not know where to look for any physical therapy services that are western-affiliated, which the insurance company would recognize as "legitimate" in their eyes). Thanks     Read answer
11.01.03 From: MM
>This sounds like 'formication' (polyneuropathy) but would be highly >unusual if starting in childhood and staying in only the fingers and toes. None of us have encountered this before in this type of presentation. We assume you have seen a doctor before for this - were there any changes in sensation found on physical examination? I haven't seen a doctor about this, probably because it seems like such a bizarre thing. As for any other symptoms, I do also have a slight itch similar to that in my index fingers and toes, also near the bottom of my inner lip, and as for the itch, it's only in an exact spot... near the tip of my fingers/toes, which never varies. Not sure if it is related, but I have also experienced some odd muscle twitches, especially when lying flat... I have asked a doctor about that symptom, who more or less dismissed it, but didn't run any tests of any sort (not a great doctor in my opinion). I never heard of 'formication'(polyneuropathy) before... is there treatment, and how serious is it?     Read answer
11.01.03 From: C.G
I need your help. I am a 26 year old male with Severe Ulcerative Colitis. I got a blood transfusion in January of 2002, and was also diagnosed with high liver counts. They are going to do a Biopsy on me next month to see what it exactly is that is causing the problem, but they are pretty sure it is no Serosis since they did an MRI on me in March of 2002 and my Bile ducts looked ok. My question is, with in the past 2 months, I have had severe itching all over my body, including my legs, arms and the top of my scalp. The doctors have yet to help me with any meds to stop this, and have yet to give me a cause. In the meantime, I am itching all over and it is driving me nuts. It is as bad as Chicken Pox (but I know it's not Chicken Pox)with no rash, but a few little red bumps all over, but they do not look like Chicken Pox. i am about to fill the tub with Alcohol and soak in it, it is so bad. do you have any ideas. PLEASE HELP. Thanks     Read answer
10.01.03 From: AB
My husband has constant (3-4 times a year) dizziness problems. Sometimes it lasts almost the whole day when he can hardly move around. It happened today again with very low temprature (about 95F; 34.2C) and blood pressure about 140/95, pulse about 45-47. Generally he is pretty healthy person and doesn't have any serious medical problems. Could it be connected with the excess of the fluid in his inner ear or something else? One of his ears felt a little strange today. Thank you for your input.     Read answer
10.01.03 From: MM
I realize this may sound odd, but I have had an internal itching within the tips of both my index fingers and index toes, for many, many years, since I was a child. This itching feeling never really goes away, but I can sometimes manage to block it out. I am really curious what causes this, and if there is a cure. I am guessing it may be nerve related, as scratching, etc. never relieves the itch.     Read answer
09.01.03 From: MH
For the last couple of years I've been suffering from recurrent, relatively mild, but increasingly severe insomnia. I've only just turned 30, I'm essentially fit, have a good diet, exercise, do not abuse drugs, and I'm careful to avoid caffeine anytime beyond 2pm. What with all of that, and my basically stress free working life, I'm bemused and frustrated by the condition. What if anything can I do? Is it possible I'm ill with something the only symptom for which is insomnia?     Read answer
09.01.03 From: A
So it is possible to drink alcohol and have a bath? I'm scared to do either now, as they told me it would neutralize the injections. Also, it gets worse, my wife is scared to kiss me now.     Read answer
04.01.03 From: CR
In the past I abused cocaine. I have now stop using although my nasal tissue seems to be permanetly damaged from using. Is there any medicaiton I can use to cure this. The exact problem seems to be that the nasal tissue is permanetly inflamed, constantanly runs, and is blistered. Any help you may give me regarding this matter is very appreciated.     Read answer
04.01.03 From: niq
Could you please tell me why I have a constant discharge from my vagina its really beginning to worry me.    Read answer
04.01.03 From: S.S.
I am thinking of traveling to Goa, India for a holiday trip. What shots would I need if any? Or what medicines/pills are mandatory before starting a holiday in India. If there are medical requirements are they available in Moscow. Where. Thanks very much.     Read answer
02.01.03 From: SM
I am 31 years old and I am having the symptoms of being pregant like sick in the morrning, having cravens, didn't have my period for a month.I was woke with real bad pains in the lower part of my stomach and then I started to bleed. I didn't pass any blood clots, the blood is just beat red. Do women who are pregant still have there periods. Could I still be pregant? If I am still pregant, will it hurt the baby with me bleeding.    Read answer
02.01.03 From: zwk
I've checked the site that shows all the pharmaceuticals available in Russia, but my translation software is not up to doing brand names and I'm not yet good enough to read them myself. Are ergoloid mesylates and / or piracetam available in Russia?     Read answer
31.12.02 From: ds
Hi doctor. I was wondering during the course of a chlamydia treatment (7 days one dose of antibiotic) if I had sex could I have reinfected myself, or if I have symptoms, did I get it from my partner? Also does trich. cause yellow mucus discharge on the cervix. Thanks for the info. (I have already seen my doctor for treatment)     Read answer
31.12.02 From: Heath1609
I just found out i had herpes. The sores r gone and now there r red spots where they were, like new skin. Is it alright for me to have sex now or not?     Read answer
31.12.02 From: t.k.
What is the chance of you getting pregnate from pre-cum?    Read answer
30.12.02 From: MG
Can you recommend an English speaking back specialist in Moscow. Thank you.     Read answer
26.12.02 From: z
I got bitten by a dog in Moscow last week. There giving me injections for this. They say that I can't drink alcohol for 6 months, and can't have a bath for 6 months (only a shower). Is that correct. I went to the local polyclinic for this treatment. They charged me quite a lot of money, unoficially. Should they have given me initial treatment for free?     Read answer
25.12.02 From: AM
I am 36 And I have no Uterous but, I am having symptoms of being pregnet. My stomach is always upset, I am lighted a lot, tired, mooody, and my breast are leaking some now. Can I still be pregnet?     Read answer
24.12.02 From: ppt
24.12.02 From: ang
I gave birth to a girl 5 days ago.She weighed 2.8 Kg .During breast feeding she didnt latch properly and started loosing weight. Then I used breast pump to collect milk and would finger feed the baby. Off late there has been lot of wind in the baby stomach and she is not able to sleep. She is having frequent bowel movements. Sometimes in an hour she does 5-6 bowels. I am on a diet containing milk and cereals with whole wheat bread in breakfast and then I take a whole wheat tortilla cooked in raw butter and along with this i take some vegetable or pulses garnished with lots of butter. Is this diet okay or does this is causing wind in the baby. Secondly my elders have told me to avoid orange juice and apples if they are little sour. their apprehension is that baby will catch cold. Is this a myth aor the sourness of juice passes in to breast milk.     Read answer
23.12.02 From: sr
I have developed pimple like substances on my left butt cheek. They are underneath the cheek about an inch from my anal and appear in a cluster. I have one on the center of the other cheek. They itch and are uncomfortable at times. Other times, I forget they are even there. I have been researching the web and believe they may be Thrombosed Hemorrhoids, but I cannot find a photo. I noticed the bumps about a week ago and thought it may be a heat rash. After working out, I was extremely sweaty and did not take a shower right away. I have been applying a hydrocortisone creme (Cortizone 10) for 2 days now and feel they may have improved slightly. Could these bumps/pimples be anything else?     Read answer
20.12.02 From: gb
I have been taking Prozac for the past 4 years. However, I am now trying to get pregnant and wondering 2 things - firstly is it safe to continue Prozac during pregnancy? Secondly, if it is unsafe, how should I best stop taking Prozac without withdrawal symptoms? Thank you.     Read answer
19.12.02 From: FO
Well this may sound like a dumb question but here it goes. I'm 17 years old and in perfect health. Now I was wondering if it would be safe for me to use HGH to build muscle mass for sports. I know pepople who say it is but I thought I should ask someone. Thanks     Read answer
17.12.02 From: m.d.
What is the dose of biceptol for 9 years old boy weight 40 kg ??     Read answer
17.12.02 From: L.V.L.
17.12.02 From: km
Is there yeast infection medicine available over the counter here?     Read answer
17.12.02 From: nv
When I am stressed or physically active or sexually excited I get red spots on the upper part of my arms, on my neck, on my chest, and on my face. Normal? Could you develop about that? Thanks    Read answer
17.12.02 From: lc
I have been having this dull pain in the left side shoulder area for over a month and now it has moved down my arm to my hand and it feels tingly, along with a abnormal heart beat something like skipping every now and then and it is getting worse. please if you can give some opinion as to what it might be. I really don't want to go to the doctor if it's nothing.     Read answer
22.11.02 From: GM
hi, I have been haveing my period for over the amount of time that I should. Not sure why but have been can you help me out. Thanks     Read answer
20.11.02 From: NA
heelo there !! well i need to find a sexolog for a friend. well since she's quite shy type she wants to have a lady sexolog . got any addresses for me ?? even russian speaking doc will do     Read answer
19.11.02 From: Rd
Is it possible to have a skin tag on the shaft of the penis...I think I have one but I am looks exactly like a skin tag I used to have under my arm pit...there is just one no puss is really smaller then a quarter of an inch     Read answer
19.11.02 From: V. T. R.
I am a female of 28 yrs. I was getting fat after the delivery of my second child (born in Jan. 2002) and my neck was also getting bulged slightly. Dr. found I am hypothyroidic (tested in August 2002). I am under eltroxin since then (100 micrograms). Once I started this medicine, my periods have stopped completely. My eyes started vibrating (recently) when I concentrate on books, not only that I am feeling like fainting (for a second only) occasionally. Dr. found I am normal and asked me to continue with eltroxin. I consulted an ophthalmologist for my eye problem and according to her my vision is perfectly all right. After one month of medication, the count of antibodies has come down to normal. Dr. suggested scanning of Pituitary Fosse and found it normal. I am still under eltroxin. I would like to know whether all these symptoms are side effects of taking the medicine eltroxin? Or do I have some other problems? I am planning to consult an endocrinologist soon.     Read answer
19.11.02 From: jm
I stared having sex when i was only 13 years old throughout my whole entire teenage years i had regular unprotected sex and when i was 18 i got married and we had unprotected sex for 3 years i didnt think i could get pregnant because i had had sex for 6 years before marriage without getting pregnant,but a miracle happend and when i was 21 almost 22 i got was the happiest day of my life,but after we had him we started trying for another and have been trying for 2 years with no luck i have not had any sexual diseases and i have regular visits to the gynogolist and they find nothing wrong they say im perfetly normal.but why did it take me 9 years to get pregnant and now i cant get pregnant again?this has affected me badly becuase i want several children please help!     Read answer
18.11.02 From: T.L .
I have white bumps under my tounge that hurt. What are they and how do I get rid of them?     Read answer
18.11.02 From: IR
I have recently been diagnosed with Ureaplasma urealyticum. Do you think I got it through sex or could I have been born with it? Can it be transmitted through oral sex? For the record: I am a woman.     Read answer
18.11.02 From: LV
My husband has gum disease. Can it cause health problems in me if we have oral sex?     Read answer
14.11.02 From: D.M.
Dear Doctor Sir i am mahesh i am 21 years old now i am so lean i want to become fat so please prescribe any syrups for me    Read answer
13.11.02 From: A.V.
Hi,iwant to know about hormones that can use for penis enlargement....are they harmfull...which one is better and any other information about them.... thanks alot...    Read answer
12.11.02 From: J.B.
Please advise on shoulder bursitis.    Read answer
21.10.02 From: DW
My doctor at home prescribed Xanex for insomnia. The local "dezhunaya Apteka" told me I would have to go to a municipal pharmacy and get some special "spravka" in order to get this medication. Is there some local equivalent that may be more widely available? Thanks,     Read answer
14.10.02 From: SM
If you had your gallbladder removed, do to gallstones, can they reoccur if your having similar symptoms and if so where would they be stored at.    Read answer
11.10.02 From: MS
Can you please recommend an English speaking Chiropractor. I have had lower back problems for nearly 3 months, have had the MRI,spent a fortune at Expat Medical Centres and am no better than I was months ago. Thanks.    Read answer
08.10.02 From: Gent25
Last November I contracted yeast infection from my ex-girlfriend. My doctor prescribed Nystatin Cream USP (100.000 USP units per gram)After using the cream for a while the yeast infection has returned. Is there a more effective treatment for treating yeast infection in men? Can I try the over the counter treatments for women? Will that work for me?    Read answer
07.10.02 From: F
dear Dr. i belive that i have got what is called a Yeast infection, because i have got a serious irritation in my vagine and i see a white or cream color descharge in my underwear, and after some research that i did i found out that it could be from some kind of perfume or some very tight underwear and i have been wearing an extreamly tgiht underwear for about a week now, they are the new thongs that i have aqired, what over the counter medicatin should i use or will it go away buy itself without medicatin if i wait?    Read answer
06.10.02 From: SS
My wife is due to give birth to our second child in December and we have been advised not to give birth in Moscow (first birth had complications). We are wondering if there are any 'programs' for Russians or expats to give birth in Europe or Scandanavia?    Read answer
06.10.02 From: JRG
I have red streaks, almost like stretch marks moving out from my groin. Also, everynow and then my anus will get alittle painful, like i have been walking awhile and it has been rubbing togther. The marks don't hurt, but the area hurts right before they apear, almost lke my skin is being ripped apart. Do you have any idea what it might be? Is there and std with these types of symptoms?    Read answer
05.10.02 From: GW
I have been diagnosed with Perifolliculitis capitus abscedens et suffodiens (Hoffmann)PCAS.The doctor here prescribed Kefzol that I had to inject myself.I am very reluctant to use this drug as it appears to have many side effects.I also found information on the web about this condition and they use Isotretinoin Accutane is it possible to find this in Moscow or do you have any other advise.Thank you in advance.     Read answer
05.10.02 From: SKY
Dear Doctors, I have low back pain and stiffness. My X-Ray should deteration and sublixation of l5. I had a MRI yesterday. The nurse called and said the MRI was normal. What could be going on? I have numbness in my hips and my right leg feels like its a sleep.(pins and needle pricks). I hope you can help me. Thank you for your time. SKYBOICK    Read answer
04.10.02 From: JW
I have just noticed that there is a small bump on my penis, it sort of looks like a zit, i am a virgin so i doubt it is an STD, but i have been taking Longitude supplements and just a few days ago i started taking caffeine pills (200 ml) this was not there before i started taking the pills, is it a clot? what is it??    Read answer
03.10.02 From: BP
Everytime i eat or drink something, my stomach starts bloating. I also get nausiated and have lots of belching with some indigestion. Could this be my gallbadder or reflux or something else?     Read answer
02.10.02 From: DS
I recently got salmonella from a meal at a well-known pizza chain here in Moscow. Are there any precautions which you can take to stop this happening? Of course, I do try and avoid the deadly salad bars, and some dodgy stuff for sale on the street, but there sometimes seems to be little that you can do - you can't check everything!     Read answer
01.10.02 From: SD
Is it possible to get chlamydia from unclean contact lenses? Or can it be dormant for more that 2 years?     Read answer
30.09.02 From: LM
Are there midwives in Moscow who attend home births? How are home births regarded in Russia? Are there regulations about them?    Read answer
25.09.02 From: ST
My boyfriend has fairly serious acne, but recently it has gotten much worse. For the past few months he's been getting huge (up to almost a centimeter) pimples that can take weeks to go away and are horribly painful and disfiguring. He started getting them right after he was put on antibiotics for a 'positive manteux reaction' (TB test). He has had them before, and claims that he received some sort of blood transfusion to cure it. (He's from the former soviet union, so I usually don't trust anything sort of past medical experience of his.) What I want to know is: 1) could these terrible pimples be related to anti-TB antibiotics and 2) have you ever heard of blood tranfusions or any related thing being used to treat out-of-control acne?     Read answer
24.09.02 From: HJ
I've got a problem with IBS and acid reflux. I have had it diagnosed in the UK. I need some medicine to control it as I've run out of gaviscon. Could you tell me what the best drugs available in Moscow are for getting rid of acid and for stopping it coming up into your throat and mouth. Thanks-and this is a great service you have here.     Read answer
23.09.02 From: LC
I am a very active 30-year old female (cycling, heavy yard work, running, etc., but no weight lifting within last six months) and I recently noticed an indentation on the top of my right butt cheek. There is no discoloration of the skin, but it's almost like the muscle mass is gone. To describe it more precisely in size, it looks as if someone hit me in the rear-end with a small baseball and it left a dent. What could this be?    Read answer
17.09.02 From: MU
I have recently, within the past 2 weeks, had a enlarged blood vessel on my penis. I am not sure if this is something I should be fairly concerned about or not. It is not painful, but it seems to get worse when I put on a condom. It becomes almost stiff with blood. Maybe I"m just using condoms that are too tight, but it is still fairly enlarged w/out one on. Any clues as to why this may be?    Read answer
16.09.02 From: Alex
pls.inforn me asap where is the best place in moscow to cure chlamydia trachomatis? thank you in advance    Read answer
13.09.02 From: PH
I have GERD and my doctor recently put me on Protonix. It's been a week now and I stil have the same symtoms, that is frequent reflux and a constant pain in the esaphogus. My question is how long does it take for thils medication to relieve the reflux and how long before I no longer expirence pain in the esaphogus.    Read answer
08.09.02 From: JR
I think i may have a hernia, i have been feeling this wierd pain in my left testicle now for 3 days. I tryed feeling inside of it, and on the left side, i think i feel a wierd tube thing. It was soft and and it was going up into my adoman. Plz awnser asap because i need to know if i should tell my parents tommorow or if i could wait. Its an embarrassing thing to talk about so i was looking for advice from here.    Read answer
07.09.02 From: PL
My last peroid was 7/19/02 and it was only for that day. I have not gotten my peroid since then. For the last 3 wks. i have been feeling sick, but didn't think i was pregnant, because my tubes were tied in July of 1985. I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Now i've been going to the bathroom every 10 minutes and every time, it's like i have been holding it for a while.And i saw blood, not alot,it was pink on the tissue. I don't know how many wks. i am but i'm scared and don't have any insurance.I do have pain because it feels like i held my urine for a while. please help me.    Read answer
06.09.02 From: MA
I have been trying to get pregnat for two years now. I have had three miscareges sould I stop trying or keep trying?    Read answer
27.08.02 From: GB
I'm a British woman and wondering if many other Expats give birth in Moscow. Are the facilities good here? Is it easy enough to register the newborn child in UK to obtain British citizenship and passport etc.? Which is the best maternity hospital in Moscow? Thanks.    Read answer
24.08.02 From: NF
Is bricanyl (terbutaline sulphate) aerosol for asthma available in Moscow?    Read answer
24.08.02 From: LS
my daughter is 13 years old and is having gallbadder pain but the gallbadder test show normal she has been running a fever up to a 104. and nobody knows what is wrong with her so could you please help us thank you.    Read answer
24.08.02 From: MK
Is there a dentist here that deals with TMJ?     Read answer
11.08.02 From: KME
I recently was in Thailand and had intercourse with a prostitute who was infected with leprosy. Can leprosy be transmitted through sex? What should I do at this point? I had sex with her 2 weeks ago. Thanks.    Read answer
08.08.02 From: MS
Does Monistat 7 Cure/Clear Up/Take away poison ivy? or any rash other than what its really meant to do which is take away yeast infections.    Read answer
08.08.02 From: AI
i was making sex with my boyfriend last few days ago and he accidentally blow in his sperms into my body. Help me!! i don't want to get pregnant. For your information, it is prohibited to make abortion in my country and no birth control available for people like me. (teenagers)    Read answer
01.08.02 From: TS
I am a woman in my late 40s which if any Vitamins should I be taking.    Read answer
31.07.02 From: PS
Three months ago I had a miscarriage because I was infected with toxoplasmosis. The miscarriage was during the first trimester. I did blood tests after that. They told me that I have to get my tests done agin after 6 months. I would like to know, if I will have problem in my next pregnancy. What should a result show if I am alright and no more infected. Should a good result after the infection show a high level of anitbodies? Please give me an exact idea. I would be gratefull to you if U would do so. Thank You!     Read answer
29.07.02 From: HS
I have a small hard lump just inside my back passage, pretty sure it's not hemmoroids.     Read answer
28.07.02 From: DCZ
Where can we buy Sudafed?    Read answer
25.07.02 From: KC
my husband and i have been together 7 years, he cannot ejaculate during sex (and never could his whole life) the only way he can is by masterbating, what could the problem be?    Read answer
19.07.02 From: TB
I am 29 and 25 weeks pregnant. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. My question is....what is the danger if I the get chicken pox. I have never had them when I was a kid or any other time, and my daughter has been exposed to other children who have them.    Read answer
19.07.02 From: RD
Is it safe to administer anti-biotics to a 4 month baby. Is there another way besides injections. We have been told to give 3 injections per day in the rear. He has serious ear infection.    Read answer
18.07.02 From: becca630
i had an std and i think i may be pregnate could that std hurt the baby in any way.i had chlamydia and gohneria. i took antibiotict to get rid of it and i just need to know if the std or the antibiotics could of given the baby brain damage or anything.     Read answer
18.07.02 From: AZ
where can I buy in Moscow a self-test for pregnancy?    Read answer
18.07.02 From: GG
Could you recommend a cheap and reliable fertility clinic in Moscow? My husband and I would like to have our fertility levels checked.    Read answer
17.07.02 From: FM
I am currently taking an antibiotic (amoxocilin)for an upper respitory infection, however, I am coughing a lot and can't sleep at night. Is it safe to take an over-the-counter cough syrup? If so, Please advise Thank you    Read answer
17.07.02 From: GH
I masturbate on occasion, and i have noticed that there is a sort of greenish tint to my sperm, is this normal?     Read answer
17.07.02 From: DM
This is my fifth attempt to pose my question since May and I won't bother anyone if this one does not make it, so here goes. I have been having a terrible time with heart rregularities. Lone Afib episodes in 92 and last October, then a bout of SVT (supra-ventricular tachycardia) on May 17th. They had to use the paddles (cardioversion) on me the last two times in the hospital. Other than the tach, my ECG and echo-ECG were normal, with no evidence of structural or circulation problems. They prescribed INDERAL-LA 80mg once per day. I also take Xanax 0.5mg up to 3x per day for a severe Panic disorder which has plagued me for 20 years. My Questions...Is this INDERAL regimen going to be helpful or is it just another expensive pill? This stuff is $170 per 100 capsules here in the USA. Radio-ablation was suggested, but that is out because of my poverty stricken circumstances and my reluctance to risk becoming dependent on a pacemaker, as sometimes happens. Is there anything else you can suggest that be helpful? I'm literally at the end of my rope with the doctors being uncooperative and unwilling to answer questions. This has seriously affected my quality of life and has left me weak, nervous and not sure if I can enjoy my former favorite activities. Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome. BTW, I'm male, 46 and do not use alcohol, tobacco or drugs. THANKS!    Read answer
17.07.02 From: JC
im 15 years old, and uncircumcised, and when im erect, i can not pull my foreskin back at all! and if i try it hurts, is this normal? what can i do to be able to pull it back?    Read answer
17.07.02 From: Moi
I am thirteen this year and I have flat foot.But in the recent year, my feet where the arch is, sticks out more.I also found out that my left arch always hurts, rather than my right leg.I am also a dancer and will the severe excercises harm my feet furher.And can you suggest some ways I can relieve the pain? Hope you can reply me soon...I'm sick of the pain! Thank you..sincerely    Read answer
17.07.02 From: JQ
I'm looking for a site on the internet that will help with finding what medications are available in Moscow. I am currently taking a medication for ADHD not available in Moscow and am looking for alternatives. Thanks.    Read answer
26.06.02 From: AT
you didnt answer any questions for a month and it seems mine got lost in there. i am concerned because my hair is falling out rather faster than it used to. this is particularly upsetting because i am female. i dont have any bald spots or anything, but i'm noticing a lot of hair on the floor, etc. i've always had rather thin hair, but this is different. could this be nutrition/ stress related? (i am not on any medication other than the pill). and is there anything i can do- nutrition-wise or special shampoo or soemthing?     Read answer
19.06.02 From: Star
My boyfriend has a problem with small bumps on his testicles, there in the front and they look sort of like zits only they are hard. He says he's had them for as long as he can remember and experiences no unusual pain, soreness or anything like that. Another thing is that during sex he cant always get hard/keep hard and he ejaculates very quickly. Are these problems related?     Read answer
19.06.02 From: GP
i have abdominal pain that are frequent.i also had blood in my feces but it was really red.i have hemoroid.sometimes my feces are yellow and liquid.i drink 10 beers a day.the abdominal pain is in the lower you see any symptom of cancer?     Read answer
18.05.02 From: AV
This is a repeat question. I sent it to you a couple of days ago, but you never responded, so I believe the question got lost and never got to you. My 14-year old sister has curvature of the spine, problems with salt metabolism (since birth), flat foot and one of her legs is 1.4 cm shorter than the other (according to the doctor she saw, this is because of her flatfoot, which caused curvature of the spine and resulted in different length of her legs). The doctor told her that she should exercise more to build muscle and told her she should wear special soles in her footwear to cure the flat foot, but it doesn't seem sufficient to me. Do you think this treatment is sufficient or should we do other things like massage? I have heard curvature of the spine can be cured by surgery, but we don't want her to go under the knife and would prefer conservative treatment. We are mainly concerned about the curvature of the spine and different length of the legs, as it looks like the problem will aggravate as she grows up. Can something be done in our situation in addition to exercising and wearing soles? Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to your reply.    Read answer
10.05.02 From: HB
My regular and longterm girlfriend came back last week from a holiday with a girlfriend in Egypt. She was particularly ardent and attentive with me despite having very badly blistered lips (from the sun) and more general sunburn. I shaved immediately before going to bed to make life more comfortable for her. Within two days I have become covered with what looks like severe acne in all the places I shaved, and the lymph nodes in my neck are sore. As part of our lovemaking she gave me oral sex and I now find one small spot on my penis (nothing like as big as those on my face) but with the same darker centre. Being an internet junkie I checked out the symptoms on a self diagnosis site and got the answer 'herpes' back. I shall be going back to London in a week and will have a thorough check up, but in the meantime should I be concerned about her fidelity?    Read answer
29.04.02 From: BA
I love to blowjob for my boy-friend,but the pre-cum deem containing sperms & it's believe will get pregnant easily than ejaculate.Can doctor tell me what should i do with this problem?    Read answer
29.04.02 From: BA
Is the use of condom sefe?i keep wondering whether is it loose off easily while making love?I still a virgin and would like to know m i going to bleed when i doing for the first time?    Read answer
23.04.02 From: LG
I have suddenly developed a dry caugh. It happens in the day and also at bedtime. If it were just at night, I wouldn't be concerned because I could attribute it to a back drip when I lay down. But now during the day it occurs to the point of needing water to stop. What is the cause, and what kind of a doctor should I see. Everyone is specialized these days. I have a family doctor, but I'm not sure is he is the one I should see. Is this a common ailment?    Read answer
18.04.02 From: EW
Dear Doc, I want to get all the tests done to see if my pipes are clean, i.e. if I have any STDs. But I've experimented with some drugs in the past. My question is: will the doctor/lab technician be able to tell that I've used drugs from looking at the results of the tests I've taken for the purposes of identifying STDs? Many thanks.     Read answer
18.04.02 From: LV
I am 25 and thinking of conceiving a child. My work involves working with a computer (data input) and it's virtually a 6-7 hours' day in front of the computer. I heard that radiation emitted by computers can harm the embryo, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. Is this true? If yes, what should I do? Should I quit or will it be acceptable to limit my workday? If yes, to how many hours? Should I also take more frequent breaks?    Read answer
15.04.02 From: AP
Is it OK to use vaseline as a sexual lubricant? If no, are there any alternatives? Also: this may sound like a silly question, but does flyaway hair indicate any health problems? My hair is sometimes simply unmanageable and I heard that this can be a symptom of stress. Thanks in advance!    Read answer
15.04.02 From: AP
I am allergic to sulpha drugs. Is it safe for me to take vitamins containing ferrous sulphate, copper sulphate, zinc sulphate and marganese sulphate (in one pill) or is it better for me to stay away from anything that has the word "sulpha" in it? Thanks in advance, AP.    Read answer
15.04.02 From: AC
I am a 33- year old male who cannot seem to make any friends. I arrived here in Moscow in September and still don't have any pals. In January I met a lovely girl who didn't seem to mind my small penis but I seem to have alienated her with my rude and abrupt manner. I don't think she is talking to me anymore. Could this be a mental problem?     Read answer
14.04.02 From: DJ
Concerning my foot question on April 10, I have since gone to my polyclinic, had x-rays done, and yes, it is a heel spur that they say is symtomatic of gout. I also tested somewhat high uric acid and cholesterol levels. I normally do a lot of walking and as you can imagine, walking Moscow streets and metros is pretty stressful on the feet / heels, so it's possible to be stress-related too. As I'm fifty this year, I imagine age has something to do with it too. The clinic put me on a "compress" nightly, and I am doing therapy sessions with a Swiss instrument that resembles machine-gun hammers beating my heel. They also put me on a low uric acid diet. Initially, it seems to be helping although wouldn't mind knowing what you think? .and thanks..     Read answer
13.04.02 From: LG
I am 61 yrs. old, I have never had any problems before but now I get sore in the vagina area, intercourse is painful, what can I do? I have been to a specialitst and she put me on hormones but that didn't help so I quit taking them, Help L.G.     Read answer
12.04.02 From: DJ
About a month ago I started to have a problem with my left foot. A soreness started up when I was doing more walking than usual daily, and then has been a bother since. I thought it would just go away of itself, a bruised muscle or slight sprain.. but the pain persists and every home remedy I try (soaking daily in hot water, new soft shoes, etc) doesn't seem to help. What is the most normal cause of persistent (nerve?) pain in the lower foot / heel area? What can one do?     Read answer
11.04.02 From: AR
I am thinking of purchasing an Abtronic electronic trainer for abdominal workouts. Can it have any negative health effects? Thanks in advance.    Read answer
11.04.02 From: HR
Is it true that having higher uric acid levels in your blood can lead to sore feet - and gout? What medicine does one take for this? Can it be bought over-the-counter?     Read answer
10.04.02 From: DJ
About a month ago I started to have a problem with my left foot. A soreness started up when I was doing more walking than usual daily, and then has been a bother since. I thought it would just go away of itself, a bruised muscle or slight sprain.. but the pain persists and every home remedy I try (soaking daily in hot water, new soft shoes, etc) doesn't seem to help. What is the most normal cause of persistent (nerve?) pain in the lower foot / heel area? What can one do?     Read answer
09.04.02 From: SS
I have shoulder pain in the muscles adjacent to the shoulder blade. It sometimes comes on, as it did this time, by the recent cold snap. Usually it goes after a few days or a massage. Not this time. I have tried pepper plasters, Ben-Gay, ibuprofin, and massage. All have had only temporary benefits, and while the sharpness of pain has diminished the discomfort has spread to a dull ache in the shoulder and now lower neck and upper arm. It is nearly impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position other than on my back. What could be the problem, what can I do for it, and will stopping drinking help at all?    Read answer
05.04.02 From: SP
my vagina has recently became sore on the outside of it, and when I looked to see what was wrong down there, one of my vaginal lips was turned black. I am a white women, so this is very strange. What would cause this discoloration?     Read answer
02.04.02 From: JC
Please could you let me know whether haemophilia is an inherited condition which is obvious from birth, or can it appear suddenly at a later age. Thanks and kind regards     Read answer
31.03.02 From: AH
I was diagnosed with gonorrhea of the throat and put on Cipro. Is this the correct medication for this infection? Can I spread it by using glasses, dishes or is it spread only in true gonorrhea style?    Read answer
29.03.02 From: MD
I've noticed a tiny lump in my scrotum that feels perfectly round and hard, feeling about the size and consistency of a "BB" (buckshot). It is not attatched to either testicle but seems to be "freely moving" in the upper left part of the scrotum. I have every intention of seeing a doctor about this but am on holiday (some vacation!) til the following week. Any words to ease my all-consuming fear that it's cancer until I can see a doctor in a few days? Thanks!    Read answer
29.03.02 From: CR
I developed pregnancy induced high blood pressure. My baby was delivered at 25 weeks gestation. She is now 8 months old and I still have the high blood pressure. Is it normal to develop high blood pressure for life after giving birth prematurely as a result of developing high blood pressure during pregnancy?     Read answer
28.03.02 From: SW
I know that drinking too much alcohol can damage your liver. Is it true that pills, can also do it damage? If so, are some pills worse than others? I have had arthritis for many years and have taken alot of pain and Ibuprophen med.Although I have no symtoms, I'm a little worried. Is there any drug/food that is good for your liver? Are vitamins processed by your liver? Thanks     Read answer
27.03.02 From: FAQ
Hello and congratulations once more for the wonderful job you are doing here. Sadly, a friend of mine(f/45)is diagnosed with cancer in the uterus. Is this condition curable/treatable? Are there sufficient facilities in Moscow to handle this job, or western help should be seeked? What could be the cost range for the overall follow-up; including therapy, surgery, hospitalization and alike... Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!     Read answer
23.03.02 From: RR
Do you have any recommendations for vision testing/contact lenses? From what I can tell, only EBC advertises that they have this service.....and I've not been impressed with the results achieved there.     Read answer
16.03.02 From: AH
If i am pregnate cna i take chloraseptic spray for my throat?     Read answer
15.03.02 From: AT
I think this may be nutrition related, but I dont know- the fingernails on some, but not all, of my fingers are curling. It's really wierd. Years ago I got bumpy fingernails and my doctor told me it was a protein deficiency. I paid more attention to my diet and it went away. This is not the same thing though. I am trying to be conscientious about what I eat, I have tried cutting them very short, but they always grow back curling under. Any ideas?     Read answer
12.03.02 From: GB
What vaccinations are recommended for living in Russia?     Read answer
10.03.02 From: DNW
I'm 41, resting heart rate is 78 max is 128. I sometimes have heart pelpitations at rest, +120, for the past 6 months from stress. How dangerious are they long term? Is there medication that is not habit forming? Local Drs. aren't helping.     Read answer
10.03.02 From: DNW
I have a desk job and am 40. I try to exercise, walk, on nice days. I don't get hungry I get weak and dizzylike. I notice it in my eye first. Can't recognize words then things get dark. If I eat at this time, I feel fine agian but I'm getting bigger and bigger, 220 last week now 225. I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner take daily vitimins, no fastfoods, drugs or alcolhol, coffee. Drinking instant diabetic drinks pull me out of this situation. What should I ask my Dr. to do? Thanks...     Read answer
04.03.02 From: S
My son is three years old and he is healthy.For the past four months he is caughing all thru the night once in two weeks.its a dry caugh he does nt feel anything uncomfortable during day time.when we consulted a Doctor they said its because of some allergy and prescribed sudafed.Even now it comes once in a while.He caucghs in the early hours around 3am or 4am,some of our friends said because of teh dry air it comes so we bought humidifier.Still he does once in a while.what may be the reason for that and give me the remedy.Thx    Read answer
24.02.02 From: FB
I was raped in moscow about 3 months ago. It was very traumatic so I haven't told anyone but now feel like some counseling would help. Is there any english speaking professionals that don't cost great amounts of money? I'm on a limited income. Thanks.    Read answer
16.02.02 From: RM
Me and my husband have been trying to get pregnat for almost three years and we have two kids before. but it hasn't been able to happen again so what do you suggest i do. And i have seen doctors and they say that there's nothing wrong. Please advise me what should we do?     Read answer
16.02.02 From: LJ
Dear Dr, my best friend is tiny, alright she just lost her virginaty for the first time oh and she has never gotten her period yet either anyway she just lost her virginay and she bled quit abit at first than it just din't stop she is still beeding and we don't know why all she wants is to go back in time and she's really scared. what do I do help and what is it please help this is an emergancy!!!!!     Read answer
15.02.02 From: E
I'm having the sharp pain in my shoulder, it has restricted my ability to move my arm, I can swing it around in a clockwise motion seemingly unrestricted but counterclockwise it doesn't have the same free straight movement. This is my right side the left arm I can reach behind my back to maybe more then up above the middle of my back but the right arm I can only go to the waist any higher and the sensation is to strong it is almost to the point of complete immobilization. It feels like at times, like a shooting nerve from the shoulder blade to the elbow. The pain will run down the length of arm. The only thing that I can think of that may feel similar is what it feels like to be hit in the shin or as some call it the funning bone. Except it is much more extreme.     Read answer
12.02.02 From: B
I am a 19 year old male and i have discovered a bump under my pubic hair about an inch above my penis. I have had sex with 2 women and am sure both are uninfected by an STD. The bump is about as large as a marble and i am very curious as to what it could be. it has been there for almost 2 months. thank you    Read answer
11.02.02 From: GW
Could you tell me please what is Russian for Athletes Foot and what are the local treatments or where can I find Western non-prescription treatments.     Read answer
09.02.02 From: ATC
My moms allergic to shellfish and she ate crawfish her face is hot, her cheeks are red, and she had a migrane. I'm wondering if i should give her epi- shot or take her to the doctors. In deep concern please help and tell me what to do.     Read answer
06.02.02 From: AB
During football season(october)i was hit in the balls pretty hard, by a teammate. it was painful of course, but the pain and soreness still hurts to this day. i'm wandering if anything serious could have happend. could i have inflammed testicles?     Read answer
05.02.02 From: JLo
Dear Madam, Sir, I might be moving to Moscow with my family. We have 4 kids, daughter 12, son 9 and 2 girls both 7 years old. The question is what can I expect from medical services in Moscow. Is there any reason to question the availability of good and instant treatment. Are there reasons to fly out of Moscow for treatmnent abroad. In general What are the concerns for dedicated mother with 4 children. Furthermore if you by chance know an expat family with children living in Moscow I would like to contact them. Although this is not a medical question, I would appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance, JLo     Read answer
30.01.02 From: MC
i'm an 35 year old mother. My older son have an problem. He have this buring pain around his pain. please help me and him with problem, and tell me how it come about.     Read answer
28.01.02 From: GL
I just began taking vitamins (Centrum Performance). Must I chew them or swallow them without chewing?     Read answer
25.01.02 From: SUN
I was recently on vacation and spent a lot of time in the sun. Now, I've got two very dark spots on my neck. They look like hickeys, but they're not. They don't itch, they don't burn, nothing. There are just two, smallish, purpulish spots on my neck. They have not gone away after several normal Moscow days (without the sun). I am worried and am considering seeing a doctor, but would also like to hear what you might have to say... What could this be?     Read answer
21.01.02 From: SEW
Dear Doctor, For almost 3 years now I have had a very signifigant problem, but the doctors I go to cannot diagnose anything. My symptoms are as follows: Nausea all the time, dizziness, numbness in certain parts of my face, weakness of limbs, I have what look like bug bites(they itch) all over my body. I have had numerous gastro tests done, but nothing can be found. I just had a healthy baby boy, so apparently it did not affect him. Do you have any suggestions on what this may be. I have been on medications that never work and my quality of life is very low. I am only 22 years old, I want my life back. Thanks for your input!     Read answer
18.01.02 From: MS
My son goes to school near a central heating plant, the smokestack of which spews out a great deal of coal dust into the air. Even the snow is in the area is peppered with black specks of coal. What are the long-term effects of breathing such air?    Read answer
12.01.02 From: KRE
Dear Doctor, What is the latest version of the flu going around that causes low grade fever, which has since broken, bronchial cough, and overall lack of energy? What to do other than treat the symptoms, drink plenty of fluids (water) and lay off the alcohol?     Read answer
12.01.02 From: FAQ
Dear Doctor, I strongly believe I am in the phase of abusing alcohol and progressing in the path of becoming a real alcoholic day by day. Could this case be regarded as an illness? Is there a straightworward treatment to this, such as counseling or drug therapy? Should I see a doctor or are there things I can do on my own? Thanks in advance.     Read answer
05.01.02 From: EA
I have a generalised itch with no rash that seems to itch all over my body (however mostly near joints and groin) - its is worse during bedtime and thus I cannot sleep. As there is no rash what could it possibly be? This only developed during the last few weeks in Moscow.     Read answer
05.01.02 From: AK
What is the situation with pre-natal care and birth centers in Moscow? I have been warned so frequently not to have anything to do with the Russian health-care system, but a lot of it sounds like hysteria. Are the Russian hopitals ok, and do the various forgein health-care centers handle pre-natal and delivery?     Read answer
05.01.02 From: KH
My wife and I are careful not to kiss when we have a cold, but can our colds be passed by other bodily contact, specifically intimacy?     Read answer
29.12.01 From: JL
what are the best infertility center(s) in moscow?     Read answer
29.12.01 From: CM
Whenever my penis erect for more than 1 minute, I realise it keep discharging alot of precum/clear fluid through my penis head. How can i control it without discharging so much? It there any medicine that can help to control the precum from coming out?     Read answer
29.12.01 From: MA
Dear Doctor, Before i told you about i have dray caugh, then you advise for me to examin the doctor, I went to the doctor, and i told him my problem, when somebody somke i feel caugh and and i told him i used some madicin before, but i can not find my health, The doctor suggest for me some madicin. I am giving the name of madicin below,Please advise me these madicin is better for my health, can i got agin my health with these madicin. 1 table (Pulsate) 1 tablet (Bamifix) 1 tablet (Unicap) 1 tablet (Talergin)    Read answer
29.12.01 From: MWS
DEAR DOCTOR My girlfriend has red spots on her legs and right below her elbow and can not get rid of them. She is to imberresed to were a dress. What is wrong with her skin and they will never go away?     Read answer
26.12.01 From: FAQ
Up to 30 years of age i have seen that i can eat anything on earth but sea insects, namely shrimps, lobster, crab,... If i even get some of these in my mouth, a burning and itching sensation first covers my lips, then goes deep inside my ears and back to my throat almost paralysing it. On the other hand I am completely fine with molluscs for example. I think it is some sort an allergy against some pigments or enzymes present in these insects. 1)Is there this type of allergy in literature? 2)Is there any testing methodology which will discover such sort of allergies? 3)If this ends up to be an allergy, is there going to be any treatment for it, to enable me back to shrimp/grasshopper eating?? tks.    Read answer
24.12.01 From: EVT
I accidentally damaged the cuticle of my thumb by scratching, and then I ended up destroying and practically removing the lower part of my nail with a file. Will the thumbnail grow back? Also, it looks awful and can anything be done to cover the destroyed part while it heals.     Read answer
12.12.01 From: JK
Hi Doctor I was just wondering I have some small bumbs on my thighs and there seem to be getting more by little they dont hurt or anything and they are on the top middle and inner part of my thighs they kinda seem like a wart but I dont know for sure, what do you think?     Read answer
12.12.01 From: JN
I am 16 and the last 2 years I always masturbate mostly at least once a day and I am a virgin do you think this will change when I lose my virginaty or is something wrong? And I am 16 1/3 yrs old why am I only about 1/4 the way through puberty? it seems like it is taking so long!     Read answer
05.12.01 From: DD
Should I take Valtrex while Im pregnate?     Read answer
04.12.01 From: JP
I used a machine with rotating disks to take off the hair of a part of my arms and my chest. After 2 days I have a lot of tiny red points on my arms, it looks as blood was in it. I dont have this on my chest though, however I have some red bumps. I'd like to now how much time it will take for them to go away and what should I use on them.     Read answer
04.12.01 From: MA
Dear Doctor, I feel so lizy and when i tried to study some thing i feel sleep and i cannot read my books or other things. Some time i feel hesitation i can not wait for other i dont no, if i wanna wait for some person my bloos prsure is so up. please give me advise for me     Read answer
03.12.01 From: LC
I have been feeling a dull ache in my testicle(sometimes left, sometimes right) for about 3 days. there is no lump in my testicle. what could it be??? I am dead worried.     Read answer
29.11.01 From: DB
I have been in a great deal of pain for three weeks now. pain is in the right shoulder and radiates into the arm and into the hand.Thumb and next two fingers are numb they feel cold but are hot to the touch.I didn't injure it in any way.Doctor say's something is going on with the muscle but has no idea what.I am taking 150 MG codine contin for pain , it makes me vomit.I have diverticulosis and meds cause impactions.Iam also on baclofen 10 mg.Do you have any idea what this could be? How can I stop the impactions and vomiting?I am a diabetic . Thank-you     Read answer
29.11.01 From: MA
Dear Doctor Thanks again to joing me. I read your all advises. Today my question, Please advise food for who give some energy and i become not be fat and feel healthy. I wanna born Blood in my body.someone see me and feel same like golden apple.Again i am requsting you and for your information in pakistan is going fasting month. your answer is much awated for me, Thanks     Read answer
28.11.01 From: MA
Doctor:- I have some mascular problam in my shoulder and i fell headic pain the coz of masales of my shoulder. please advise me some good madicin for me. For your information i am 24 years old and i am little fat and my work is sit in my office , i dont have some hardwork job.Please solve this problem.     Read answer
28.11.01 From: MA
I have already physical exam from the Doctor from pakistan. He told me you coughat cold in your shoulder muscles, and your week, Eat boil Egg andd drink milk with mixed honey. My question is it is good for me. I used egg mixed milk with honey and i feel better than before. One more thing i fee my sitting style is not so good, thatsway i feel this problem because when i sit state i feel tired . I am very thankfull for you. you are very kind docotor.     Read answer
26.11.01 From: KhR
Can you refer me to english speaking family shrink in moskow or some kind of a relationship expert?     Read answer
26.11.01 From: MH
For the last three weeks I have been having a stomach challenge. After I eat, usually about an hour, sometimes later, I get cramps in my lower abdominal area and then must find a bathroom and everything comes out. About 1 week after it started one of my staff members said it sounded like giardea and I took flagyl for five days and it was pretty good for a couple of days. Then it started again last thursday. It is more bothersome than painful. What would you suggest?     Read answer
26.11.01 From: LB
I have a very strong conjectivite for about 8 days now. I have been to a clinic in Moscow, they have prescribed drops but they are not efficient. I feel like if I have a peace of sand on my eye.advises please     Read answer
02.11.01 From: TM
I wake up during the night with sore testicles after doing some physical activity like running or tennis. I have read the symtoms of a hernia but it doesn't sound like my pain. I have no pain when I go weight lifting about three days a week. Can you help? Thank You     Read answer
02.11.01 From: SO
I have psoriasis on most parts of my body.What works for me is prime products with adaptogens.I got a huge zit on my face,and my doctor drained it.He prescribed Macropen.What puzzles me is that since I took the Macropen,my skin problem realy improved a lot.My question is:What does Macropen contain that helps improve my psoriasis,and can macropen be taken for this disorder on a long term basis?Thank you in advance.     Read answer
24.10.01 From: EA
I want to obtain disulfiram (antabuse) in Moscow. How do I go about this?     Read answer
24.10.01 From: SDR
Hello, I am 33 years old. I have a benine tumour in my left overies. Could u please explain me what is benine tumour and what is the remedy for it. Thanking you. Awaiting for your reply.    Read answer
24.10.01 From: D
When i go to the bathroom a small ball comes out my anus. There is a little blood, but no pain or discomfort, when i am done its goes back in. what could this be???     Read answer
24.10.01 From: D
I have a few small bumps around my pubic region. none of them actually touch my penis. As i shave i thought they were shave bumbs, but they seem to last a little longer. I can pop them like a pimple also. Could this be an std???     Read answer
12.10.01 From: HC
Can you tell me where I can buy St. John's Wort in Moscow in a standardized dosage (and reasonable price if possible?) Thanks!!     Read answer
12.10.01 From: CG
What medication will help all of the following? Mood Swings, Depression, Trouble Sleeping, Tired all the time, Hot Flashes. Wellbutrin Caused Trouble Breathing. Sarafem says it's only good around periods. How about Effexor XR ?     Read answer
08.10.01 From: rmc
I am thinking of living in Russia. What is the quality of medical care and is there insurance I can buy.     Read answer
08.10.01 From: FL
Please, tell me. I have bacterial vaginosis. Is it STD? Could I get it because of weak immune system, or only from a man? Is it easy to treat?     Read answer
03.10.01 From: FAQ
Dear Doctor, This is regarding your reply to my previous question. You were stating that window period of minimum 3 months has to be waited before taking a HIV ELISA. In the literature there is strong consensus that a DNA PCR should turn positive within 1 month of infecton. Is there any place in Moscow where I can take reliable(Abott etc..) DNA or RNA PCR or a fourth generation ELISA(screening for antibodies plus P24 antigen)please? Also is it possible get confidential testing or some home kits etc...? Thank you in advance.     Read answer
01.10.01 From: JL
Dear Doctor, Am considering working in Moscow for a year. My question is, how bad are the air and water pollution problems? Is the air safe to breath? Any info you can provide woulld be helpful. Thanks in advance. Regards.     Read answer
01.10.01 From: K
Where are several places I can get a flu shot? How much should this cost? When is the right time to get such a shot? Thank you for your help.     Read answer
27.09.01 From: itch
What kind of medications are available in Russia for vaginal yeast infections? I'm looking specifically for a cream like monistat that is inserted 3-7 days to get the pH back to normal. Last time I asked a pharmacist, all I got was a tube of Climatrozil(sp???) but there was no ... 'device' with which it could be inserted... So what options do women here have?     Read answer
25.09.01 From: FAQ
Hi to all, I guess you will never fully understand how helpful you have been to the members of this site. Recently I had protected vaginal sex with a woman with unknown STD status. Shortly afterwards I noticed a lesion similar to a pimple at the root of my penis where the condom was not covering. I believe that it was a pimle or ingrown hair which blew out during sex , and came into contact with some vaginal fluids. There was no apparent blood but the skin was a bit damaged. Do I have to get tested for any STD's like Hepatitis, HIV or others under such conditions described, even if the sex itself was theoretically "safer sex"? Thanks.     Read answer
25.09.01 From: 
We are looking for some advise to cure the boy in Russian clinic. Thanks We have been searching the Titanium Rib Project web site and we're e-mailing you to ask for your help or advice. Our son (and grandson) Harris Clark is 4 years old (date of birth 15th September, 1997) and he was diagnosed with Kyphosis Congenital Scoliosis since the age of 11 months, when he was placed in the care of a wonderful surgeon in Edinburgh, Scotland. His condition was first noticed in x-rays following a dose of pneumonia at approx. 6 months - the x-rays showed the initial curvature of his spine and further investigations were carried out after this. To date he has had 3 bone grafts, 2 by donor and the last one using sections of his own ribs (March 2001), to strengthen his spine. Harris has reduced lung capacity due to the deviation of his spine and he has suffered further bouts of pneumonia and repeated chest infections. His surgeon feels that due to his poor lung capacity, Harris might not withstand further surgeries and he is very reluctant to operate again. Having seen the BBC Television programme "Tomorrow's World" on the Titanium Rib Project, we asked the advice of the surgeon, but he felt that this procedure was inappropriate for Harris. We are devastated to find out that his prognosis is as poor as his surgeon has told us, and we want to investigate any other possible avenues for Harris. Can you suggest who we could contact, what we can do etc. to find out about any other related projects or investigations which might improve the chances for his future?     Read answer
17.09.01 From: TTT
Dear doctor, Do you think that your clinic could post its price list on your Web site. It would be quite useful to be able to quickly compare your services and prices to those of your main competitors (EMC, AMC, IMC). Also, if you take ona patient, what sort of liability do you assume and what sort of malpractice insurance coverage does your clinic have? Is the clinic in Moscow a completely stand-alone entity, or the subsidiary of a parent based in a developed country? These probably aren't typical questions for you, but since your "Ask the doctor" service is basically a marketing tool, I think it's fair to pose them and get clear answers. Thanks in advance.     Read answer
17.09.01 From: Y
25, female. Pus and blood from vagina. Not aching, but worries me. Can any diagnosis be done on-line?     Read answer
14.09.01 From: TTT
Dear doctor, Do you think that your clinic could post its price list on your Web site. It would be quite useful to be able to quickly compare your services and prices to those of your main competitors (EMC, AMC, IMC). Also, if you take ona patient, what sort of liability do you assume and what sort of malpractice insurance coverage does your clinic have? Is the clinic in Moscow a completely stand-alone entity, or the subsidiary of a parent based in a developed country? These probably aren't typical questions for you, but since your "Ask the doctor" service is basically a marketing tool, I think it's fair to pose them and get clear answers. Thanks in advance.     Read answer
14.09.01 From: J
Can you recommend a good endocronologist in moscow for a friend with a thyroid problem ?     Read answer
10.09.01 From: kjl
I am pregent and am worried about natural birth i have had serios problems in birth with my other kids and think i should have a cecerian do i have the choice?     Read answer
07.09.01 From: SO
I need a second opinion. Over the past half a year I've had three episodes of furunculs (rather large and painful boils) in different areas of the body. These episodes were either preceeded by or followed by flu-like symptoms. I've been seeing a Russian doctor over most of this period. He's taken a culture twice. The first time they found nothing. The second time they found that the boils were caused by staph bacteria, but the doctor said that it wasn't a very serious form. During two out of my three outbreaks, when I was in Moscow, I was treated with antibiotic injections. This took care of the boils, although the boils left scars. My Russian doctor says that the problem is in that my immune system is weak. He is now planning to put me through a course of injections with an immunity stimulator called POLYOXYDONIY. This is a Russian drug. I agree that my immune system seems to have stumbled. I've been getting sick A LOT more over the past two years than ever before, and recovery time has increased noticeably. I'm ruling out HIV since I've been tested negative twice and do not engage in HIV-related behaviors. I have two questions. What in general can you tell me about weakened immunity. And can you comment about the drug that my Russian doctor is planning to apply. FYI, I'm a 33 y/o male, without any history of chronic or otherwise pronounced medical problems, who's always enjoyed pretty good health. One more thing. I've asked my Russian doc to draw some blood and send it to the lab for general testing. Any comments? Thanks in advance.     Read answer
07.09.01 From: LT
I am a 20 year old female who is 155lbs. for the past three weeks i have been running for one hour three times a week and taking a one hour weight training class twice a week. I have kept my calorie intake at around 2000 per day. I also have been drinking plenty of water. I have not lost a pound. what am i doing wrong? Also i haven't lost an inch. I run at a high intencity and lift at a moderate weight. I would like to loose some weight and gain a more athletic body. I feel a change in my stamina, but do not see a change in my body. what should i do? is it possible for someone not to be able to loose weight? thank you     Read answer
31.08.01 From: HB
Can one buy VIAGRA in Moscow without a prescription? Please give addresses and prices?     Read answer
31.08.01 From: OW
I have a history of migraines. Until recently, I haven't had many problems with headaches. But this last weekend I had a big one and for the past two days I've had this hovering headache (and this time it's *not* a hangover.) I usually take Excedrin Migraine pills, but sometimes end up taking 6-8 pills per day. I wonder if there are any over the counter headache medicines that can deal with migraine symptoms relatively fast. Thanks!     Read answer
27.08.01 From: D
I have recently been on a business trip to Western africa, and have noticed that I have a very itchy rectum. There is no discharge or abnormality, just a near-constant itch (not unbearable). I did a stool sample recenty and it showed roundworm, so I took tinidazole. Then another showed giardia so I am now taking Flagyl. What do you think might be the cause of the itch and how could I treat it?     Read answer
16.08.01 From: GUM
One spot in my gums has been sore the last couple of days. I've been to the dentist only two months ago and everything was just fine. I can't really see anything in there, but it doesn't look to me like anything is red or swollen. I've been gargling with warm salt water at night and also with mouthwash, and it's not much better. I would like to avoid going back to a dentist. A pharmacist gave me antibiotics to take today (lincomycini hydrochloridum), but whatever they usually give me almost always doesn't work, so I wanted to check in here and see if you have any suggestions. Thanks     Read answer
13.08.01 From: Noddee1
My preemie son was born May of 2001. He was supposed to be born July of 2001. I just found out that he has a umbilical hernia that needs to be operated on this month (August). Of course I am very worried because he is now only close to 10 pounds in weight. I would like to know what the rate of survival for him from this opperation will be. Please be truthful with me, for the truth is what I really seek in this matter. Thank you so much for your time in this matter.     Read answer
13.08.01 From: Manal
I have Hypothyroid since 9 months, it is under control now, I want to get pregnant, what are the chances? and what I have to do? Is there anything helps to get pregnant? Last week I did thyroid test and the level was 1.51     Read answer
06.08.01 From: LIP
For the past month or so, I have had an irritating problem in the corner of my lips. The skin there gets very dry, and sometimes cracks open a bit. There is no pus or any other leakage, just dry skin. I have never had a cold sore before, so I don't know if these are similar symptoms. I also do not have herpes. I have been using lip balm several times a day where the skin gets dry(it is supposedly medicated - main ingredient octyl methoxycinnamate). After several days, it goes away. Then a few days later it reappears. I want to know what kind of over-the-counter cold sore medicines are available and if you can reccommend any other medications that might make this stop. Thank you.     Read answer
06.08.01 From: JC
Hello, Is it possible to totally eradicate HPV from the body once contracted? And what is the most efficient way to treat/cure condylloma please? Thanks     Read answer
02.08.01 From: NHM
Hello, I had written earlier about the doctor's note. Can you suggest a physician that may help me. I guess that's the real reason that I was writing to you. Thanks     Read answer
30.07.01 From: MG
Can you recommend a good dermatologist in Moscow? Thanks.     Read answer
30.07.01 From: RJ
I have sharp pain in my left butt cheek that runs down my left hamstring. When I sit it becomes worse. What do you think is wrong and what course of action do you recommend?     Read answer
30.07.01 From: NHM
Strange request for you. I'm having to leave Moscow unexpectedly and will depart in a few weeks. The agency which has made all my arrangements for visa and travel are trying to charge me a very large amount of money to leave on such a short notice. They say that it is in the contract (which is true). However, they have said if I get a doctor's note which states that I can no longer live in Moscow at this time, there will be no extra charges. This can be for any reason (environment, stress, trouble at home, etc) They just want it to be from a doctor and have a stamp. It's just a formality. Do you know who could help me with this? I would be willing to pay. I'm just a student and need to save where I can! Thanks so much!     Read answer
30.07.01 From: LoriD
My mother has aching arms and thighs. anti-inflamatory does not help. It is worse at night. She used to take 1 mile walks and now she says her muscles hurt and she can not walk or go up stairs without pain. Ice and massage helps temporarily. When I massage her, it feels like small masses are breaking up!     Read answer
26.07.01 From: KM
My daughter has been running a fever for the last 24 hours of 102 -103 degrees. My husband is out of town, I don't have my card anymore, it broke, do you take checks drawn on an American Bank? If you don't what can I do for my daughter, she has been taking ibuprofen for the fever, but it isn't bringing it down.     Read answer
26.07.01 From: D
Doctors, I noticed that my urine has been darker than usual lately, with some digestive discomfort and some tiredness/lethargy. Also, I am somewhat pale and have bluish nails -- lack of oxygen? I have a hiatus hernia, for which I regularly take Prevacid. My stool does not really appear abnormal,however. What could these symptoms be? Also, I'd be thankful for information on some dependable gastrointerologists in Moscow, if possible with reasonable prices. Thanks in advance.     Read answer
26.07.01 From: XXL
My hands and wrists are covered with red dots - apparently it is heat rash. What can I use to get rid of the unsightly rash? It is painless but looks awful, and I don't want to use cortisone type creams.     Read answer
26.07.01 From: JD
Plese treat this question seriously as my life is hell at the moment. Everytime I laugh ...I mean really belly laugh...I wet my pants. (My wife is a comedian so it happens quite often.) Is there some nerve that links laughing with the bladder. Please help me. Incontinent in Moscow     Read answer
20.07.01 From: RLS
I live on the polluted east side of Moscow between factories and the MKAD. Since moving here I've had bronchitis, strange headaches, sore throats, and just haven't felt like taking a deep breath for a while. None of this is normal for me. I can't do much about outdoor air, but I'd like to improve the air inside my apartment. (I open the windows often since I don't have air conditioning.) I'm considering getting a household air filter in Europe or the U.S. But most of the information about them mentions that they help prevent allergies and the spread of disease. They don't usually mention pollution, ozone, carbon monoxide,formaldehyde, coal dust. Would any kind of air filter do any good? Exactly which substances cause the worst of Moscow's air pollution? Do you recommend looking anywhere else for an answer? Thanks so much.     Read answer
16.07.01 From: BT
I'm visiting Moscow for two weeks, and coincidentally am due for my usual six month dental cleaning. I'd be quite happy to spend my money in Russia rather than here in the US. Can you suggest anything? Thanks.     Read answer
16.07.01 From: EG
I have a small skin colored lump on the side of my head( scalp) It is smaller than a fingetip from the smallest finger. It doesnt hurt, or bother in any way. What could this be? could it be dangerous? Thanks     Read answer
05.07.01 From: KM
Is there an allergy/asthma specialist in the area? Also, is Zomig available through a pharmacy here? I need to get my prescription refilled and before I spend a lot of time and money I would like to know if they are available here. Thanks     Read answer
28.06.01 From: DB
My husband is 33 years old and for about 6 months now his libido is extremly low. He becomes erect after stimulation and proceeds to try to have sex however, he can't maintain his erection. We continue to try and he ejaculates very quickly. Please help us we are getting very frustrated     Read answer
22.06.01 From: JS
Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with Herpes Simplex type2. I know that it will live with me for ever but is there any "magical" topical medication I could find in moscow to relieve the symptoms? Would you otherwise recommend practical remedies such as rubbing with alcohol, some herbal creams? etc... Thank you.     Read answer
20.06.01 From: BM
Hello There! I'm a US expat living and working in Moscow. Don't know where to turn to, here's my situation: 1)Rash like symptoms on my face. I do have psoriasis, under complete control. But this is not the case. And I don't know what I should use. Besides that, where should I go to treat and analyze? 2)Recently, I have a Hemoroid problem, it comes and goes, but for the past few months, I can't seem to handle it. Though its not at a serious stage, it's quite annoying, and to the point, I want to finally do something about it. 3)Male Inspection, I'm 35 yrs old. How and where can I get a scoop to see all is fine with me? That is, make sure everything else is woring fine... and not prone to anything? Your response would greatly be appreciated, and if necessary, I'd look into your program, but what are the costs? I'm not the million dollar expat maker in Russia.     Read answer
18.06.01 From: JN
Whats prostatit is?    Read answer
18.06.01 From: AL
1. I have body itchy problem. Especially during the summertime.After I finish to take a shower, my body sweat again but not much, and start itchy. When I go in to the aircondition room I feel better. That itchy lasts for 15 minutes. I shall be much thankful, if you help me this problem. 2. Another onething is I am easily constipated.     Read answer
15.06.01 From: JN
When i masturbate, I dont want the spurm to actually come out so i i like hold back my penis with my hands and i get the feeling but nothing comes out. Someone told me its bad for you. Is it really bad for you? Thanx     Read answer
14.06.01 From: CL
I would like to know what could happen if you do not have your gallbadder out when you have stones? Thank You     Read answer
14.06.01 From: LM
I am 9 months pregnant and due very soon. I have just caught on to a itchy throat that my boyfriend gave to me. I don't really want to have that when I am in the delivery room. Is there any sort of way that I can get rid of this itchy throat without any kind of medication? Like drinking a lot of water or something? Please help. I dont want to take any kinds of medications.     Read answer
14.06.01 From: MB
My 12 year old daughter has warts on her thumbs on both sides of her nails, her dermatologist prescribed a special compound to use twice a day for two months. Warts are still here and now he suggests still using compound and also efudex on them. Is this a good remedy. I am concerned. Why can't we use regular methods to eliminate the warts?     Read answer
29.05.01 From: HA
My wife is 31 years old and pregnenet in 29 weeks. My dauther is 5.6 years old cougth chicken pox does that effect my wife. Does it effect the child after delivery.. I mean what will happen to my wife and her child.     Read answer
29.05.01 From: DT
Is there a cheaper alternative to Valtrex locally available?     Read answer
24.05.01 From: LK
My daughter had surgery 4 months ago cause they thought it was her apendix. We found out it was not her apendix but a piece of fatty tissue that attached it's self to her side which caused her pain.The doctor did not remove her apendix and lost the fatty tissue so there for could not remove it. Now she is having the same type of pain again but on the left side. Could this be something to be concerned with or should we give it time and see if it passes? It started about a week ago but it is getting worse. It hurts when she lays on her left side, very tender, and sometimes she saies it hurts if she moves around too much. Could you give me some ideas as to what this might be? Thank you!     Read answer
22.05.01 From: KM
Me and my husband went camping and he has poison oak or ivy and we didnt relize it till bedtime. Well later that morning we had sex and we had noticed afterwards that there was a little strip on his penis that was red. Now I'm not sure if it is the oak or if it was just rubbed raw. I'm worried about if I get it and what will be my symptoms. I have never gotten posion oak or Ivy before.     Read answer
21.05.01 From: JF
I had Gall bladder out 25 yrs have always had pain there is it possible to still have sone!     Read answer
21.05.01 From: K
I have heard about some causes which lead to infertility of men.They are as follows. 1)TB(TuBerculosis) in childhood 2)frequent masturbation 3)diffrent sizes of balls 4)very small penis. I am very despair, because these causes really meet in my case.I had TB in my childhood.I used to masturbate (3,4 times daily).Normally my two balls are small inaddition to that one is smaller than the other. Also my penis is very small(2 inches normally and 5 inches at the time of erection). So i am really in a dilemma about my future. My question is that can i marry?. Can i have children?.What i have to do?. Is there any treatment to solve my problem?. So i beg you to suggest a remody. I will be very thankfull to you if you do so.     Read answer
18.05.01 From: ES
I've had a cough for about 3 days. It comes and goes but when i sleep for a while i get a weezing in my chest when i breathe deep. Its not every time i breath deep though. If you could help me out that would be great!     Read answer
17.05.01 From: LB
Dear doctors, Please let me know if i can find D.H.E.A in Moscow and where. Adress and tel. Welcome.     Read answer
17.05.01 From: JS
Doctor, I have sharp stabbing pains in my anus during sex. Am I doing something wrong?     Read answer
15.05.01 From: BCP
Looking for birth control pills in Russia with the same concentration as in Desogen and Orthocept (desogestrel/ ethinyl estradiol). Someone previously recommended "Larvelon," but of course it's not in the states and I can't check out the hormone concentration myself. Any ideas?     Read answer
15.05.01 From: JN
I was diagnosed in the States with a faulty valve and was prescribed monopril for the condition. I have been feeling a daily ache in my chest (left) and left arm and left side of my neck. I am concerned that I may be at risk, but am uncertian. Currently, I'm in a part of Russia with little to no health care resources--Western resources. Are these pains a possible sign of the progression of the valve problem or unrelated? Thanks for your help.     Read answer
15.05.01 From: AD
How safe is timed release niacin for reducing cholesterol? Does it work? How much does someone need to take? The pharmacies here sell 500 mg tablets from the US.     Read answer
14.05.01 From: J
I was diagnosed in the States with a faulty valve and was prescribed monopril for the condition. I have been feeling a daily ache in my chest (left) and left arm and left side of my neck. I am concerned that I may be at risk, but am uncertian. Currently, I'm in a part of Russia with little to no health care resources--Western resources. Are these pains a possible sign of the progression of the valve problem or unrelated? Thanks for your help.     Read answer
13.05.01 From: AD
How safe is timed release niacin for reducing cholesterol? Does it work? How much does someone need to take? The pharmacies here sell 500 mg tablets from the US.     Read answer
09.05.01 From: MC
I would like to know if it is possible to have a child's development assessed in Moscow by an English native speaker. I would be specifically interested in the areas of social, cognitive and linguistic development.     Read answer
25.04.01 From: CWR
Our newborn (one-month old) has had problems with gas, thus with bowel movements for the past two weeks. We have followed the recommendations of our Russian paediatrician, however, nothing seems to be working. Although he is able to relieve himself on occasion, usually my wife and I must assist him via a tube, which we place in his rectum to relieve the gas, thus facilitating his BMs. Could you suggest any medication or other means for relieving the gas, thus facilitating the BMs? Because of this problem, he has been rather fussy, and sleeping irregularly. Thank you.     Read answer
25.04.01 From: KM
About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition and was prescribed Synthroid to help correct this. I thought this was an easy answer to a lot of issues concerning weight and energy levels, but after 18 months on this treatment, these problems are worse, not better - I have gained additional weight without having made other changes to diet and lifestyle, and I am constantly tired. A check of blood levels about 6 months ago showed everything "normal" so it was decided not to change the Synthroid levels. Can this be right? Shouldn't I feel a bit less tired and more energetic after more than a year on this treatment?     Read answer
25.04.01 From: H
I am 15 and i am afraid i am pregnate I have been haveing weird periods and I am eatting more feeling sick getting heavyer and am very moody sometimes i am grumpy or depressed angry or happy it changes alot can i have my period and still be pregnate? HELP!!!!!     Read answer
24.04.01 From: ST
Three weeks ago pimple-like things appeared around my pubic area. I went to see a doctor at one of the Western clinics here. He dignosed it as a recurrence of HPV, something that he had previously found and had me treat. He again prescribed Efudix (a.k.a. Efudex) 5% cream, to be applied twice a day for 30 days. It took me two weeks to find Efudix here, and I started to apply it about a week ago. Around that time I noticed several boils eveloping in the pubic area near the base of the penis. A few days later they ruptured and expelled pus. One appears to be healing. The other one is still producing pus and has turned into a rather large open sore about 4mm in diameter and 2-3 mm deep. Treatments with Efudix and anticeptic have not yet helped. The area is sensitive to the touch. I think that other boils may be developing. My questions are as follows. First, is this consistent with the HPV dignosis, or should I be concerned about having something else? Second, is Efudix appropriate for treating HPV? I've done some research on the Web. describes Efudex as "an antimetabolite used to treat actinic (solar) keratoses, which is a skin growth caused by exposure to sunlight. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor." Various sources on the Web, including, state that HPV is treated with either Podophyllotoxin solution (Condyline) or Imiquimod cream (Aldara). Efudix is NEVER mentioned in treatment of HPV. Finally, I wish I could send you a few digital images of the affected area. Is there a way to do that confidentially?     Read answer
19.04.01 From: V
My Sister is 23 year old, married, She is suffring from Sever Jaundice which is progressively increasing, She is pregnant with a 7 month old baby, She is nw in GRADE -I Comma. Her blood group is A+ , I request you to kind help me with your valuable advice. If u need any further information in her regard kindly ask me and oblige me. Your immediate action in this regard will be highly appreciated.     Read answer
19.04.01 From: CL
I am 15. i used to masturbate a lot since i was 14. almost every day for once or twice. I have absolutely no body contact with anyone. One day i suddenly found my lower stomach(below belly part and near the private part) hurts a lot. (like something stretching my nerves really hard). i started to get worry, am i infected??? but where did the diseas come from, or is it something else beside diseases? Oh god, Please help me Dr. Lin. And i dont want my parents to know. Will it affect my future on producing sperms and having a baby? Please help me out as soon as possible.     Read answer
18.04.01 From: JN
After svimmingpool I practically lost hearing on right ear. Normally such 'water plug' should go away soon after, but now 3 weeks have passed. What kind of remedy can I try ?    Read answer
13.04.01 From: RGB
What is Castellani's Solution?     Read answer
12.04.01 From: LWS
Im doing a report on diabeties and I need to now how many people die from it? And how deadly of a diseises it is in rank to aids, cancer, hepitiies, alchohlism, etc.     Read answer
04.04.01 From: Pierre
Can you tell me if i can find D.H.E.A and Melatonin in Moscow and where please? Thank you     Read answer
03.04.01 From: PLB
I am 5 weeks pregnant, my boyfrend and i cannot afford to get a baby now. Can you please advise me the wherebout of a cheap save clinic or hospital in Moscow. Many thank's     Read answer
02.04.01 From: sc
I am very active sexually. Now, I have a green discharge coming out of my penis upon urination. I have tested negative for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia etc. What could it be?     Read answer
16.03.01 From: M
Dear Doctor, Very recently I've noticed that blood vessels particularly in my legs seem to have come to the surface and are possibly bluer in colour, therwise there are no symptoms of anything untoward. I know that something of this kind is nevitable with age, but I'm still only 28 and pretty fit so I think it is a little early for varicose veins, not to mention which it has happened in such a short space of time. So is this a symptom of anything I should worry about, and if not what can I do by way of exercise or diet to get rid of it.     Read answer
16.03.01 From: MAB
A doctor friend was diagnosed with hepatitis C 18 months ago. All her liver functions are in the normal range; a sonogram showed no bnormalities. Her only symptom is somewhat increased fatigue. She would like to know how this is treated in the West.     Read answer
12.03.01 From: C
Dear doctor, I was diagnosed last year with hypo-thyroidism. I was prescribed L-Tyroxin (100mcg) once-a-day. The medication seems to have taken very little effect except for giving me increased heart rate and difficulty in breathing at night. Is this a common side-effect of the drug? When I last visited my GP he explained to me that I had an added problem with my anti-bodies which were fighting my natural hormones. One of the sysmptoms of this has been a tremendous weight gain (from 50-92 kilos)and spots or acne. Could you please tell me if there is a suitable alternative to L-tyroxin which helps to reduce weight but which doesn't affect the heart. And, is it possible that my antibodies are also fighting the artificial hormones which are put into my body through the means of oral medication? Thanking you in advance for your reply     Read answer
12.03.01 From: DM
A family member with multiple medical woes (diabetes, borderline hypertension and bouts of tachycardia) has been advised to give up ALL vitamins and supplements. This is very strange to us as the only medication is a prescription beta-blocker Toprol XL 50mg once a day. Is there any reason why such a ban would be ordered? None was offered and this seems unusual. Thanks for your help.    Read answer
12.03.01 From: ZW
I am a male in my mid 40s, used to run and play racquetball. Recently I've been feeling occasional pain in my knees. I can be asleep in my bed or moving about, and I'll feel a sharp pain just below the kneecap on the inside leg side. I've heard about the possibility of it being a piece of cartilidge or a problem with the miniscus. What are the other possible causes, and what does diagnosis and treatment entail?     Read answer
12.03.01 From: MM
Sharp pain in right lung, hurts when I breath, can't raise my arms but is easing off over the morning?     Read answer
12.03.01 From: AP
Six months ago my wife had an injection for contraception which was to last for three months, she did not repeat the treatment and was told that after a while her periods would return to normal which they have not. They appear intermittantly and last for one or two days, is this normal. Before this injection all was ok. She she be concerned?    Read answer
12.03.01 From: S
Dear Doctor, I am experiencing a slight pain of soreness on my left testicle. I found it to be localized at a pinhead bump inside the sack on the testes itself. It came on suddenly and these symtoms have been about the same for 3 days. Can it just be a small bruise or infection from a bump? Please let me know because I fear the worst. Thank you.     Read answer
09.03.01 From: JF
Does the precum that comes out of the penis right after it gets hard contain any sperm? And what are the chance of the precum getting somebody pregnate?     Read answer
09.03.01 From: KTS
If you were going to have lithotripsy done in Moscow, what facility would you use?     Read answer
05.03.01 From: ME
I often got diahrhea lately (once a month), and have gained 5kg in three weeks. Recently I felt bloated. Also I find it hard to sleep at night. May I know what am I suffering from? Is it normal?     Read answer
05.03.01 From: XXL
I am concerned about heart disease as my father has it and both grandfathers died of it. How effective is aspirin in preventing it, and at what age should I start taking it? How much should I take?    Read answer
01.03.01 From: KM
I asked about the albuterol inhalers, I should have been more specific. My son has asthma. Before we left, I picked up refills on his inhalers and I need to refill his emergency inhaler. Is it possible to do this here at a regular pharmacy or do I need to get a new prescription?     Read answer
01.03.01 From: R
Are the following meds available w/ a Rx in Moscow: Zyprexa, Paxil, Depakine, Letrox? Thanks.     Read answer
26.02.01 From: AA
I had contacted jaundice 2 months ago. What are the dietary restrictions reqd. and for how long do they continue?     Read answer
19.02.01 From: JJ
My daughter is 15 months old and needs her immunizations this month. In addition to the regular shots, I'd like her to have a TB test. How long do I have to wait between the test and the actual TB shot?     Read answer
17.02.01 From: A
I often am woken in the night by "pins and needles" and pains in my legs - is this just a sign of poor circulation or should I see a doctor?     Read answer
06.02.01 From: SM
Hi Doc, My brother suffers from Epilepsy. The Doctors gave him "TEGRTOL CR 200mg" to control the fits. My question is- Is this medication any way related to stomach ulsers? Thank you.     Read answer
02.02.01 From: KM
Is it possible to buy Albuterol inhalers and/or Pulmicort Turbuhaler's here without a prescription and if so where would I find them?     Read answer
02.02.01 From: KM
My daughter, husband and son have all 'picked' up the diahrhea and it seems to be lasting more than 2 days. Is there a bug going around? and how long before I need to be overly concerned?     Read answer
02.02.01 From: RD
I'm a 33 y/o male who has always been in pretty good health. About two weeks ago I came down with what looks like the flu. Symptoms: heavy feeling in the head, pressure in eyes, sore throat, coughing, general fatigue, no high temperature. Other family members have gone through the same thing. However, two weeks later I'm still coughing pretty hard and feel pretty bad, while they've mostly recovered. I also suspect that this is effecting my heart negatively. Nothing major. Over-the-counter stuff (Contac, Dr. Mom, Robitussin) isn't helping much. It's helping treat the symptoms but not the underlying problem. Should I be looking into antibiotics/antihistamines? I'm a bit concerned that if I don't treat this thing more aggressively it could turn into pneumonia. The word is that this ORZ infection going around Moscow is viral. Do antibiotics or antihistamines help in treating the effects of this sort of thing? And if so, which ones should I ask for at my local apteka and in what doses should they be taken? Thanks in advance for the consultation.    Read answer
26.01.01 From: SDR
Hello, doctor; My friend is 9 weeks' pregnent and she has been asked to take bed rest. At the end of 8th week suddenly she found a sporting of brown colour and when she informed her doctor she was asked to take Duphafton 4 tabs at once and then 1 tab after 8 hours each. Could you please advise wether this brown discharge is normal or is it dangerous and wether she should take this tabs.     Read answer
25.01.01 From: MS
I am searching for large non-Russian bandaids for a friend in another city who has an artificial leg. She gets sores and needs large bandages to cover the area. I have searched on Tverskaya in lots of fancy pharmacies, but so far have had no luck. Can you suggest where I might find them in the cetner of Moscow? Thanks.     Read answer
25.01.01 From: DH
Can you buy Valtrex in Moscow without a perscription? Or what is the generic name for the drug? Any idea what pharmacies might have it?    Read answer
20.01.01 From: G
I am a 51 year old male, and was recently diagnosed in UK with low testosterone levels. Where can I get this treatment in Moscow, and what would be the approximate cost?     Read answer
18.01.01 From: EA
Since we moved to Moscow last year from the States, my two children and myself have each developed boils on various parts of our bodies. This has never happened to any of us before moving here. Could it have anything to do with the diet, environment, etc.? Our resistance to certain types of staff germs? Incidentally, my husband (who was raised in Moscow) has never gotten one.    Read answer
18.01.01 From: SDR
I have a three years old daughter and last four days i am noticing that when she wakes up in the morning her eyes are stuck and with difficulty she opens her eyes. I am too worried. Could you please answer me that why it happens and what is the remedy for it.     Read answer
18.01.01 From: KK
I am trying to get pregnant but with no luck. My periods are quite irregular and I cannot calculate my cycle, therefore have no idea when/if I ovulate. I was on the pill for several years, but I don't think my periods were regular even before that. Also, when I do get my period, I only bleed on one side (I can see by the tampon) - is this normal? Is there any medication I can take to make my cycle regular or to help me conceive? I am 30 this year and don't think I have any medical problems. I would really appreciate any advice about this matter, I am scared to visit a doctor in person.     Read answer
18.01.01 From: EA
Since we moved to Moscow last year from the States, my two children and myself have each developed boils on various parts of our bodies. This has never happened to any of us before moving here. Could it have anything to do with the diet, environment, etc.? Our resistance to certain types of staff germs? Incidentally, my husband (who was raised in Moscow) has never gotten one.     Read answer
15.01.01 From: VLD
Over the last two weeks on three different occasions when I have peed it has smelled strongly of garlic, even though I had not eaten garlinc. What could this be?    Read answer
12.01.01 From: JMS
I am 26 years old 5' 10" and weigh around 245. I have recently put on an extreme amount of weight - about 35-50 pounds in about a year and a half. I am also a light smoker and under an extreme amount of stress. My issue is over the last few months I have developed an irregular heart beat. There is never any pain involved. It just seems to skip a beat. Almost feels like my heart is going to jump out of my throat. Then back to normal. I cant really place what makes it happen. I know that as soon as I get wound up as my heart rate starts to increase it seems to do it more. But there are occaisions that I will just be sitting down and it will do one of those numbers. What my question is I'm sure that this has to do with my rapid weight gain since i jumped from around 180-190 to 240-250. I have not seen a doctor as of yet because of lack of insurance. I am just looking for a little piece of mind. I have recently started to loose weight and would like to start to exercise but I have been afraid to get my heart rate up for fear that one of these times it will stop and not start again. But I generally dont feel good because of my lack of activity as I used to be very healthy. I have also considered the fact that it may just be doing this because I pay very close attention to my heart rate now and I may simply be playing tricks on myself.     Read answer
11.01.01 From: T
Hello, Could you please tell me if there are any particular disease-related dangers for a 6 months old coming to Moscow for the first time? Would TB be one of them? Would you suggest avoiding crowded areas like the metro? Thank you very much.     Read answer
10.01.01 From: JA
My stomache started to itch real bad, then I started to smell an awful odor coming from my belly button. I looked inside, it was full of puss and real swollen. The smell was real bad. What does this mean?     Read answer
05.01.01 From: AME
Could you recommend a good psychiatrist or therapist somewhere in Moscow, English speaking, and do you have an idea of the cost ????     Read answer
05.01.01 From: AV
Hi, I am 27 weeks pregnant and wonder whether there is a possibility of following prenatal classes somewhere in Moscow (preferably for expats since we have no knowledge of russian?? I would like to participate in some exercise programme for expectant mothers and my husband and I would like to attend some classes to prepare for childbirth.......... I also need to find a doctor who can do check-ups until week 34 when I intend to fly home to give birth. Thanks in advance !     Read answer
05.01.01 From: ME
I bruise very easily on my legs and recently my arms. I'm also noticing more and more thread veins on my legs. Is this a circulation thing? Is there anything I can do about it?     Read answer
03.01.01 From: GS
I'm engaged to a Russian national who was recently beaten and robbed. She was hit in the head. The cuts have healed, but she is having some nerve problems (shaking), high blood pressure and headaches. The doctor is recomending 2 months in a hospital. Mutual friends advise against it. She's losing weight and looks bad. How can I get her better care (she's in Sochi)     Read answer
28.12.00 From: Max
I am moving to Moscow and am currently taking Renitec, Xatral and Zocor. Are these drugs available in Moscow or do I need to bring an ample supply?     Read answer
28.12.00 From: DB
My 4 y.o. daughter has contracted some kind of blood virus which I cannot fully understand from the Russian Doctor. We at first thought it was chicken pox from the spots across her body but have been assured it is not. The symtoms were initially vomitting and high fever. 12 hours later she broke out into spots across the body but mostly concentrated on the legs. The spots are simular to Chicken pox but lighter in colour & only some with a few small bumps in the centre. She also has a couple of small bruise like marks but I do not know if these are related or from playing. The Doctor prescribed an anti-biotic for the infection, rectal panadol for the fever & various vitamin pills. They will return to perform blood tests later today. As I understand there is some connection to the virus causeing the breakage of small blood vessels & the concern is that if she does not receive treatment this may continue with internal organs. From this description are you able to give any idea what the virus may be? Thank you     Read answer
28.12.00 From: KP
I recently moved from southern California to Hawaii. Since I have been here, I have gained almost 1 pound every day. I haven't changed my eating habits at all and I have been exorsizing more. My weight was 121 pounds and is now 136 pounds. I have also been extremely emotional, I feel horrable about my body now. I cry very easily and feel sad more often. Is there a possible medical explanation for my emotions and sudden weight gain? Please give me some kind of answer I'm very concerned.    Read answer
28.12.00 From: TAB
I'm sorry my original question was not clear. I was concerned the lab report that said I had chronic prostrate sickness. What does that mean and what do I do about it. Where is a good doctor I can see. I have more problems. I'm 46 and weigh 213 lbs.. I'm fat! I have lots of stomach problems, especially after I eat [and even while I'm eating.] I tire easily. Often I get headaches. I know that a lot of my problems stem from a lack of exersize and good eating habits. What should I do? I saw another doctor who had me hold a metal bar and she read a meter. She said that my problem was not the prostrate but caused by other organs. [dirty bladder] Who is right?     Read answer
18.12.00 From: TAB
My wife is doing In Vitro, so my sperm was checked. It was "sticky and thick", but otherwise ok. The doctor recommended some kind of massage. Another Russian doctor I visited did a rectal exam, where he stuck his finger up my rectum and a semen sample taken [is this the way western doctors do it?] The lab report said I had chronic prostrate sickness. what should I do? I saw another doctor who had me hold a metal bar and she read a meter. She said that my problem was not the prostrate but caused by other organs. [dirty bladder] Who is right?     Read answer
07.12.00 From: lenochkach
I asked you a question about the gallstones on december 1-st and you recomended the euromed clinic in St. Pete to consult with. Could you please specify the address or the phone number of the clinic since it's not possible to get the phone number without the address. Thanks.     Read answer
04.12.00 From: IM
I know this may sound silly but I am constantly using my notebook computer while sitting on a recliner or couch and thus it rests on my lap. Is there any cause for concern regarding sterility? Thanks in advance!     Read answer
04.12.00 From: lenochkach
A six-month old baby of my friends has an otitis, and the doctor prescribed certain medicines that we are not familiar with. Could you describe them and how exactly they work. And also if can tell us their European or American names. Here are the medications- Macropen, Dioxidin, Nasivin, Phencarolum. Thanks.     Read answer
01.12.00 From: Lenochkach
I was diagnosed with gallstones about a week ago. What are the options, where are the best medical centers in St. Petersburg where I can get the consultation? Am I supposed to be on a special diet not to trig on the pain?     Read answer
30.11.00 From: John
I have been suffering from some mouth ulcers recently. In adition i have a persistent small swollen node at the back corner of my mouth. A whitish coating back to the esaphogus is also present. Variant joint and muscle pains accompanies the agitation in the mouth. Can it be serious? Thanks.     Read answer
29.11.00 From: KM
Could you please advise a good hospital to give birth in Saint Petersburg? I have tried to register with AMC, but they send their patients to give birth in Helsinki. Thanks.     Read answer
24.11.00 From: Artimjo
My boyfriend has onset diabeties...what do we need to do to get rid of it? Or he need to follow a certain diet? is there any medicine that he need to take? And how about hypertentions? To get his BP in normal what he need to do? is there any food that he is not allowed to eat or what is the best food for that? Many thanks!     Read answer
14.11.00 From: KM
I am 6 months pregnant and my husband and I are thinking of going to Tunisia for 10 day holiday. Do you think it is safe in my condition (flying and then sudden weather change)?? Thank you!     Read answer
14.11.00 From: KS
My boyfriend leads a fairly wild way of life, while I am faithful to him I realise that I too am at risk. What test for STDs should I have and where in Moscow can I get this done?     Read answer
04.11.00 From: HW
Is dental advice available on line? I have a wisdom tooth growing through but it is causing me an unacceptable level of discomfort, should I be worried?     Read answer
27.10.00 From: KG
I have a question-- I am an attorney representing a Russian immigrant in an asylum case who has provided me with hospital records from a city clinical hospital in Moscow detailing her injuries and stay at said hospital. The opposing counsel has acquired a letter from the hospital denying that my client ever stayed at the hospital, or that the doctor that treated her ever worked there, and the the record she submitted was fraudulent. My client has responded to me that she is telling the truth, and it is simply the nature of Moscow hospitals to make such denials to "avoid any trouble" because it might indicate the hospital did something wrong. Lying that a patient ever stayed at a hospital seems somewhat implausible to me, but since I don't know for sure, I am trying to get to the bottom of this. My client stayed at the hospital in 1996-- not too long ago so that the records would have been lost. What do you think-- is it possible? Who can I contact to investigate??     Read answer
24.10.00 From: IR
My friends have a 6 year-old son who had 2 pet rats. One of them died (supposedly of virus pnemonia) having bitten the father and scratched the mother. The preliminary autopsy exam showed no signs of rabies. The final test results will be ready in only 3 weeks. The couple was advised to start getting 6 shots based on a 90-day schedule. They don't know if they should get the shots for their son. How critical is it? What do you recommend?     Read answer
16.10.00 From: GM
My son is 5 yrs old and has enlarged adenoids which a local Russian hospital has advised should be removed. However I believe that if there is no history of ear infection then advice in the west tends to avoid removal. Can you advise?     Read answer
16.10.00 From: JD
Will a simple blood test show if one has cancer, Lymphatic cancer in particular. What is the simpleest way to test for this?     Read answer
13.10.00 From: JN
I have just discovered that I am pregnant. Where can I go to get good pre-natal care in Moscow? I don't have much money, but I am American. What options do you know of? Thank you.     Read answer
13.10.00 From: LS
I am looking for Inderal 80LA (long acting). Can you recommend where to find as I have only found Inderal 40 here and it does not work well for me taking two a day. Thanks, Linda reachable via     Read answer
11.10.00 From: J
High blood pressure 140-150/100-120, high pulse rate 92-120, occasional disorientation sometimes with small time lapse. Any guesses?     Read answer
09.10.00 From: DC
I am looking for a case to store my contact lenses. Can you tell me where I can purchase one? do you have an address? Thank you.    Read answer
03.10.00 From: mz
A couple of months ago I had a very, very sharp pain in my abdomen or right below my clavicle. I thought it was heart burn, but it was much worse and came and went intermittently. Antacids did not help. I felt tired and had a hard time breathing. Then, after 4 hours it went away. I then read an article on gallbladder stones and the symptoms matched perfectly. I did nothing as I thought they just went away or passed through. Last night I had the attack again. Does it sound like a gallbladder problem? How are gallbladder problems/stones diagnosed? If it is a gallbladder problem , what are my options? Do I need my gallbladder taken out? Is there a dietary cure for it? If it is not a gallbladder problem what else could it be? Thank you.     Read answer
02.10.00 From: JJS
Where can I go to get a flu shot in Moscow?    Read answer
29.09.00 From: G
I suffer from intermittent (can last weeks) 'tightening' of the scalp, which is worse on the left side (extending to temple, cheek and jaw). I have been told this is 'osteokhandroz' and nothing can be done. Is this likely to be correct?     Read answer
28.09.00 From: MK
Regarding lead testing: I asked the question regarding lead testing - thank you for your very detailed response! However, I'm still not clear whether you would recommend that my son be tested. And, if so does the IMC offer this kind of testing?     Read answer
27.09.00 From: MK
I have a 16 month old son who has lived in Moscow since he was six weeks old. After reading an article concerning lead poisoning in a parenting magazine I have been wondering if he should be tested. What would you recommend? Have you run into cases of expat kids in Moscow with high lead levels?     Read answer
23.09.00 From: RC
I am looking for a cool mist humidifier for my daughter's bedroom as well as mine. I can find warm air mist ones but not cool mist. Any recommendations?     Read answer
23.09.00 From: RC
I recently moved here from the US and forgot to bring Maalox or Tums. Can you recommend where I can purchase these or an equivalant? What is the name of the equivalant?     Read answer
21.09.00 From: GD
I am looking for a French speaking specialist in psychotherapie based in moscou.     Read answer
18.09.00 From: KW
I am 64. I have developed a pain inside an elbow when lifting weights or indulging in heavy exercise like rowing, or swinging golf clubs. Is this a longterm form of arthritis related to age, or a temporary tendonitis or bursitis which could disappear with rest? I would appreciate your comments.     Read answer
14.09.00 From: 
My wife is pregnant (entering into 6th month) Can you pls advise a good center or Mothercare Clinic where, in the same place, she can be cared for in these last months, well prepared for the birth event and can give birth to the baby?     Read answer
11.09.00 From: MS
3 weeks ago I started to feel itchy on some areas of my body(arms,stomach,legs,chest). I was not in any situation where I could have come into contact with posion oak, or ivy.When I scratch my skin it becomes red and irritated (as one might expect). 3 weeks seems a long time to have this condition; what could have caused this? How can I get rid of it?    Read answer
11.09.00 From: GM
Not a tremendously complex problem, but a bothersome one. What advice can you give about athlete's foot. How best to treat it, and then what's best to prevent it? Thank you very much for your help.     Read answer
11.09.00 From: John
This might be one of the challenging questions. I am glad you will be helping me with it. As the city Moscow is concerned I believe we should be able to find an expert on HIV infection and even AIDS maybe? So I will not have any speific qestions though i have many in mind-. But just in general what ought we to do if we have any case related to HIV?     Read answer
06.09.00 From: HB
I have a number of ingrown hairs on one of my legs caused by shaving, and they often get infected. I use a tea-tree scrub and I also mosturize, but it's not helping. My leg looks terrible. Will I need to go on antibiotics or is there something else I could try? Thanks     Read answer
05.09.00 From: LS
I was told that my son should have his adroids removed. Can you elaborate what problem this is causing, is it possible to remedy without removal and describe the surgical procedure as he is 7years old.     Read answer
05.09.00 From: LP
I sometimes suffer from cystistis. Can you recommend a good treatment, or tablets, here in Moscow? Thank you.     Read answer
22.08.00 From: RN
Can you please send me a vaccination chart for kids from birth onwards    Read answer
15.08.00 From: 
Can you please help me finding a rehabilitation centre for a patient 33 yr old with spinal cord injury.The patient is from Pakistan and got injured in a car accident last year which left him with tetraplegia and a neurogenic urinary bladder    Read answer
15.08.00 From: 
Can you please send me a vaccination chart for kids from birth onwards?    Read answer
15.08.00 From: 
I am coeliac do you know of anywhere I can purchase gluten free wheat flour ?    Read answer
15.08.00 From: HL ( Helene Lloyd )
A sort of spot of hard skin appeared on my scalp last year, I scratched it a lot at the beginning which made it bleed. Since I have left it along, it seems to have recovered but there is a small bald patch left by this spot, could this be something serious or should I just wait a little longer. I had quite a stressful year last year and had some dandruff,could this be related to it?.    Read answer
15.08.00 From: 
I've just recently found out I'm pregnant and want to do what I can to stay healthy. I've heard that you shouldn't drink alcohol when pregnant. Does this refer only to heavy drinking or can I indulge in a drink every once and a while? Pregnant in Moscow    Read answer
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