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   July 18
About the Expat Site
Welcome to The Moscow Expat Site. The Expat Site is a virtual community for exchanging information and interacting with English speaking expats and Russians.

To use the Expat Site you must first register. Once registered you can immediately begin reading and posting messages, as well as utilizing the other information resources available on the site.
The main message folder page has a listing of all the different categories available. Messages posted to all categories (except Personal Ads and Hot Topics) will be posted to the Digest folder for 24 hours. Messages in subject folders remain available for a much longer time.
Use the SEARCH function to find information on topics not currently posted.
Information provided as part of your registration to use The Moscow Expat Site will not be sold or distributed to third parties. It is being collected solely for the purpose of knowing who our users are so that we may best serve their needs, and to provide general demographic information to potential and current advertisers. The Moscow Expat Site and its publishers reserve the right to send registered users e-mail messages from time to time regarding site features and improvements.
No one from The Moscow Expat Site will ever contact you and ask you to reveal your login or password. Should anyone contact you with such a request please immediately notify:
The Moscow Expat Site ("the site") assumes no liability for the accuracy or truthfulness of messages posted by users of the "Message Folders". Anyone posting messages to The Moscow Expat Site assumes responsibility for the posting. While The Moscow Expat Site makes every effort to insure that other information on the site is accurate and up to date, the site and its publishers assume no liability for inaccurate or out of date information. Further, users of The Moscow Expat Site understand that by posting to the "Message Folders" they make available to all site users certain information about themselves, and, at the very minimum, provide other users with the means of contacting them publicly (through the "Message Folders") or privately (through the user's private mailbox). While The Moscow Expat Site shall take measures to warn and ultimately bar site users who are abusive, the site and its publishers assume no responsibility or liability for any responses that may be sent as a result of any posting made by a user to its "Message Folders".
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