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   November 30
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I was told that my son should have his adroids removed. Can you elaborate what problem this is causing, is it possible to remedy without removal and describe the surgical procedure as he is 7years old.
Thank you for your enquiry, The first point is that I believe that your son should have is adenoids removed and not adroids. Adenoids are basically the tonsils that you cannot see. They are located in the passage between the nose and the throat. In children adenoids can sometime get infected and increase in size. This interferes with the passage of air through the nose and can obstruct the connection between our ears and throat. The result is that your child can have: 1. Persistant mouth breathing which can cause repeated throat infections. 2. Snoring at nighttime. 3. Breathing problems when asleep (ex: stops sleeping for a few seconds when sleeping. This is called sleep apnea). 4. Impaired hearing and repeated ear infection can also occur because of the problem in the connection between the ear and throat. Your pediatrician may indeed suggest to have this operation if one of these symptoms is present. The surgical procedure is simple and takes a short period of time. It essentially involves removing the adenoids by the mouth.
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