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i have abdominal pain that are frequent.i also had blood in my feces but it was really red.i have hemoroid.sometimes my feces are yellow and liquid.i drink 10 beers a day.the abdominal pain is in the lower you see any symptom of cancer?
Thank you very much for your query. From the information you have provided us with it makes it very difficult to correlate your symptoms to a specific disease. The fact that you have haemmorhoids and that they are bleeding is enough indication to seek medical advice. With the amount of alcohol you consume you are at risk for liver disease and possibly even cirrhosis of the liver. Abdominal pain and haemmorhoids can be a complication of cirrhosis it makes it essential that you seek advice fairly urgently. I cannot exclude if you have cancer of the bowel or other intra-abdominal organs from the information you provide but you certainly need to have it excluded. Again please seek medical advice. Hope this helps
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