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I have recently noticed swellings in my groin area (maybe lymph glands?). They are moveable, tender when touched, no reddening of the skin, I think they are slowly getting a little bigger, the right side is slightly bigger than the left. I have had these swellings for maybe 1-2 weeks. No other glands seem to be affected. The only other thing wrong with me at the moment is that I have a very bad cold and have been coughing up slightly yellow mucus, and my nose has been running. I don't seem to have a fever, or chest pain (other than the slight feeling of congestion). What do you think these swellings might be? I would prefer to treat this myself. I read on the Internet that this situation can occur if an infection is present in the body.
Enlarged lymph nodes in the groin are most frequently caused by some trauma, infection, or condition in the leg on the same side, although lesions around the anus and perineum can also cause enlargement of these lymph nodes.
Any enlarged lymph node should be checked out by your doctor if they persist beyond 2 weeks.
Best wishes
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