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I'm sorry my original question was not clear. I was concerned the lab report that said I had chronic prostrate sickness. What does that mean and what do I do about it. Where is a good doctor I can see. I have more problems. I'm 46 and weigh 213 lbs.. I'm fat! I have lots of stomach problems, especially after I eat [and even while I'm eating.] I tire easily. Often I get headaches. I know that a lot of my problems stem from a lack of exersize and good eating habits. What should I do? I saw another doctor who had me hold a metal bar and she read a meter. She said that my problem was not the prostrate but caused by other organs. [dirty bladder] Who is right?
Thank you for your questions. As far as I can see now we are discussing several problems: 1. Chronic prostatitis 2. Excessive weight 3. Gastrointestinal discomfort 4. Fatigue 5. Headaches Problem # 1 Etiology and pathogenesis of chronic prostatitis is still elusive. Here is a good citation: "There are three types of prostatitis: acute infectious prostatitis chronic infectious prostatitis noninfectious prostatitis Symptoms of prostatitis generally include frequency, urgency, lower abdominal pain and pressure, burning on urination +/- fever (usually an acute prostaitis). Noninfectious prostatitis is more prevalent than infectious prostatitis. It may cause no symptoms, or its symptoms may mimic those of chronic infectious prostatitis. If you have chronic infectious prostatitis, you will require antimicrobial medication for a prolong period--usually 4 to 12 weeks. For cases that don't respond to this treatment, long-term, low-dose anti-microbial therapy may be recommended to relieve the symptoms. If you have noninfectious prostatitis, you do not need anti biotics and you can try one of a variety of treatments. These may range from medication to surgery, and may even involve behavioral therapies such as biofeedback to correct certain voiding dysfunctions associated with prostatitis.You may find that tub baths or changes in your diet may help to alleviate your symptoms." Problem # 2 Weight reduction is a difficult task. General approach is "exercise more, eat less". In practice most people fail to achieve this goal without a clear programm of weight reduction developed in collaboration with their doctor. Problem # 3 Gastrointestinal or "stomach" problems are many. It is impossible to discuss them without a good history and physical examination. Problems # 4 and 5 Fatigue and headaches have myriad of causes. You may be right blaming your weight for them but we need further information to confirm the etiology . To summarize, I believe that you would greatly benefit from having a consultation with a doctor at one of the many excellent clinics available in Moscow.
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