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I'm having the sharp pain in my shoulder, it has restricted my ability to move my arm, I can swing it around in a clockwise motion seemingly unrestricted but counterclockwise it doesn't have the same free straight movement. This is my right side the left arm I can reach behind my back to maybe more then up above the middle of my back but the right arm I can only go to the waist any higher and the sensation is to strong it is almost to the point of complete immobilization. It feels like at times, like a shooting nerve from the shoulder blade to the elbow. The pain will run down the length of arm. The only thing that I can think of that may feel similar is what it feels like to be hit in the shin or as some call it the funning bone. Except it is much more extreme.
Thank you for your inquiry In this case we need both to take a history as well as conduct an examination of the range of movement of the arm at the shoulder (and you probably need some imaging studies of the shoulder joint as well). You do not say how old you are nor what history of injury (if any) you have, and this is really useful information to have, but again, the diagnosis will need personal attendance. If a very recent injury the outcome "left alone" may be just fine; if an older or more chronic injury you may need some more active intervention ranging from physiotherapy, through injection(s) in the shoulder, to (rarely) sugery. Please see your doctor. Hope this helps
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