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Three months ago I had a miscarriage because I was infected with toxoplasmosis. The miscarriage was during the first trimester. I did blood tests after that. They told me that I have to get my tests done agin after 6 months. I would like to know, if I will have problem in my next pregnancy. What should a result show if I am alright and no more infected. Should a good result after the infection show a high level of anitbodies? Please give me an exact idea. I would be gratefull to you if U would do so. Thank You!
Thankyou for your enquiry. Determining whether an infection is acute or recent, or has resolved, or in a chronic carrier state is important for you if you are planning a future pregnancy. This is best determined by serial blood tests to compare the IgM and IgG titres. IgM rises with acute infection and may stay positive for many months after infection. IgG rises later as the long term antibody. Both of these tires rise and fall, and the status of your past infection is best determined by several blood tests checking the levels of both IgM and IgG. Typically after acute infection your IgM will rise and then fall . IgG starts to rise within 2 weeks after infection. Levels of IgG showing past infection usually confer immunity for future re-infection. Exceptions are if your immune system is compromised with another disease process such as lymphoma or HIV then this IgG may not be protective and toxoplasmosis can reactivate from a dormant state. Best recommendations for you are to establish yourself with a doctor that is aware of your history and has access to a lab facility that uses consistent methodology in blood testing. The most commonly used testing is called an IFA test (indirect fluorescent antibody). Each lab will have different reference ranges depending on the manufacturer of the assay. Important to use the same lab to compare numbers if at all possible. I hope this information is helpful to you.
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