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I know that drinking too much alcohol can damage your liver. Is it true that pills, can also do it damage? If so, are some pills worse than others? I have had arthritis for many years and have taken alot of pain and Ibuprophen med.Although I have no symtoms, I'm a little worried. Is there any drug/food that is good for your liver? Are vitamins processed by your liver? Thanks
Thank you for your inquiry. "Pills" can indeed damage the liver and some pills are worse then other. This essentially depends on where in the body these medication will be processed (usually the liver or the kidney). For example, acetominophen(tylenol)is mainly processed in the liver and an overdose of this medication can cause severe liver problems. Ibuprofen is not processed by the liver and does not cause liver damage. The main side effect of long term use of ibuprofen can be inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. We can measure damage to the liver by doing specific blood test and radiological procedures. Drugs do exist to treat a diseased liver(ex. hepatitis). They include interferon for example. These drugs have many side effects and should only be used when a diagnosis has been established. A healthy diet is the standard recommendation to keep a healthy liver. You should avoid excessive use of alcohol and not smoke. As for vitamins, they are indeed processed by the liver. Hope this helps.
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