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On Friday evening, I just started coughing. A dry, non productive cough and I have had difficulty breathing - feeling like I could not get enough air. I had a fever (up to 101 a few times) over the weekend but few other symptoms other than malaise. The fever is gone, and the cough is slightly better, but still a dry one, and I still get this sensation after the slightest exertion that I am completely winded. It seems to be irritated by the cold. Prior to this, I was in decent shape exercising a few times a week. I am 35, do not smoke and lead an active lifestyle. What can cause such a cough / breathing problem and is there anything to be done about it.
Thank you for your inquiry This presentation definitely requires - and warrants - a visit to a doctor. It may be caused by an infection-related irritation of the chest wall and / or the lungs and therefore examination by a physician is the prudent course.
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