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I am thirteen this year and I have flat foot.But in the recent year, my feet where the arch is, sticks out more.I also found out that my left arch always hurts, rather than my right leg.I am also a dancer and will the severe excercises harm my feet furher.And can you suggest some ways I can relieve the pain? Hope you can reply me soon...I'm sick of the pain! Thank you..sincerely
Sorry for the delay in answering your question. There has been technical problems with the site which stopped us from getting your question. The arch in a person's foot helps support the body when a person stands or walks. The term flatfoot refers to a fairly common condition in which there is no arch. This condition can be either flexible or rigid. In flexible flatfoot, the arch can be seen when the foot is not bearing any weight or while walking on the toes. In a rigid flatfoot condition, the arch is never visible. Lax ligaments in a child's foot cause flexible flatfoot. Because they are lax, the arch flattens when weight is put on the foot. This condition often runs in families. It is also particularly common with other conditions, such as Down's syndrome, in which the muscles are lax in the entire body. Rigid flat foot can be caused by abnormal foot development. This could be the result of a congenital condition that affects the foot. If pain is persistent in children and adolescents with flexible flatfoot, special arch supports may help. Often, buying footwear with good arch supports is all that is needed. If the problem continues, though, there are specially designed supports and footwear your doctor may recommend. Arch supports do not cure or reverse the condition. They do, though, help prevent it from getting worse. The rigid flatfoot could require surgery if the arch support do not help.
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