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I am 9 months pregnant and due very soon. I have just caught on to a itchy throat that my boyfriend gave to me. I don't really want to have that when I am in the delivery room. Is there any sort of way that I can get rid of this itchy throat without any kind of medication? Like drinking a lot of water or something? Please help. I dont want to take any kinds of medications.
Thank you for your inquiry Any OTC ("Over-the-counter") topical medication that has some locally soothing activity (such as menthol / eucalyptus lozenges) should be fine in terms of reducing the annoying symptom without have any systemic effect; just be sure that you read the labels in case the medicine has been compounded with things that even in late pregnancy are not recommended (highly unlikely BTW). If your throat is actually infected and you are running a fever and your doctor finds you have signs of a bacterial (rather than viral) sore throat he/she may well decide to treat this with antibiotics which, again, are not a problem to use in late pregnancy if you are not allergic to them yourself. Good luck!
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