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I have a three years old daughter and last four days i am noticing that when she wakes up in the morning her eyes are stuck and with difficulty she opens her eyes. I am too worried. Could you please answer me that why it happens and what is the remedy for it.
Thank you for your inquiry. Sounds like a superficial infection called conjunctivitis. The white part of the eye surrounding the cornea is delicate and sensitive. It is called the conjunctiva and carries small blood vessels. Once irritated, it becomes congested and reddened. This is almost always bilateral (involving both eyes), if a virus or bacteria causes an infection. Then there is weeping and often, especially with bacterial infections, a yellow discharge. Most conjunctivitis is easily treated with antibiotic drops, although a viral infections will not be affected by antibiotics and may last a few days longer - you should take the child to your GP / clinic for diagnosis. In general one chooses eye drops with gentamicin or chloromycetin: DO NOT use steroid-containing drops without specialist examination. (Corneal infections, such as those caused by the herpes simplex virus, are more serious, and specialist examination is essential in these rarer cases). Hope this helps.
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