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I've heard that a healthy person should sleep 6-8 hrs a day. And sleeping too much (over 8hr)is actually worse than sleeping too little(less than 6 hr). I tend to sleep too much. I sleep 10 hrs a day. At the moment I can sleep so much and get everything done when I am awake (study, work, etc). My problem is that no matter how much I sleep, how early I go to bed, I just cannot get up before 9am. I tried to go to bed at 8pm, 9pm. I even tried to stay up all night. It seems like I just have to be in sleep from 5am till 9am. I cannot be awake those hours. My semester starts soon and I have an early morning class and I really don't know what to do.
Dear Latte,
Each individual finds the normal amount of sleep to feel good and have the energy to carryy out the next days activities. Also each person finds their going to sleep and awakening times that work out most comfortable. It is not unusual especially for university students to stay up rather late and finally feel like they can go to sleep in the early morning only. You may find that when the school term is over your sleep pattern may change. Try not to study late into the evening, and leave the last 2 1/2 hrs study free... doing something not related to school. Do not smoke, drink coffe or alcohol, etc. Try to have some regular exercise even a 20 min. brisk walk each day. Eat a healthy diet. If this does not work or logisitically hard to do, an alternative is: - take a 45 min. sleep in the afternoon, as you will inevitably be staying up late during exams, -OR try to split your study habits, getting up early at least 2 hrs before classess to do some reviewing, then after classes the feeling of intensity will be less as you are getting used to doing a quick review in the morning and a smaller amount at night. These suggestions may be quite focused on studying, however they can be applied to any problem with sleep habits, dividing up the times of the day when one does their most intense output. I hope these suggestions help. With best regards,
Lynn  Stadnykk  MD
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