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My husband has constant (3-4 times a year) dizziness problems. Sometimes it lasts almost the whole day when he can hardly move around. It happened today again with very low temprature (about 95F; 34.2C) and blood pressure about 140/95, pulse about 45-47. Generally he is pretty healthy person and doesn't have any serious medical problems. Could it be connected with the excess of the fluid in his inner ear or something else? One of his ears felt a little strange today. Thank you for your input.
Thank you for your inquiry. This could be caused by a problem either to the 'organs of balance' in the ear (which is the most common / likely cause for dizziness, especially if related to a usually minor upper respiratory tract infection) or a problem with blood pressure caused by a temporary change in heart rhythm. There are other possibilities but on the information available - we don't know his age, past medical history or any medication he may be taking - and without seeing him, we can't be any more specific. The best way to approach a diagnosis is for him to see his doctor during such an episode; apart from a history and examination there are relatively simple clinical and diagnostic tests such as those for balance, and an ECG (EKG), which can help make the diagnosis. If your husband has any type of chest pain and / or palpitations associated with these episodes then he should be seeing his doctor today. Best regards.
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