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My mother has aching arms and thighs. anti-inflamatory does not help. It is worse at night. She used to take 1 mile walks and now she says her muscles hurt and she can not walk or go up stairs without pain. Ice and massage helps temporarily. When I massage her, it feels like small masses are breaking up!
Thankyou for your question. Your mother describes a symptom known as myalgias. The causes of myalgias are many and vary from simply a "sore muscle" from overuse to a more generalized condition in which many muscle groups are affected due to inflammation. The cause of the inflammation is varied and often depends on the age group of the patient. There is a very common cause of myalgias of the inflammatory nature that respond usually very nicely to medications other than anti-inflammatories. It is advisable for your Mom to be seen for a more detailed history to see the catagory she is determined to be, as her functional level may be able to be improved. Hoping this is helpful, kind regards.
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