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I stared having sex when i was only 13 years old throughout my whole entire teenage years i had regular unprotected sex and when i was 18 i got married and we had unprotected sex for 3 years i didnt think i could get pregnant because i had had sex for 6 years before marriage without getting pregnant,but a miracle happend and when i was 21 almost 22 i got was the happiest day of my life,but after we had him we started trying for another and have been trying for 2 years with no luck i have not had any sexual diseases and i have regular visits to the gynogolist and they find nothing wrong they say im perfetly normal.but why did it take me 9 years to get pregnant and now i cant get pregnant again?this has affected me badly becuase i want several children please help!
Thank you for your inquiry. In order to answer this, we - or your regular doctors - need to see you in person. If you are not seeing your obstetrician soon (and it would be a good idea), best to make an appointment and bring us the results of any previous investigations for this (relative a.k.a. secondary) infertility on the side of both you and your partner; we say 'relative' because you have already a child so the chances that this is an unfixable problem are considerably less than if you'd never had a baby. About 20% of couples who wish to conceive do so within a month. During each subsequent month, about 20% of the remaining couples conceive, so that there is about an 85% chance of conceiving within six months. Doctors usually recommend medical investigations only if a couple has not conceived after one year of trying, (or for other readers - if the woman is over 35, after six months). Without taking a good history, doing a thorough physical examination and knowing test results it's not possible to advise you on what if anything may be 'causing' this and what you can do about it.
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