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Please could you let me know whether haemophilia is an inherited condition which is obvious from birth, or can it appear suddenly at a later age. Thanks and kind regards
Thank you for your inquiry Hemophilia describes (inherited) bleeding disorders due to a deficiency in coagulant factor VIII (hemophilia A) or factor IX (hemophilia B). Disease severity is determined by percent of coagulant factor present: severe < 2%, moderate 2-5%, mild > 6%. Patients with greater than 25% factor activity rarely bleed (i.e. are asymptomatic and may not be diagnosed even though they inherited the disease) however episodes such as significant surgery or major trauma may cause serious bleeding in patients or carriers with factor VIII levels in the range 25-35%. Severe disease is usually noted at birth or during the first year of life when even minor trauma may cause a bleed, while mild disease may not be diagnosed until young adulthood. Hope this helps.
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