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3 weeks ago I started to feel itchy on some areas of my body(arms,stomach,legs,chest). I was not in any situation where I could have come into contact with posion oak, or ivy.When I scratch my skin it becomes red and irritated (as one might expect). 3 weeks seems a long time to have this condition; what could have caused this? How can I get rid of it?
Thank you for your inquiry. I regret that there's not enough information here to make even an accurate guess at a likely diagnosis. The areas you describe are of course not the usual places to get contact dermatitis; the best diagnostic guess is urticaria (= a form of allergic rash). "Probably" this was caused by something you ate or swallowed rather than came into other contact with, but there are so many other possibilities that you should definitely see a doctor as 1) a good review of all systems is needed and 2) treatment will likely be with more than just OTC - over the counter - medicines.
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