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I think this may be nutrition related, but I dont know- the fingernails on some, but not all, of my fingers are curling. It's really wierd. Years ago I got bumpy fingernails and my doctor told me it was a protein deficiency. I paid more attention to my diet and it went away. This is not the same thing though. I am trying to be conscientious about what I eat, I have tried cutting them very short, but they always grow back curling under. Any ideas?
Thank you for your inquiry. If by curling you mean that the ends of the nails are turning towards the tip (pulp) of the finger, this is not that unusual i.e. it happens to some people whose nails bend as they lengthen (nails are simply protein and do not necessarily grow at the same speed on both sides). If though you have previously been able to grow your nails long, it can possibly be related to diet etc. Insufficient Vitamin B12 can cause excessively dry, rounded and / or split nail ends. Patients who have suffered from severe iron deficiency for a prolonged period may sometimes also develop unusually brittle fingernails or an abnormal curling and softness of the nails (called 'spooning') BUT this is NOT a likely explanation of your problem unless there are other reasons to suspect iron deficiency such as abnormally heavy periods or other causes of loss of blood or lack of iron (as in some vegetarian diets). If in doubt best to see your doctor for history and examination. Hope this helps
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