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I may have missed the answer to a post I made concering genital herpes, which I get, mildly, about twice a year. But recently I wa sin the banya and had a severe attack about three days later. I had not had sex for a couple of months before that, and am wonderingif this could be provikes by the banya?
Depending on what one believes (or reads), "stress" can play a major role in recurrence of genital herpes. One study found that persistent stress (stress lasting more than seven days) increased the recurrence rate by about 25%, but another study found no connection between stress and genital herpes outbreaks. In addition, short-term stress, mood changes, and menstrual cycles do not appear to affect herpes recurrences; then again, regular use of stress-relieving techniques is reported to result in fewer outbreaks which are also shorter and less severe. High levels of exercise, temperature variations etc. are also stressors. But.... herpes can recur even when one has total peace and quiet and uninterrupted sleep. Probably the most logical explanation is that like many illnesses, when we have an outbreak we tend to assign the blame to something we did (or more usually, something someone else did to us) whereas in fact the cause was our synchronicity - it would have happened anyway.
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