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I have recently been on a business trip to Western africa, and have noticed that I have a very itchy rectum. There is no discharge or abnormality, just a near-constant itch (not unbearable). I did a stool sample recenty and it showed roundworm, so I took tinidazole. Then another showed giardia so I am now taking Flagyl. What do you think might be the cause of the itch and how could I treat it?
Thank you for your inquiry. Both giardiasis and roundworm can cause your symptoms, as can other conditions such as thrush (a fungal infection, a common complication after taking antibiotics), or simpler causes, for example the frequent passage of stool as in travellers' and infectious diarrhoea. Rather than trying yet another antibiotic, the best course might be to a) speed up replacement of usual bowel 'flora' (bacteria) with organic yoghurt, and b) use only a topical prescription ointment (with steroid) that you can get from your family doctor to reduce the itching if this is annoying. If unusual itching persists and in particular if you have haemorrhoids and / or bleeding, you'll need a direct clinical examination to exclude other pathology.
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