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I've had a cough for about 3 days. It comes and goes but when i sleep for a while i get a weezing in my chest when i breathe deep. Its not every time i breath deep though. If you could help me out that would be great!
Thanks for your inquiry. We really need some additional information on what your "background respiratory status" is... Is there a history of asthma? Smoking? Does this wheeziness follow or is it associated with a runny nose and / or (other) symptoms of an upper respiratory infection? Is there a productive cough (i.e. do you cough up any sputum)? Is there fever / sweating at night, and / other times? There can be a substantial number of causes for wheezing especially in spring. All we can answer at present is you need to be seen to have a history taken and examined if the wheezing does not resolve. Hope this helps, sorry cannot be more definitive.
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