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I am 15. i used to masturbate a lot since i was 14. almost every day for once or twice. I have absolutely no body contact with anyone. One day i suddenly found my lower stomach(below belly part and near the private part) hurts a lot. (like something stretching my nerves really hard). i started to get worry, am i infected??? but where did the diseas come from, or is it something else beside diseases? Oh god, Please help me Dr. Lin. And i dont want my parents to know. Will it affect my future on producing sperms and having a baby? Please help me out as soon as possible.
Thank you for your inquiry. First, you absolutely do not have to worry that masturbation can harm you or cause you pain or do anything bad to you now or later. It doesn't work that way and you shouldn't believe anybody who says otherwise (and people of all ages sometimes say some remarkably strange and untrue things about masturbation, as well as a whole range of other things). As far as the cause of the pain goes, sorry, I can't help you there by e-mail; best to make an appointment with your doctor as you (and your stomach) need to be examined, after the doctor asks you questions that helps him figure out what the problem may be. Hope this helps
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