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I've noticed a tiny lump in my scrotum that feels perfectly round and hard, feeling about the size and consistency of a "BB" (buckshot). It is not attatched to either testicle but seems to be "freely moving" in the upper left part of the scrotum. I have every intention of seeing a doctor about this but am on holiday (some vacation!) til the following week. Any words to ease my all-consuming fear that it's cancer until I can see a doctor in a few days? Thanks!
Thank you for your inquiry. It is indeed necessary to see a doctor when you notice a lump in your scrotum. Indeed doctors recommend all males to do a monthly self-examination of their scrotum looking for anything that feels "different" from the self exam done the previous month. For example, this could includes "lumps" and irregularities on the testicle. Testicular cancer usually responds well to treatment when it is diagnosed early hence the usefulness of doing regular examination. You should also make sure that your doctor examines your scrotum when doing your annual examination. Coming back to your case, on the basis of the history given I would think that the lump you are feeling is very likely not cancer but probably some scar tissue or some inflammation of the structures that surround your testicles. As mentioned previously, this will need to be confirmed a doctor who will examine you and do appropriate investigations as needed. Hope this helps.
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