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I'm engaged to a Russian national who was recently beaten and robbed. She was hit in the head. The cuts have healed, but she is having some nerve problems (shaking), high blood pressure and headaches. The doctor is recomending 2 months in a hospital. Mutual friends advise against it. She's losing weight and looks bad. How can I get her better care (she's in Sochi)
Thank you for your inquiry. Complications of being hit in the head can be numerous with some more severe than others... The symptoms that you future wife exhibits can be descriptive of problems that need to be urgently addressed. In this instance, I would recommend that she sees a good neurologist that will do a complete evaluation and order proper investigations. These might include a CT scan for example. You have not specified where she was hospitalised. In Sochi, we usually work with Hospital number 2 (Piragova street, number 7) with whom we have good contacts. You could also consider bringing her to Moscow for care but if she is to take the plane, you must confirm with the treating doctor that she is able to fly and satisfy yourself that this doctor has the expertise to make that decision. In Moscow, she could be seen in one of the foreign medical centres. The doctors at these centres should be able to tell you if and how she should travel from Sochi to Moscow and would then evaluate your wife at their clinic and issue recommendations. She could then possibly be admitted at one of the Moscow hospital(Kremlin hospital for example). Receiving medical care in other European cities(ex. Helsinki) can also be possibly organized but this is conditional on obtaining the proper visas. Hope this helps.
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