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I am trying to get pregnant but with no luck. My periods are quite irregular and I cannot calculate my cycle, therefore have no idea when/if I ovulate. I was on the pill for several years, but I don't think my periods were regular even before that. Also, when I do get my period, I only bleed on one side (I can see by the tampon) - is this normal? Is there any medication I can take to make my cycle regular or to help me conceive? I am 30 this year and don't think I have any medical problems. I would really appreciate any advice about this matter, I am scared to visit a doctor in person.
Thank you for your inquiry This must be quite distressing - however pregnancy does not inevitably happen as quickly as one might wish; most (but certainly not all) women get pregnant within one year of trying. There are a myriad of causes for irregular periods and sub fertility and for this reason it would be best to be seen by a doctor; at the very least you (and your partner) need to have basic physical examination and some straightforward tests. There are treatments that can help her to conceive but many women with irregular periods conceive naturally; there is however no medication that you can safely take to increase your chances "blindly". Apart from everything else, while it's many women's (and practically all men's) assumption that if a woman cannot be pregnant the cause lies with her rather than the male partner, this is not necessarily so... I urge you to see a sympathetic female doctor who can both examine you and advise you appropriately.
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