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I have a question-- I am an attorney representing a Russian immigrant in an asylum case who has provided me with hospital records from a city clinical hospital in Moscow detailing her injuries and stay at said hospital. The opposing counsel has acquired a letter from the hospital denying that my client ever stayed at the hospital, or that the doctor that treated her ever worked there, and the the record she submitted was fraudulent. My client has responded to me that she is telling the truth, and it is simply the nature of Moscow hospitals to make such denials to "avoid any trouble" because it might indicate the hospital did something wrong. Lying that a patient ever stayed at a hospital seems somewhat implausible to me, but since I don't know for sure, I am trying to get to the bottom of this. My client stayed at the hospital in 1996-- not too long ago so that the records would have been lost. What do you think-- is it possible? Who can I contact to investigate??
Thank you for your question, It would appear that according to Russian law, medical records must be kept for 25 years. After this period, a special commision decides if the chart should be destroyed or not (on the basis of a series of criteria). Hope this helps, Thank you.
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