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I sprained my ankle five weeks ago It is still a bit swollen and it hurts when I move it certain ways. I can walk fine but not for a long time without pain. I can put some weight on my ankle but not a lot. I have been icing it and wearing a wrap on it the whole time. Is this a natural healing progression ? Or is there a possibility that I fractured it ? Should I see a doctor ?
Alexandra McNab
Dear Alexandra!
Thank you for your question. The traumatologist and orthopaedic surgeon Nicholas Prihnenko from the European Medical Center informed me that it is important to see the specialist and not to ignore your problem. It is not enough to advise the treatment via e-mail. The doctor must examine your ankle, then for the precise diagnosis the X-ray picture is necessary. If you've already made the x-ray investigation when you sprained your ankle, please bring these pictures with you to the consultation with the specialist. Only after the diagnostical tests are performed, the doctor can indicate the appropriate medical treatment. To make an appointment with the traumatologist and orthopaedic surgeon Nicholas Prihnenko or to get more information, please call EMC +7 495 933-6655. Kind regards,
Gamayunova Maria
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