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I have had a problem with my neck since March. Whilst back in England I saw an Osteopath for 6 weeks. He told me that I had had a muscle spasm. I didn't respond well after the first 3 weeks,in fact I got considerably worse. He then changed my treatment and I began to feel better. However I have been back in Russia for 6 weeks and the problems have started all over again. My job requires me to sit on a computer although I do have regular breaks and I do do some excercises to try and relax the muscles. Can you recomend any creams that might help or advise what type of treatment would benefit me. I have spent more than $3000 in back treatment over the last year to no avail,so money is a bit tight at the moment. Thanks.
Dear MC,
Presumably after all that money you have had a number of assessments and investigations . There may be for example early degenerative changes in the cervical spine to account for your symptoms and unless you have significant neurological symptoms suggesting compression of the spinal cord or one of the nerves then the best treatment options revolve around conservative things such as physiotherapy, exercises, warm packs and rubs (diclofenac cream eg . , or heat producing creams such as salicylates ). A good physiotherapy assessment is always an advantage and exercises can be carried out at home. If the only option is for you to do something at home then if you could get a book on spinal care (with particular relavance to the neck) then this would be the cheapest option. Also consider work place problems. eg consider raising the computer to eye level. Hope this helps,
Regards , Doctor.
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