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Concerning my foot question on April 10, I have since gone to my polyclinic, had x-rays done, and yes, it is a heel spur that they say is symtomatic of gout. I also tested somewhat high uric acid and cholesterol levels. I normally do a lot of walking and as you can imagine, walking Moscow streets and metros is pretty stressful on the feet / heels, so it's possible to be stress-related too. As I'm fifty this year, I imagine age has something to do with it too. The clinic put me on a "compress" nightly, and I am doing therapy sessions with a Swiss instrument that resembles machine-gun hammers beating my heel. They also put me on a low uric acid diet. Initially, it seems to be helping although wouldn't mind knowing what you think? .and thanks..
Thank you for your inquiry While none of us are aware that heel spurs / plantar fasciitis are linked to gout or high uric acid levels, we're glad the treatment is working. - good luck.
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