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1. I have body itchy problem. Especially during the summertime.After I finish to take a shower, my body sweat again but not much, and start itchy. When I go in to the aircondition room I feel better. That itchy lasts for 15 minutes. I shall be much thankful, if you help me this problem. 2. Another onething is I am easily constipated.
Thank you for your inquiry. 1. Itching of the skin can be caused by a variety of problems. These include minor skin irritations, allergies, infections and less commonly more serious medical problems such as kidney failure and liver disease. I would suggest you consult your family doctor for this to exclude a more serious cause of itching and to get advice regarding the most appropriate treatment. 2. Constipation is a common symptom and can be due to many things. The most common reason for this is a lack of adequate fibre (fruit, vegetables, and wholemeal bread and cereals) and fluids in the diet. Other factors can disturb normal bowel function - medications, a hectic lifestyle, inactivity. Occasionally a more serious mechanical problem such as a tumour or scar tissue can obstruct the bowel and cause constipation. A sudden onset of constipation associated with pain should be assessed by a doctor. If you have a chronic problem with constipation, first try making some simple adjustments to your diet. If after 1-2 weeks this doesn't help I would suggest you see a doctor to check that there is no serious underlying cause. Hope this helps.
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