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I am a 19 year old male and i have discovered a bump under my pubic hair about an inch above my penis. I have had sex with 2 women and am sure both are uninfected by an STD. The bump is about as large as a marble and i am very curious as to what it could be. it has been there for almost 2 months. thank you
Thank you for your inquiry. This lump needs to be seen and examined by your doctor as soon as possible. There is an entirely innocent medical explanation for the vast majority of lumps that people find (anything from a lipoma - fat - to lymphadenopathy - a swollen lymph gland, as examples), but by e-mail it's not possible to get the information needed for accurate diagnosis - you need to attend your doctor in person. Also, it may be best to clear up an apparent misconception in your question. It is unfortunately impossible to be sure that any sexual partner of either gender is not infected by an STD. The majority of episodes of STDS have only transient or almost imperceptible symptoms and signs, or the presenting symptoms may be sometimes indistinguishable to the patient from those of non-STD infections; this is especially so in females because of the more "internal" nature of the genitals. Furthermore, while many of both sexes may limit themselves scrupulously to one partner, that partner may not return the favour; many women for example are upset to find they contracted an STD from a supposedly monogamous partner. Assuming that a sexual partner is infected or not infected by an STD because he/she looks, talks, dresses or behaves in a certain way is both wrong and - if it leads to sex without condoms - dangerous or in the case of HIV, lethal. Hope this helps Best regards
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