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My daughter had surgery 4 months ago cause they thought it was her apendix. We found out it was not her apendix but a piece of fatty tissue that attached it's self to her side which caused her pain.The doctor did not remove her apendix and lost the fatty tissue so there for could not remove it. Now she is having the same type of pain again but on the left side. Could this be something to be concerned with or should we give it time and see if it passes? It started about a week ago but it is getting worse. It hurts when she lays on her left side, very tender, and sometimes she saies it hurts if she moves around too much. Could you give me some ideas as to what this might be? Thank you!
Thank you for your inquiry. The answer i.e. diagnostic possibilities depends very much on how old your daughter is. I'm not sure I understand how the fatty tissue can have been "lost" nor how, if this is attached to the abdominal wall, this can cause pain other than it is was a hernia (e.g. a femoral or umbilical hernia). Were these diagnoses raised before or after surgery? At the very least, your daughter needs history taken and physical examination, urinalysis, and ultrasound examination to determine what the likely diagnosis may be. I hesitate to raise this but it must be considered a medical possibility: if there is ANY possibility that a female patient of childbearing age may be pregnant, investigating this is a matter or urgency and should be done ASAP. Hope this helps
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