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What vaccinations are recommended for living in Russia?
Thank you for your inquiry. In general adults have different needs than children, recommendations may also differ (for certain vaccines) for those living in a large city with a good budget for food and accommodation compared to those living in smaller or rural areas. Children's vaccination recommendations should be personalized - best see your paediatrician with your child. (A good rule is to do everything you do at home, plus what's needed additionally 'abroad'). The use / utility of vaccines for tick-borne encephalitis, and for tuberculosis (in smaller children) definitely need to be discussed on a case by case basis. Please use this adult vaccine schedule as a GUIDELINE ONLY. Before receiving any vaccine, always discuss with your doctor the indications, precautions, contra-indications, and ways to avoid exposure to these and other diseases. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Hepatitis B - For those at risk, primary series of 3 injections. Hemophilus Influenza B - For those younger than 5 years. Influenza Vaccine - For those 50 years and older and others at risk. Measles, Mumps, Rubella Primary series &single booster for anyone born after 1956. Pneumococcal Vaccine - For those 65 years and older and others at risk. Polio Vaccine - Primary series; one time adult booster for international travel. Tetanus, Diphtheria, - Primary series; booster every 5-10 years. Pertussis (DPT/Td) OTHER IMMUNIZATIONS Hepatitis A Vaccine - One dose for those at risk. Booster in 6 to 12 months. Rabies Vaccine - For those at risk, pro-exposure prophylaxis in 3 doses. Typhoid Vaccine - One injection at least 2 weeks before expected exposure, may repeat every 2 years. Evacuation insurance - One policy per individual or family, renewed yearly, for fullest range of services (just in case). Hope this helps. Best regards
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