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I used a machine with rotating disks to take off the hair of a part of my arms and my chest. After 2 days I have a lot of tiny red points on my arms, it looks as blood was in it. I dont have this on my chest though, however I have some red bumps. I'd like to now how much time it will take for them to go away and what should I use on them.
Dear John, Thankyou for your enquiry. What you describe is commonly known as folliculitis, inflammation of the hair follicle at the level of the skin. It is caused by the razor nipping the shaft of hair at the skin and allowing bacteria to gain entrance into the hair follicle and set up inflammation. It usually will resolve on its own within about a week or so. Best thing is to avoid shaving too close to the skin. As an alternative a creme or ointment called FUCIDIN or fusidic acid can be obtained from your doctor by prescription that may help these spots resolve a little sooner. Hope this helps.
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