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I have been tested for hyperthyroidism and the test came out negative, and i still have the same symptoms. my symptoms are as follows, hair falling out in clumps, forgetfullness, dizzyness, fatigue, always tired, mood swings, constipation, sorethroat, allergies year round, small cough, swollen glands on right side of neck, shortness of breath and i think i might have corpaltunnel. I am a smoker and have anxiety attacks. are those symptoms part of the smoking or anxiety? What else could it be? I'm not taking any medications for any of it. I hope you can help me.
Dear K. Q., You have a multitude of symptoms for which a diagnosis would be difficult to make without a thorough history and examination by your local doctor. For example hair loss can certainly be caused by thyroid disease but can also be related to a recent febrile illness, following severe dieting, occasionally after discontinuing oestrogens, and with iron deficiency to name a few. The sore throat and swollen glands sounds like an acute upper respiratory illness . Many of the symptoms you describe however could be related to your underlying anxiety state, particularly if there was a combined anxiety/depressive illness or an acute situational crisis. This demands consideration by you and your doctor as well as the potential risks of smoking. Best Regards , Doctor.
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