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My wife is pregnant (entering into 6th month) Can you pls advise a good center or Mothercare Clinic where, in the same place, she can be cared for in these last months, well prepared for the birth event and can give birth to the baby?
Thank you for your question. We cannot recommend a facility in Moscow that provides comprehensive antenatal care and also provides for the delivery in one location. However we can assist you in finding a suitable obstetric facility here for the last month of pregnancy. In our clinic we see many antenatal cases from the pre-conception planning stage onwards. We follow these cases in the clinic and arrange all aspects of the pre-natal care to ensure that our patients receive the highest standard of care in pregnancy. The majority of expatriate women chose to return to their home country for delivery at around 35 weeks of pregnancy. For women with a low risk pregnancy we are happy to help them prepare to deliver in Moscow. For high risk pregnancies we encourage patients to return to their home country. Delivery in Moscow: We have experience with the following local hospitals: Centre for Reproduction and Central Clinical Hospital. Generally medical and neonatal care is satisfactory. We have been referring patients to the Centre for Reproduction and Central Clinical Hospital for 6 years and have approx. 24 patients/year including about 5 expatriate patients per year. We have had no serious problems in this time. We can provide antenatal care in our clinic up to 36 weeks of pregnancy and then shared care until delivery. For those planning to deliver in Moscow, we arrange a visit to the obstetric hospital at 28 wks. By 32-34 wks, if you decide to deliver in Moscow you must sign a contract with your chosen facility. We can assist with this process and provide additional services to help you during labour and delivery. Usually we will arrange for one of our co-ordinators to be with you during labour and delivery to help ensure that you birth experience is a positive one and to ensure that your wishes and preferences are understood and complied with as far as possible. Some patients prefer to arrange this hospital contract themselves. Local medical services in Russian hospitals may differ from Western standard care but our Russian coordinator doctors are very good at overcoming any problems related to cultural differences in maternity care. Specific Concerns: Infection risk (HIV, Hepatitis B and C) - the hospitals we use are safe. Delivery - patients are likely to have a normal delivery and less likely to have a Caesarian-section here than elsewhere. Hospital stay - normally for 3 days but it depends on patient condition Birth plan - it is always better to have written concerns and discussed them in advance. Admission procedure - You will be assessed by a midwife before being taken to a private room where you will deliver. Russian patients are expected to shower, shave the perineal area and have an enema. This can be discussed and avoided if you prefer. Our co-ordinators can help with this. Your husband can stay with you. Normally hospital authorities start to worry if there are more than two "birthing partners" in the delivery room. In addition our coordinator can stay with you. Children are not allowed. Russian nurses - very caring but have a different bedside manner compared to "western" trained nurses. Some western women do not like this. Russian doctors - in Russian culture pregnant women get the best possible treatment. The difficulty is that doctors tend to decide this themselves and there is little room for negotiation. Our coordinators can help you communicate your preferences. Your Baby - usually the baby is passed to the Mum if she asks. Then the usual paediatric checks are made. The baby can then stay with you if you wish, although normal procedure is to give the mother a rest. Similarly at night, most Russian babies are taken to the nursery but if you prefer, your baby can stay with you. Sweetened water from a bottle will be given unless you specifically request not. Vaccinations - BCG (TB vaccination) is usually given. If you are North American, you may prefer not to have this. Refusal to follow routine hospital policy - you will need to sign a special document stating that you have refused this. Our coordinators - they can help with many things including translating, explanations, communication with Western doctors, ensuring that your wishes are followed as far as possible and helping give you a sense of security at a potentially vulnerable time. We also have a program of antenatal classes running at our clinic. You could join with these regardless of whether you are coming here for antenatal care or not. If you would like further information please contact the clinic.
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