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Everytime i eat or drink something, my stomach starts bloating. I also get nausiated and have lots of belching with some indigestion. Could this be my gallbadder or reflux or something else?
This could indeed be gallbladder, reflux with or without a significant hiatus hernia, or "something else" although a diagnosis like the former is more likely. Without knowing your age, build, whether you have symptoms of reflux when lying down or asleep, and whether the symptoms come on even with drinking just water or only with certain foods, it's not possible to be any more definite, so you need to see your doctor. It will help both of you if you take with you a written 'reminder' of under which circumstances and with which foods you get the symptoms. However, you may still need endoscopy examination with a flexible telescope, under sedation, of the gut) to confirm a diagnosis that is suspected from the history and examination. Hope this helps.
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