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i think that i am pregnant but i am haveing something that looks like a period could i be pregnant and have my period or would it mean that i am not pregnant if i started clotting i really need some help i am really worried!!!
Dear Stephanie, Thankyou for your inquiry. Gathering from the history that you give there are a few possibilities. It depends on how many weeks pregnant you are or suspect. If a pregnancy is just a few weeks there sometimes can be a small amount of bleeding that can be considered normal. If the bleeding increases and especially if associated with clots and cramping you should see your doctor to determine the viability of the pregnancy. This is usually done by a carerful history, usually serial blood tests to determine if the level of the hormone bHCG is raising or dropping , and often an ultrasound if the pregnancy is greater than about 5 weeks, often if under 5 weeks the ultrasound may not give additional information and the serial bHCG gives more information on the state of your pregnancy. The very important exception is if you have bleeding and (although you specifically do not give this history) unilateral pelvic pain you should seek medical help urgently as a tubal pregancy has to be ruled out. The best advice I can give you is you should see your physician to work through the correct diagnosis.
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