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Dear Doc, I stopped drinking and smoking 3 months ago and have gone all overboard healthly, i.e. no tea no coffee etc. As a substitute, I really like freshly squeezed carrot juice and can easily drink a litre of it if given the chance. Now someone tells me its bad for me, too much vitamin D or such like! I thought the body just disposed of unwanted vitamins! What's the low-down? Will I have to live on water alone or risk dying of an orange colour with vitamin clogged liver! Thanks.
Most vitamin supplements that people take are in fact excreted 'unused' and therefore wasted. It is true that very large quantities of vitamins taken can cause illness - however, while this is true of Vitamin A taken to excess - levels above 20,000 IU per day may be toxic - the beta-carotene that you are imbibing is not toxic; neither in that quantity, nor in that form (as only what water-soluble beta-carotene that is necessary, is converted into Vitamin A). Keep drinking the juice, it's good for you.
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