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Is it OK to use vaseline as a sexual lubricant? If no, are there any alternatives? Also: this may sound like a silly question, but does flyaway hair indicate any health problems? My hair is sometimes simply unmanageable and I heard that this can be a symptom of stress. Thanks in advance!
Thank you for your inquiry KY jelly is definitely better than Vaseline as a lubricant. Petroleum-based products (Vaseline, mineral and baby oil etc.) are not a good idea since they corrode latex (which is what condoms are made of), therefore their use can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. Also, oil based products become sticky and are not water-soluble, which means washing is more of a chore. We'd not heard of flyaway hair being a sign of stress and there would appear to be no physiological reason why this should be so. Hope this helps
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