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My 3 month baby has an extremely irregular pattern of bowel movement. He passes stool only about once or twice a week. The stool is normally soft. Although the last time which was on Wednesday it was a bit hard. He has a umbilical hernia which I have been told not to worry too much about. I have read conflicting reasons for this- some say it's common in breast-fed babies others say not. I am breastfeeding 100%. I have tried stomach massages, pushing his legs up his stomach, drinking a glass of keffir every night and have even tried giving him warm-preboiled water to drink. He has had some bouts of colic but I gave him Infacol and now he is passing smelly wind from the rear very often. Occasionally he seems to be discomfort but this not very often. Any suggestions?
Thank you for your inquiry You do not say if there has been any change in your baby's bowel habits. Bowel habit can be quite variable in breast-fed babies. Anything from a bowel motion with each nappy change to twice a week can be normal. But as long as the baby is passing soft bowel motions, as yours is, there is usually no problem. Your idea of giving the baby extra water is good. Certainly 3 month old babies seem also to experience abdominal pain, but this is likely to be related to bowel maturity, and not to the soft bowel motions being passed only twice weekly. Provided that your baby is growing and developing normally, your plan of fully breast feeding with additional water is the best plan. If there has been a change in the bowel habit, or if your baby is not growing as well as previously or is not developing normally, then the baby should be checked by a doctor.
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