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   June 12
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Well this may sound like a dumb question but here it goes. I'm 17 years old and in perfect health. Now I was wondering if it would be safe for me to use HGH to build muscle mass for sports. I know pepople who say it is but I thought I should ask someone. Thanks
Thank you for your email. This is not a dumb question at all. HGH (human growth hormone) is a naturally occurring hormone which helps us all grow. Some babies are born with a deficiency of growth hormone and therefore some children need to take it as a supplement to make sure that they grow normally. Some people who take HGH do so because there is some evidence of certain short-term benefits of HGH. These include improvements in muscle mass, bone density and skin elasticity. These scientific studies were done in older men. The important thing is that the long-term effects of the hormone are not known. There are also complications seen with use of HGH in adults who do not need it. These include excess bone growth, carpal tunnel syndrome (a wrist problem), fluid retention, glucose intolerance, diabetes, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure and heart enlargement. Some older people take HGH because they think it will halt the ageing process. But there's also no good evidence that HGH supplementation will do this. In fact, research even suggests that people with naturally high HGH levels are more likely to die at younger ages than those with lower levels of the hormone, and studies of animals with genetic disorders that suppress growth hormone production suggest that reduced levels of the hormone may actually prolong lifespan. Sorry to sound so negative, but very few doctors accept that taking HGH will do you any good at all, and certainly not in the long run. It's also very expensive. Do what nature intended and stick with exercise, proper sleep and a good diet. There is no easy solution to improving your physique, although at your age you probably still have some bulking up to do anyway. You are only 17 years old and in perfect health. Keep it that way. Hope this helps.
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