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After a particularly liquid session celebrating the New Year, I fell out of bed and fell flat on my face. My nose bled a fair bit at the time, but the bleeding stopped and hasn't continued. It aches, however, and is swollen with a big red bruise across the middle. Could it be broken? I'm told that a broken nose is incredibly painful and impossible to ignore. I did injure my nose once before. I was beaten up and kicked in the face, and the results were similar, and eventually healed completely.
Edmund Harris
Dear Mr Harris,
It is difficult to say whether you have broken your nose.
Usually it takes 7 days for the swelling to go down then any deformity will be obvious. If deformity is small or insignificant then any surgical straightening would be for cosmetic reasons. If deformity is significant get a medical opinion - it would be best to straighten under these circumstances.
The optimum time for treatment is 10 days after the break. If you think it is deformed then get an opinion and get it straightened. Regards ,
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