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Got an ache or pain? Have a question about a prescription or over-the-counter drug? Looking for some FREE medical advice?
Hey Doc,
Ever since moving here to Moscow I have had trouble sleeping. I lay in bed for hours without being able to fall asleep. I am tired all day because of it. Do you have an suggestions? Is it possible to get medications such as ambien here?
Dear Watrider,
Insomnia is often able to be assisted by simple measures. For example, don't exercise after 7pm, don't drink coffee or tea after 3pm, don't drink alcohol after 9pm, try to avoid smoking, and have a bedtime ritual of quiet time for an hour before trying to go to sleep. Sedatives are virtually unobtainable in Russia. Valerian is possible to obtain. Ambien is not available except occasionally if you are regularly seeing a Russian psychiatrist.
Best wishes
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