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My problem started 3 years ago now. At the time I was in a relationship with a girl that I worked with. We'd been together about 6 weeks or so when my partner started to complain about feeling itchy and soar and this seemed to be even worse after sex. I also notice that at this time I was developing a rash which to me looks like small warts or spots under the skin on my penis. My partner went for some test at the hospital when her symptoms became worse. Shortly after we separated. I decided to go to the doctors to seek advise about my problem where I was told that there was nothing to worry about as the rash was actually hair follicles, but I wasn't convinced so I went to my local GUM clinic where I was tested for all the usual STD's and examined. The doctor at the clinic also told me not to worry as it was only hair follicles and all my tests came back negative. I stayed single for quit a long time after that for fear of going through the same problems as I had with my last partner. I recently plucked up the courage to start dating again with a girl I liked at college and everything seemed to be fine for a while. However, I notice that every time we had oral sex together the next day I would have lumps appearing on my lips and in my mouth and these sometimes were quit soar and scabby. These lumps would sometimes appear then disappear after a few hours or sometimes would stay for anything from between a few days to a week; my girlfriend was also getting these lumps/soars on her lips as well. At first I thought that this was probably just cold soars but I became more worried when I realised that they were only appearing when we had oral sex together and that we were getting them in our mouths and on the tongue as well, I also notice the last time we had oral sex together that my girlfriend had some spots appearing inside her similar to the ones on my penis. My partner also started to experience other symptoms but would not tell me what the problem was, she finish our relationship about 7 weeks ago now. I know that she went to the clinic and was given some antibiotics, but she won't speak to me and tell me what the doctor said to her. I went to the clinic and yet again I showed the doctor the rash on my penis and told him that it had been spreading to my lips and mouth. I was told that there was nothing wrong with me and that the rash was just hair follicles, I'm still not convinced. The skin on my penis has been a bit soar recently and sometimes itchy too. I have been back to the clinic for a throat swab and the results came back negative. The thing is that my penis does look normal when it isn't erect, when it is erect the rash really stands out and it just doesn't feel or look right. I feel really desperate at the moment because I'm getting no help and I know there is a problem but I keep getting told there's nothing wrong with me. I have to endure dirty looks every time I see my ex- girlfriend and her friends at college. Is it possible that this could be a rash, because it is soar and it has been spreading to my mouth and lips? I don't want to sound naive but I just don't feel right and I need some advice I don't want to have to go through this again for a third time with somone else.
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Thankyou for your inquiry.After carefully reading over the descriptions of the lesions you describe, and the history that they sometimes last for days or weeks the differential diagnosis would include herpes simplex. To rule this in or out, looking at the active lesions is still the most useful, some testing on the lesions to detect viral particles can sometimes help. Blood tests do not often help, so despite all the frustrations the lesions need to be seen , especially the oral lesions as this would help determine the cause. Other possible diagnosis are streptococcal infections, this bacteria is a common vaginal inhabitant ,and can cause inflammation to mucous membranes such as in the mouth. Unfortunately despite the frustation, these lesions need to be seen at the time of eruption, also at that timea repeat STD work up is also a good idea. Best regards, hope this helps
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