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My last peroid was 7/19/02 and it was only for that day. I have not gotten my peroid since then. For the last 3 wks. i have been feeling sick, but didn't think i was pregnant, because my tubes were tied in July of 1985. I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Now i've been going to the bathroom every 10 minutes and every time, it's like i have been holding it for a while.And i saw blood, not alot,it was pink on the tissue. I don't know how many wks. i am but i'm scared and don't have any insurance.I do have pain because it feels like i held my urine for a while. please help me.
It is possible to have pregnancy even after your "tubes were tied". I would suggest you consult a doctor to confirm your pregnancy as soon as possible and as your pregnancy could be in the ovarian tube and this an emergency which needs to be assessed by a doctor very rapidly. As for having pain because you feel that your holding your urine for a while, I would say that you probably have an infection of the urinary tract. This again should be confirmed buy a visit to your doctor but I would recommend that you drink lot's of water at this time as it will help decrease the symptoms. Hope this helps.
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