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Could you please tell me why I have a constant discharge from my vagina its really beginning to worry me.
There are many causes of vaginal discharge. All women of child-bearing age have some discharge, and this varies according to hormonal influences, including stages of the menstrual cycle. Some women don't notice this discharge, which is called a physiological discharge. However, there are also other causes of vaginal discharge and these can include infections. An example of this is vaginal candidiasis (thrush, or yeast infection). Only your doctor will be able to tell if your discharge is serious and needs treatment. Various things like the colour, scent and amount of discharge, and any other symptoms like itch or pain, will help your doctor make the diagnosis. You will need an examination and you may need to have some swabs (tests) done. Most of these infections are easily treated and it would be best to see your doctor about this.
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