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My wife is doing In Vitro, so my sperm was checked. It was "sticky and thick", but otherwise ok. The doctor recommended some kind of massage. Another Russian doctor I visited did a rectal exam, where he stuck his finger up my rectum and a semen sample taken [is this the way western doctors do it?] The lab report said I had chronic prostrate sickness. what should I do? I saw another doctor who had me hold a metal bar and she read a meter. She said that my problem was not the prostrate but caused by other organs. [dirty bladder] Who is right?
Thank you for your inquiry. Western doctors do not take semen samples by doing a rectal exam to assess fertility. A man can be infertile because he produces too few sperm or no sperm at all or because his sperm are abnormal(quality). These are exemples of why a man could be infertile. A. Too few sperms or no sperms reasons: Exposure to toxic chemicals or radiation. Infections of the genital organs, causing blockage of the sperm passages. A genetic disorder, such as Klinefelter's syndrome. Alcohol, tobacco, or drug abuse. A severe mumps infection as an adolescent or adult. Hormone disorders of the pituitary gland, testicles, thyroid glands, or adrenal glands. B. Abnormal sperm (i.e. short lifespan or cannot swim properly) reasons: Abnormally developed testicles. Inflammation of the testicles (a possible complication of having mumps as an adult). Abnormally twisted or swollen veins in the scrotum (varicocele), the sac that holds the testicles. To assess the infertility in a man, you should see a doctor that will obtain an extended history from you and do a complete physical. Depending on the results, these tests could be ordered: A semen analysis to check the number and quality of sperm. This is done by a procedure where you collect a sample of sperm after masturbation. Strict guidelines need to be followed in order to have the best sample. Blood tests to check for infections from sexually transmitted diseases and for a hormone imbalance. Cultures of fluid from the penis to check for infections. Hope this information helps,
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